Monday, April 13, 2015

What a Wonderful Birthday Surprise At The Office!

I certainly did not see this coming- what fun! :)



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Lehenga sarees said...

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Anonymous said...

Do not submit ideas? It's ratehr difficult to write anything without ideas, y'know....

Anyway! I'd like to take the opportunity and ask you about a certain thing you said in 2010; namely, you claimed that the design of Kratos (God of War) was based on a neo Nazi guy played by Edward Norton in American History X. I saw that movie and must say that the Nazi does not resemble Kratos much. Wasn't Kratos inspired by the homosexual Soviet prison rapist Andrei played by a Bulgarian stuntman Raicho Vasilev in Ringo Lam's prison movie In Hell (2003)? He seems far more similar. Both in appearance and character....

Anyway, if you feel like discussing the subject, there's a thread at GameFAQs started recently for the purpose. It is in God of War 3 Remastered board, its title The Design of Kratos Inspired by E. Norton Playing a Nazi?


Unknown said...

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Sasha said...

I heard that the looks of Kratos had been inspired by a sadistic Russian mafia man serving a sentence in a Russian prison and forcing sex with unwilling inmates! Is that true? rofl

kgb zombie said...

lol the russian rapist guy lmao

Unknown said...

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HolyShit said...

Russian homo-rapists in my GoW? Holy shit!

Anonymous said...

here's a reminder of the man you once were. you used to have principles. these days, the only way you can get people to remember you're still alive is to shame kids for having fun.

Ssslith said...

David's a moron.

Isaac B. said...

Happy birthday Dave, check out this short video I made dedicated to you. Please feel free to send me a thank you at if you like it.


This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Unknown said...

Hello David I'm one of your fan. why you don't Making AAA game any more ? I hope you Make a fantastic game like God of War one day. I wish you best, good luck.

Anonymous said...

Your ugly ass game sucks. Everyone told you it would but you didn't want to listen. 55 on Metacritic! OUCH.

Blocking negative comments on Twitter is your biggest downfall.

mister. jones said...

Happy Birthday, David!

I wish for many great years of game development ahead for ya!

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ocean of game said...

'll think about this as the development process when I play drawn to death ;-p
But I can tell you right here and now, that the reason I like Batman, is mostly because he's vulnerable, and just need one fuckup, and he's fucked. Also, he for the most part comes up as this serious guy, but has attributes where the big guys are afraid of him. That doesn't come off as serious for me, but silly, and I love it. Spidey, and most the Marvel, and to a lesser degree DC caracters too, comes off as too much "superhero-saves-the-day-and-everybody-is-happy" moments.

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GoW-2018-Is-Sooo-Bad said...

Hello! Works on the original GoW took a lot of time. I've been curious, more or less exactly at what point have you and your team completed the design of Kratos that can now be seen in God of War 1? Regards! P.S. Wouldn't you feel like doing yet another GoW? A prequel. Or an interequel. Because, frankly speaking, except for part 1, some fragments of part 2 and large fragments of Ghost of Sparta, GoWs are not too good, unfortunately. Especially the 2018 one......

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Anonymous said...

Kratos being bisexual until he started living with his wife? At which point he turned completely homosexual, yeah? Lol. Spartans were like that. So much into men. Regards. P.S. Would you support the initiative to introduce HOMO-sex-one-to-one-minigame in the next God of War? P.P.S GoW series really needs you. Just look how they fucked up last time.

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