Friday, August 10, 2007


Ain't video chat great? I'm doing all the interview questions from home in San Diego while the camera crew films the guys responding out in Utah! Sweet!

Here is Scott ready to go, out in Utah.

Kellan Hatch, creative and art director on many of the Incog/SingleTrac/Eat Sleep Play games...

Michael Jackson, art director on Twisted Metal and shell master supreme!

I'll be doing my bit in LA next week, along with the co-writer of the Twisted storyline, and one of the key concept artists for the series (who is now a concept designer for Halo 3 at Bungie!) it seems like we're gonna get some great fan videos coming in, so that- along with tons of old concept art, toys, video, and other behind the scenes stuff we've uncovered- should make for a good package! I'm jazzed!

Ok, back to work! If I don't talk to ya'll before, have a great weekend!



Anonymous said...

Argh! A mac! ONE MOUSE BUTTON??? Not normal!!

Anyway, you seem pretty happy and relaxed. I never played Twisted Metal, so there's really very little I can say.
Good luck with everything Utah...I learned all my stuff about Salt Lake City through SLC PUNK! or what I saw of it...I really need to buy that film.

Victor said...

Knock'em dead

Any chance of this Twistumentary being bundled with a future release? I'd preorder for it.

Anonymous said...

toys, you mean there's Twisted Metal toys. You should market those.

paul said...

damn Jaffe, i couldnt live without my hand right-click button. And thats a clean looking desk...cleaner than mine anyway. I think you should get the new Macs, they look so sweet

Arnaldo Licea said...

Ha! That's pretty cool. And Macs are SO much better than bad I need to used them for school.

This is coming out this year, right?


Alex Richardson said...


"damn Jaffe, i couldnt live without my hand right-click button."

That's an Apple Mighty Mouse and it does have a right-click button. Actually, it's got four buttons: left, right, middle, and squeezing it.

paul said...

haha i love macs. im just waiting on that Leopard to come out so i can get my Macbook Pro

Unknown said...

well i always have been a fan of the twisted metal games in particular tm1 and tm2 and of course head-on so far as the all time favorite black was ok i like the darkness in it, but the story approach isn't that intriguing. i like the whole grim riper actually being a riper and not some psycho if you now what i mean.

now i just wish David would put his efforts in a ps3 twisted metal game instead, this would get my friends who all own a 360 to consider buying a ps3 alot sooner than later.

Unknown said...

i can see it now a ps3 twisted metal game, alongside, the likes of heavenly sword,god of war3,killzone2,socom:confrontation:warhawk+headset combo,ratchet'n'clank:tod,uncharted:drake's fortune,granturismo5,wipeoutHD,eyeofjudgement,lair,getaway,tekken6,metalgear solid 4,final fantasy 13,littlebigplanet,and home? say what!
now add a ps3 syphon filter to that and there you go. i think what sony really needs to do from now on is get rid of that 80 gig model and stick with the 60 gig model instead while it still selling hot. and simply bundle every ps3 system with a headset+HDMIcable and more and more people will eventually become aware of sony's strategy as they will all be part of it rather than question it and its value, i mean this is one of the components that makes xbox live so successful its the inclusion of a headset with every unit. trust me this will answer many questions and further more help sony sell more units, oh and one last thing, come Christmas there are going to be lots of screaming kids begin for one of these systems so please make a smart move and start releasing the PSNcards here in the U.S and in Europe so that those without a credit card can too buy games of the playstation store after all a move like this would make a lot of sense business wise,who knows maybe this will increase its growth rapidly. sorry for the long post though just a few ideas thats all.

felman said...

Michael Jackson is your art director on Twisted Metal?

Unknown said...

David, Eat Sleep Play should make Twisted Metal for PS3!

Plus, I just saw your interview with Uwe Boll. I could tell you were trying to be polite when you rejected his hopes of directing God of War the movie

felman said...

Let incognito handle the new Twisted Metal for PS3. The warhawk engine should more than suffice. While I'm on the subject, everyone buy warhawk cause it's the best game releasing for the PS3 this year. (not to say HS is a slouche, but warhawk is that good.)

PlayStation Museum said...

Dave, tell Kellan I said Hello! Kellan is still at Incognito right? I emailed him a few weeks ago and didn't get a response. His email didn't get bounced, but I understand he is especially busy.

Joel said...

i actually can't wait for this documentary.

but to be honest, i kind of hope that the documentary doesn't keep you guys from working on the game itself.

although i know you good enough to know you wont release a game that isn't finished.

which is GOOD news.

kinda hope the documentary (if im right that its packed in with the game) is on a separate disk.. im hoping the twisted metal game takes up the entire space on the disk without a huge documentary!

paul said...

Jaffe I just saw the interview with Uwe Boll on GameHead. "". man you got my total respect. Let Tony Scott direct God of War not some Uwe Boll shit....

Joel said...

LOL... the uwe boll rejection was classic.

but dude... he better not get the twisted metal movie rights either.

you need to get the guy who made 300 with frank miller to direct twisted metal. that would be fucking sweet.

felman said...

Would a Twisted Metal movie focus on all cars or just one?

Anonymous said...

awsome stuff, i hope the interviews reveal lots of details about the TM games.

Unknown said...

like i said before i really love the franchise, but the ps3 needs a twisted metal game.

and if you are considering making movies of both god of war and twisted metals, shouldn't Sony make them and not anti-blu ray studios like universal?

tag this along with spider-man3 and pirates of the carr... and other big exclusives to further help sony win this format war, sh*t i mean i hear the halo movie is being made by fox and we all know fox is an exclusive backer of blu ray, in the end if blu ray wins so does the ps3 vise versa. think about it, and get the same people that did 300 to do the god of war movie if thats possible, just another thought thats all.

Anonymous said...

I hope your new company acquired the rights to Twisted Metal. And if it does get handed over to Incognito it's better then 989 Studios. They completely screwed up making Twisted Metal.

Anonymous said...

i'd like to know what the original team thought of 989 TM characters like club kid, and flower,

Zodiak said...

can't wait for this doc. =)


Zodiak said...


not only has 989 studios messed up TM, but also a lot of other games. Jet Moto sticks in my mind the most, the 3rd one killed the series for me. It was wayy too fast and blocky. Coolboarders was good up until the 3rd one. (I think I'm starting a pattern with this lol, which also reminds me to get JM on the PSN). But yeah me and my friends totally despised 989.

It'd be sweet to see the good ol Jet Moto with PS3 graphics.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see what you have instore for the port, one question i have not heard answered is will there be online play for TMHO(ps2?) thanks.

Joel said...

zodiak is right.


man, i LOVED that game.

i notice its not on your list of games you worked on.

did you leave it off, or were you not involved with that game for some reason?

i'm very curious to know.

but jet moto was awesome, except REALLY REALLY hard.. i could never beat the damn game as a kid...

and probably not now either (thinks about fishing it out from storage)

anyways... more jet moto would be SWEET.. think about it.

Anonymous said...