Thursday, August 16, 2012

Video Twitter Q&A

Hey ya'll!

I was waiting on some meetings to start so I threw out the following to the folks kind enough to follow me on twitter:

I was able to answer more than 10, but not sure how many more. If you are so interested in watching (it's 15 min long!) here ya go:

And here's the cool Dollface painting- along with a link- done by twitter follower @fastjorge. If you watch the video, you'll know what I'm talking about :):

And I'm pretty sure I posted this already but in case I did not (and keeping with the theme)here's another Dollface oil painting! Is this the start of a trend?!? Check it out:

I forget the name of the artist but this was done by an amazingly kind and talented Twisted Metal fan who came to see us when the Sony/ESP team showed off the game in San Francisco back in February. She was waiting in line to get in and gave me this as I was walking into the event- totally made my week. Between this one and seeing Jorge's, makes me want to propose the next TM game have a full on oil painting art style :)!

Ok ya'll back to work- talk soon!

Thanks for visiting!



J. Bustamante said...

Sweet vid. Thanks for the shoutout and btw if you do want the painting, let me know and its yours.

Its awesome to see that i'm not alone in making TM art, it definitely made me feel like i was 12 again and drawing comics in my notebooks while making explosion/ machine gun sounds.


PS the captchas in this system are EFFIN HARD. Holy crap i dont think ive ever failed more times in a row.

Lewis W said...

Thank you for finding time in your busy schedule to make this video!

PLEASE upload those extra "Calypso clips" soon before you forget! I think all us TM fans will love to see them!

Thanks again for your time, and please keep us updated about the glitched trophies! :)

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