Friday, August 31, 2007

America the embarassing...

How fucking sad and stupid that the GOP wants Craig to step down for what amounts to- in my mind- nothing more than a semi-creepy act in a bathroom stall but the Republicans- and probably many Americans- have no issues allowing Bush and his evil cronies to stay in the White House. What's worse: a guy soliciting sex in a bathroom or Iraq/Katrina/Having 9-11 happen on your watch/putting folks in charge of mine and bridge safety and then watching them fuck up and get people killed/etc./etc./etc....

Not saying the Democrats would be much better. They'd be spineless wimps as well, just over a different issue, I'm sure.

I mean, what really is the problem here? I don't know Craig's work as a Senator. For all I know he was great; but I heard something about him being an uncompassionate ass, so I don't know. But either way, if he worked for me, that's all I'd care about- did he do his job well?- in regards to him staying in office.

And what the fuck is with these hollier-than-tho motherfucking politicos like Romney saying what Craig did was 'disgusting'? What is he, 8 years old? Shit man, yeah, if I was taking a shit in a stall and some dude's hand started creeping under the stall, I sure as shit wouldn't be down with that. Man, I'd probably stomp on the thing out of instinct, thinking it was a strange spider or something. I mean, yes, it is- as I said- kinda creepy. I get that, I agree with that.

But when you toss out words like disgusting, it just kind of makes me a bit ill. Because folks using those sorts of words are doing so mainly to paint themselves in this bullshit Normal Rockwell sexual light that pretty much says, "I am a robot. Only missionary sex is ok and I never think of any women other than my wife and we have sex 2-3 times a week even if we are not in the mood and why would I ever want to go into a stirp club...that's icky!- and every now and then my wife gets a 'little naughty' and wears a little something from Victoria's Secret'....fucking ugh, dude. How fucking sad that our country's views of what is ok and what is not ok sexually are so watered down and dull. Again, I'm not into bathroom stall solicitations but fuck man, maybe if parts of our country didn't demonize sex and make sex 'dirty and wrong' on one hand, but then pour it down our throats in tv and movies and advertising on the other hand, we'd be ok. Or in this case, if our country wasn't so homophobic in the first place, Craig- who seems gay to me or at least curious, assuming he did what they said he did- could go do what he needed to do without HAVING to get his fucking rocks off in a bathroom stall. Sheesh! And it's not just sex either. It's not only about here's the way you should FUCK to be accepted... it's beauty as well. It's like: here's the way you should LOOK to be accepted....even if we have to air brush the shit out of you to the point that NO ONE actually looks that way...but we'll float it out there, to hell with the fact that it fucks up kids who grow up with an impossible sense of what beauty is... Jesus man, junior high never ends, does it? I mean, if I have to hear one more time that Romney LOOKS like a president....I mean, who gives a bathroom-stall-fuck what the man looks like?!?!? I'd vote for a fucking brain in a jar if it could do good work....hell, I'd elect Lulu from fucking Hee-Haw if she'd get the work done! Shit man... to do my work...

See ya!

ultra liberal David! :)


Anonymous said...

Haha. One of the better reads I've had in a while, and I'm reading the Harry Potter books =P

Yeah, I totally agree with your view on sex. Maybe it's because I watch too much Penn and Teller and South Park...Abstinence only my ass. I don't know about you, but (if I had them) I wouldn't want my kids being taught stuff like that; that sex destroys relationships, that it is just evil, and a product of sin and all that other bullshit.

I'm noticing politicians seem to have a knack for crap like that.
I suppose it's a public image thing they have a problem with, and in an America that is so indoctrinated into the "morals" of holy books, it's what the public can relate to best. You know, sex and stuff, which is really a problem that's open to everyone, and that everyone can feel free to judge and whatnot. All these disasters and wars are not quite as...well, I don't really know.

I guess people just find it easier to give their shit about trivialities than about the big things that simply can't be put off with a "oh no. I'd better write a check" or "Time for another rally".

Anonymous said...

My big issue with the guy was that he was one of the people opposing gay marriage.

Unknown said...

I agree to with what you say about the GOP trying to get him to step down, but in some ways you have tho think about it in a different context. When you are elected as a government official to deal with laws, upholding laws, and writing laws, you are expected to obey the laws. So I think in one regard the GOP is embarassed at what he did and it gives them a bad name.

On the other hand though, If he's doing his job than who cares what happened here? Either way, it was a sting operation. It was entrapment, and that's really the lame thing. The whole thing seems pretty silly and blown way out of proportion, but that's what this country and the media is all about. Gotta blow everything out of proportion. Everything is a HUGE deal.

Anyway, I don't really know how I feel about the matter and don't have a strong opinion one way or the other. it could go either way I guess.

American politics is turning into shit anyway, so why not have an issue in a bathroom stall?

Victor said...

This'll cheer you up provided you haven't seen it already

Anonymous said...

IDK about this "being held to a higher standard" thing when it comes to elected officials. I mean the reality is all BS anyway.

When I see something like this it makes me think, who did this guy piss off or who is trying to position themselves ahead of him.

These little scandles only seam to surface when it's to someone's benefit or anothers demise. Then we hear things like "whoda thunk it's been going on for so many years" like no one that ever spent time with the dude ever knew.

Yep there's an election coming... Time to dawn the 3D BS filtering glasses, (disclaimer-remove large chunks for clearer vision.)

felman said...

