Friday, July 13, 2012

Coolest Thing At Comic Con far!

Saw this walking to my cab late last nite:
'Big deal', I hear you say. 'It's just a white van...'

Well that's what I thought too...but then I saw all these people crowded around it and I had to see what was up. So I did...and check this shit OUT! 

Van has movies playing on the windows to make it look like zombies are inside-banging on the glass-trying to get out! I imagine it's mostly for Halloween to put on your windows at home (and yes, I'm going to look into getting it this year!)...but man, it really looks super creepy on a van. There's no way they could get a permit to drive this thing around with these movies turned out. It would create a ton of distracted drivers.

And check out the back windows! I'll take a video if I see it again tonite, but as you can tell from just these 3 frames, these are not stills, but an actual movie.

Ok back to the con! Will post lots of pics soon! So far, a total, total blast! Loving it! Hope to see you there! 



Chase said...

dude thats pretty awesome

Black Orange said...

Love the Zombie-mobile.

I have to mention something completely off-topic though that's been bugging me ever since I started reading your blog.

Are you aware that the browser title of your site still reads "Under construction" as apposed to "David Jaffe's Blog" or what have you?

You're probably too busy to care, but my OCD is getting the best of me so just a friendly heads up :).

Unknown said...

Sorry to derail David, but when are we going to see the Sweet Tooth alternate endings? Such a great universe you crafted with Twisted Metal, especially this latest rendition, makes a perfect fit for an online player(s) focused gang warfare story.

Those panels could be a cool way to market games.