Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Let your damn kids be what they want...

Saw that USC/NFL/ARENA FOOTBALLER Todd Marinovich was arrested again for drugs. I read that this will be his 9th or 10th drug charge and he's already on probation. Seems like jail time is certain. Check out the sad, sad mug:

This fucking breaks my heart, man. For two reasons:

#1- I was at USC when Todd was there. Never met the man but we were in the same year and I had friends who knew him. It just makes me feel old I guess, seeing his pic; granted, it's a mug shot but still...last time I saw him he was like the total golden boy. He really defined the stupid term BIG MAN ON CAMPUS when he was at USC. I can't image there was one thing he would have wanted- a girl, a car, a check- that, at the time, he could not have gotten. Just amazing and sad. Boy I feel old today.

#2- I always heard these stories about how Todd's father was obsessed with him becomming an NFL great and from early childhood had put Todd on that path. The big story that got repeated all the time at SC- which I can't imagine is true- was that until he came to college, Todd had never been allowed to eat a hamburger (because he was on such a strict training regimen his whole life). True or not, I can't say. But it makes me very happy that I really could give two shits what my kids grow up to be, as long as they are happy and kind, or doing what they can to become happy and kind. To that point, it makes me really happy that my parents didn't care what I grew up to be, as long as I was happy. I mean, damn people, let your kids be who they want. There is a HUGE difference between parenting and controlling. Hell, as long as you raise them to be good people, the rest is, really, none of anyone's damn business but their own. God, to think how many kids are simply ruined because they have parents who think it is their place to determine what their kids will become, who they will be, what they will want. Just amazing and, again, sad.

Good luck Todd. No one deserves a shitty life and I hope you find whatever strength you need to turn this shit around.

See ya'll.



Anonymous said...

lol watch a post show up on with this title."Outspoken game developer claims arrested football star never ate hamburgers" lol, just alot shorter and more funny lol

Sean P.

Wings of Martyr said...

Hey, my name's Colin, I'm from Detroit, Mi. I love what you do, and I think you're brilliant. I've been searching the web for a while trying to find a way to contact you, and this is the only site I could find. I would really like to talk to you, if you could give me an e-mail address or something, I would appreciate that a lot.


Unknown said...

I generally agree with your post, but I do think children need guidance and sometimes a forceful hand when it comes to education.

What if they grow up as lazy ass all throughout childhood and adolescence, and one day they decide they want to take school seriously and make something of themselves?

Then you'd feel bad as a parent for not pushing them when they didn't know better, because they would lack the knowledge foundation necessary to succeed.

Just my opinion (what do I know, I'm only 22 and a long way from being a pop) :P

David Jaffe said...

Ken, like I said:I think the job of a parent is to raise happy kids who become happy adults. I feel lazy people- assuming they are so lazy it wrecks their life- are not happy. I don't think you can be really happy unless you are following your passion and doing something that stirs your soul. Hard to be lazy when you are following your bliss. If my kids turn out lazy and do nothing but sit around and watch tv, then I would consider this a failure on my part as a parent.


David Jaffe said...

Colin, hey! Thanks for the kind words. That's real nice of you.

As for contacting me:
You can contact me thru the blog but I won't give out personal information for a number of reasons (as in, I don't want to ready anyone's design documents because of legal reasons,etc).

Does this make sense? Can you tell me what you want to talk about on this forum?

Hope this helps and thanks for reading!


Victor said...

You playing Warhawk by chance?

Powerful words man. James Brown would throw a jacket over your shoulders if he were still with us. What's more, teach kids financial responsibility starting at a young age. Too many people today throw away money on things they don't need or even want just because they can. It hurts to think of all the waste we make when there are others who could really use some help.

Anonymous said...

Hey just like colin, ive been trying to find a way to contact you too. Its kind of embarassing, but its funny that you just posted something about kids being what they want to be. Im 21 years old and I have a dream, and it has alot to do with the idea of the God of War movie. I wanted to send you a pic of me, because I have a feeling you would agree with me that i look exactly like Kratos, like his twin brother. Just let me send you a pic of me, you would see that I look exactly like him. Lol sometimes when im in the bathroom in front of the mirror i even act out scenes from the game i can really pull it off so well. forget that Digimon guy, give me a shot. Please Dave, just one shot. my email is and my name is Issa

Anonymous said...

When my kids were young I always exposed them to a lot of different activities. We did sports, music, scouts, martial arts, drama, ect, ect, ect. The thing is I always encouraged them, but always gave them the choice to do these things. The one rule I strictly enforced (with exception to their saftey and security)was if you say you want to do this you will follow it through to the end, weather it be the end of the season for a sport or end of a semester for a school related activity. I did not want them to quit, especialy for team or group related things. It's not fair to the team that needs you to fill your spot.

I feel it's importain to expose your kids to as much of life as you can. It's a kids job to reach out to every expanse of the universe, but it's the parents job to set proper limits and boundries.

BTW they are both gamer geeks like their old man :P

PS tell your partner in crime (lol) Warhawk is amazing!

Wings of Martyr said...

I came to you because God of War was amazing, Kratos is the baddest video game character out there. He would rip up Duke Nukem, Solid Snake, Onimusha, Dante from DMC or any of the GTA guys. I watched the behind the scene clips from God of War and I think the way that you lead the crew really reminded me of myself.

