Monday, August 06, 2007

BE A STAR!!!...well, sort of :)

Want to be IN the Twisted Metal documentary we are putting on the TWISTED METAL:HEAD ON port disc?

If you are interested, go here for all the info...we'd love to have ya!

thanks ya'll!


PS. Here's some photos of the new space!

Here is the new building! It's a sweet ass space housed in what used to be an old hardware manufacturer...all the brick and wood inside- from what I understand- is original. Gives the space a nice, warm feeling. I love it! I hope it's haunted. It's so old, it just might be :)

Here is the water tower on the roof. Scott and I were up there taking pics for a profile on EAT SLEEP PLAY that will run in the Salt Lake Tribune next week. Scott climbed the tower. I did not. He is brave. I am not.

I know it's just our name on an office directory but hey, I still think it's pretty fucking cool!

Some pics inside...there's the team eating lunch on Friday...we're only about 20 or so big...nice that we can all fit in the same conference room! Hope we don't grow much more! Oh, and the pic above is us in a meeting trying to pick the company logo. Logos are tough! You don't want to look like you tried too hard, but you also don't want to be so obvious in trying to look like you don't care. My gut tells me tho, end of the day, logo is good or bad if the games we make are good or bad. That's how it gets remembered...not if it's a great logo or not.

For folks who played Twisted Metal:Black, Scott drove me by the school that was the concept art inspiration for Blakcfield Asylum! I never knew it was based on a real school...and man, it looks so close! Pretty eerie to me!

Ok, gotta run...see ya'll soon!



Ron said...

Hey David,

Congrats on the new digs. I live a few blocks away from that building. BEST building in the city in my opinion.

Good luck...kick some gaming ass!

Dan said...

You are braver than you think David. This is incredibly awesome. I truely wish you the best with this new adventure.


paul said...

damn man that studio is looking mighty sweet. got that cozy atmosphere...

gl in your new studio man cant wait to see the logo. maybe you should have a public vote. and dont forget to set up a site for your company

Danh said...

Looking good David. I hope your new found studio will bring you a lot more passion and love in the game. I see a lot of good things happening for your future.

Rob Zepeda said...

awesome space! video game companies always have the coolest offices.

but at the end of the day:

san diego > utah


R.Bunk said...

Please TM:HO for PS3 via PSN with updated graphics!

Coldhand said...

The studio looks pretty nice David!
I wish you all the best with your co-workers in your new studio.
I can't wait to see the Logo from EAT SLEEP PLAY!!!
I hope it will be a little crazy looking like IncogInc/Nito Logo. I like it!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe,

I had a good idea for your new development team.

You know the mobile God of War game?

Why don't you guys talk to Sony about updating the visuals, animation and music for a PSN game.

You could use PS2 models, or better yet, the PS3 model in the pseudo 3d/2d aspect of the game.

it sounds like this would be right up your alley for a PSN game, and if pitched right Sony may just go for it big time

You already have good connectiongs with the santa monica team.

Also, if you ever need someone to help play test and incoportate ideas, give me a hollar... I have nothing else to do with my life :)


Anonymous said...

For a logo I think a stylish ESP would do the trick, just my .02

Remember the KISS rule... People will associate the product with the logo and name, not visa versa. You could put a tulip on a butter dish or any other random shit, if you make kick ass games people will be all like wow what a kick ass twisted logo.

Coyotegrey said...

I gotta say that I really admire what you are doing. Congratulations on everything.

Btw, here's a Twisted Metal Black video I made last fall for my post-production 4 class. I did all of the video and audio editing.

If you get a minute, it would mean a lot to me to get some feedback from the creator of the game, whether it be good or bad!


Soukthachone Vilaysack said...

Nice place. Now invite me for a sleepover.

no really. Good luck with the TM Documentary. I would so do it if I didn't sound like a little montonous little girl.
How about I just say I love Twisted Metal Black so much that i had to quit because of dizzy spells but still play it regardless of my condition. That's how much I love it.

Joel said...

Hey Jaffe.

sweeeet place! you guys even have a water tower! how sweet is that!

i dont know if i can be much help with the logo design, but my suggestion is to think of the animations you can do with it.

you know how companies always have those elaborate lead-ups to their logo, before movies, and stuff?

man, those are pretty sweet, so remember to make a logo that you can do something cool like that with.

..don't lose too much sleep over it anyways! :p

alx242 said...

Let me just say that I feel happy about a new installment of TM. But why don't you ship it on the PS3? The online experience is soooooooooo much better on the PS3. I tried several times to setup and run games online on the PS2 but it always ended with me quitting to just isn't good or accessible enough.

Why not just do it like Tekken: Dark Resurrection. That would both kick ass and make more sense to me...oh well, just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

A lot of white people....

Anonymous said...

affe clarified statements that in addition to the Twisted Metal: Head-On port for PS2, his new independent studio of 20 employees will concurrently be working on the first of three original games exclusively for PlayStation 3.

"I can't disclose themes," Jaffe said, "but the new game is medium to hardcore in terms of game play and will focus heavily on multiplayer."

"I am more excited about this game than anything I have ever worked on. I cannot wait to unveil it," Jaffed added from Eat Sleep Play headquarters in Salt Lake City.

The three new games will either be on Blu-ray disc or as downloadable titles depending on how Sony decides to distribute the games. The first unnamed title is expected sometime in 2008.

Eat Sleep Play was founded in July by David Jaffe and Scott Campbell both formerly of Sony Studios. Combined, they are responsible for such titles as God of War and Twisted Metal.

Anonymous said...

Hi David,

its been a while since I read your blog. looks like things are going really well for you man.

I love the name ESP. Its funny, just the other day I was reading a gaming mag and feeling like man.. i'm tired of the same old dev teams pumping out "tried tested and true" all over again. I felt like I couldn't really get excited about much of anything coming out soon. So its nice to see you're branching out on your own like this. you got me excited about this stuff again.



grasshopper said...

Damn the new space is really nice. Can't wait to see the Eat Sleep Play logo I had something pop into my head immediately when I heard the name and I wanna see if I was close.

PlayStation Museum said...

Cool new place! Dave, sometime we need to have a short discussion. Not sure when, but someday. :)

You also need to send me your new address for the Museum Christmas card list.

M S Martinez said...

That's crazy. I went to that High School and never made the connection in Black... I think I need to pop that game in again.

Anonymous said...