What is it with all these republicans and getting caught either in sex or drug scandals? Aren't they supposed to be the party of morals and family values? (I guess it could be the Addam's Family, they never did specify.) Not to mention the whole "thou shalt no kill" thing and yet they're always the ones who want to go to war, the ones who lust after money and refuse to acknowledge the poor and needy. (Bush vetoed a Children's Health Insurance bill earlier this year.)

Here's an idea, David Jaffe for Prez!

Unknown said...

I'm sick of people saying Romney looks like a president too, as justification for why he should win.

But he is a very smart fellow. There's just something about him...I dunno...something fake. When I watch the guy talk, I think "this guy could definitely hide a secret well." And that's not what I want from a president.

Btw, Dave, who is your favorite out of the 08 candidates?

felman said...

Mike Gravel, my money is on him.... being Jaffe's fav candidate. Mine's is Obama.....because he's black. /sarcasm (seriously, what's up with that "Is America ready for a black president?" bullshit?)

Sadeq said...

sadly enough this gave me a heck of a laugh. totally agree with u on people viewing sex dirty on one hand then branding it everywhere (that's kinda global though, to some extent)

Toodles said...

All good Americans know that sex is like a billion times more evil and perverse than killing Iraqi children in the name of freedom. Mirite mirite?

In all seriousness though it makes me sad too. There's so much hypocrisy in American politics these days...well, really, its always been this way I think. But unlike a hundred years ago we now know instantly when a politician is being a buttface.

And since when is not bending over and taking it in the intellectual ass a sign of ultra liberalism? I consider myself a moderate, but that doesn't mean I can't think the Bush Administration is doing a piss-poor job of running this country. If that's ultra liberal, maybe we should all get together and form some sort of Liberaltron to combat the enormous JesusBot which is stomping the crap out of this country. Then we can all have sex with a clear conscience.

Oh man that totally did not sound right. Oops.

Anyway, glad to see you're doing well, Jaffe. It warms the cockles of my heart and stuff. :)

felman said...

Jesusbot would make an awesome transformer.

Anonymous said...

Nice rant! I tend to agree. There is a lot of contradictions within US society and I also agree that decreasing homophobia would decrease events like this.

Jyri Jokinen said...

I can't help wondering the title of the film "No sex, please, we're British". Quite frankly, I don't know too much about Brits' attitudes towards sex, but it can hardly be more uptight as that of you Americans'. Sorry to put it so bluntly, but that's how I see it.

What the fuck is it with people being so concerned about who somebody they barely know has sex with and in what position? It's not like my world is suddenly going to end just because some dude in some political office likes other dudes.

The guy who I (a Finn) voted for in the latest parliament elections is openly gay. He's the first openly gay member of parliament in Finnish history, but that had absolutely nothing to do with my vote either way. I liked his opinions, he's a smart person and he's yonger than me (which I think is important, because if he screws things up, he's likely to live longer than me to suffer the consequences).

And thanks, David, for being so vocal about your opinions. Love to read them!

Anonymous said...

Your a game designer, stick to designing games and keep your political opinions to yourself. You finished the post correctly, get back to work doing what you should be doing... making games.

Brandon said...

Two things:

1. While some are upset about Craig for the reasons you gave, others are upset at the hypocrisy. This guy actively spoke out against homosexuality on a number of occasions. To turn around and then solicit sex with another man is a double standard. If you believe it's wrong, then act like it's wrong, that's one criticism that I think has some weight assuming he did what they say he did.

2. While I realize this wasn’t necessarily your intent I wanted to speak out about a point that could be implied from what you wrote. Basically, I don’t think it should be a criticism of a person if they ARE NOT a wild sex crazed fiend. Often those who are desire to paint those who aren’t as somehow dysfunctional as well in the same way that ultra conservatives want to do the reverse. If a person wants to be uber loyal to their wife (in fact, since I think that’s part of the traditional vow, I would say if you aren’t keeping your vow you have a problem), doesn’t like to attend strip clubs, and doesn’t want to have a million porn subscriptions, they shouldn’t be forced into some critical category either.

Anonymous said...

I think they're all a bunch of tools on both sides tbh. Liberals are the same damn thing as the Neo Cons, which is ALL the right is right now. Well maybe not all, but those who aren't probably are and just don't know it. The special interest groups and capitol hill lobbying commities have hijacked our politcal powers and have pwned us all. I'm voting for Ron Paul. He's the only motherfucker that gives a shit. And the only reason people are listeing to him now is because we know shits fucked up even though he's been saying that shit for his whole political career. Sold record, no flipfloping, career doctor, served in the military (airforce... but still) and doesn't skip a beat when it comes to saying what needs to be said. He's our last hope for now yo! Highly unlikly? Yes, but wtf. At least he's pwning the shit mongrols Juliani and Romney. And last week he pwned Wallice and Huckaby. I'm just having fun watching mongrols get owned on Live TV. It's awesome.

oh yeah, the games are good too, blah blah. God of War was my only friend when I moved to helLA a couple years ago.

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, the sex thing.
I grab man butt all the time! At least I'm not killin babies like Israelies and killin Iraqies like Bush.

I'm not gay. It's just funny to grab man butt.

Anonymous said...

Stick to games Jaffe. :P I get enough politics from Hollywood.