Ever since I've been playing video games, I had trouble finding a game that had exactly what I wanted. And from age eight or so, I wanted to make a video game. I played God of War, and it had every element I was looking for. I was very impressed by the game.

In one of the videos, you started off by asking the crew what they thought about Greek Mythology. Everybody seemed intrigued by the idea.

I ask you, what do you think about vikings? I know you're extreamly busy, but I beg you to hear my ideas and help me, even if it's as little as a word of advice. If you could please set something up so we can talk, it would be the first step of my dream. Even if it's something simple, like making a new e-mail just for this. My e-mail is

I'm only a eighteen, but I've got some big ideas, and I'm confident that this is the World of Warcraft killer.

Thank you for your time

David Jaffe said...

Colin- hey, thanks for your detailed response.

I like Vikings as well! They are sweet! So glad Thor is coming back in the comics! By the way, you know Sega just announced what looks to be GOD OF WAR with Vikings, yes? Visually it looks good! Not sure your game is even a GOW style game, but there ya go....


...two things that may sound like rotten news, but really are not.

#1- I can not talk to you about your ideas. For legal reasons that I am sure you understand, the last thing either of us needs/wants is for something to show up in a game of ours that you feel you have pitched to us. Especially considering- even tho I am no longer with Sony as an emloyee- Sony still makes God of War and I would be stunned if ANYONE working on games about myths- whatever myths they be- would not be exploring some of the same roads that the God of War team is that's just got potential problems written all over it...

#2- The game biz- for the most part- does not work on pitches. It's not like the movie biz. I get this and think it makes sense 90% of the time. Why? Because most times- not always- but MOST times the game is about the execution. Not just technical execution, but execution of those cool, amazing, VERY VALUABLE ideas that you hold so dear- as you should. But take a look at a game like CALL OF DUTY 4: MODERN WARFARE. There is NOTHING in the setting or theme or story that would make me go- upon hearing he pitch- 'man, we gotta MAKE that thing!'....But when you toss in the talent of the team, the amazing look of the game, and some of the cool ideas they have for gameplay- at a very nuts and bolts design level- it very quickly becomes a game that millions of people are dying to play. So my point is you could pitch me a game that has elements where I go: oh, that's sweet! Oooh, that's cool! ....but end of the day, it's not enough for me to want to get behind your game and help you make it. Not because I'm an ass but because you're not coming to the table with a team who can execute it. And if you do have a team then do what most teams do: make a demo and pitch it around. You got a great team and a sweet demo, you are gold. I promise!

I know that sucks, especially since you seem so passionate about your idea. Good for you! The biz needs more folks with passion! But if I were you, I would try to get myself into a situation where I could work with a great team and position myself as the creative key man within that team. From there, the sky is the limit! You may not get to make your viking game right out of the gate, but that will come in time and hell, I'm sure you got more great ideas in you than just one!

And if you are 18, are you thinking of going to school for game making? Or if you want to bypass college, have you tried getting a job as a tester or asst. producer in a game co? You are 18 dude- the show's just starting! There's lots of paths open to you if you want to make games! But sadly, I am not one of those paths at the moment. Maybe in the future. But at the moment, if you need me to look at any of your ideas, I am not your man.

But any questions about getting jobs or getting noticed or things like that, I'm here dude. Ask away. I may take time to answer but I will do my best.

Thanks again for writing.


Wings of Martyr said...

I understand your point, I don't really know what I'm getting myself invloved in, but I figured this would be a start.

You said you're open for questions, so I've got some in mind.

I've really been thinking about going into the videogame feild. I've been checking out colleges for a while. I struggled a lot in school, but I made it though. I'd like to find a way around college, if possible. Please tell me about getting a job as a tester or asst. producer, that would really help me.

Also, How did you get where you are now, and what did you want to do before that? Please, tell me your story, from having nothing to having a serious reputation in the video game industry.


Anonymous said...

You were at USC?? Woo Hoo !! Go Trojans !! I was at USC too !

gary Z said...

hello sir tis gireesh aka gary Z i m from india....i searched far n wide to reach u...finally finally it has come to an end...

i cant beleve i m talkin to the master mind behind the the gem of a game ,the master piece, the game for the ages...the GOD OF WAR i cant find words to describe tis game tat i m really crazy about...

i have been gaming for all of my life but never found any game so intense n immense how better a game can become ....kudos to all the guys who would hav worked their ass out to bring tis game to life..i hav loads of things to talk to u sir about god of war n the technical aspects of ceating such a game i m also looking forward to talk about ur opinion about gaming as a whole

now i would also lik to comment on the topic of the blog first of all its great to know tat u r broad minded enough to talk about things other than htoughts r also in the similar lines as of u ...

had my parents not granted me the liberty to learn new things i wouidn`t be taklin to u in the first place...every parents should allow their child to break out of their wings n liberty to break rules tats wat will produce the talents of a great calibre as tat of u!

but children here in india especially in the rural areas r exploited by their naive parents let alone being given freedom..lot of things still remain to be changed...

gary Z said...

hello sir its me again think u r real busy wit work...still if u happen to read tis i wanna know wat games u prefer to make n play[ n be honest]

Anonymous said...