Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Have a great one ya'll! I think we're gonna start pumping out videos and images from our new game next week, so check back...and heck, I may update over the break as well. Gonna be doing lots of Guitar Hero 3 battles with my brother as well as trying to check out some movies (Enchanted, Wonder Emporium, This Christmas, No Country For Old Men)...AND trying to finish Ratchet and Zelda. Oh, and spending time with the family too. Yeah, I'll get all that done :)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by over this last year...I'm always so surprised and so appreciative so many people read this thing. I enjoy doing it and am happy so many of you guys keep stopping by and posting comments.

As for my virtual Thanksgiving gift for you, here's a pic I found on the net...I love this...great message:

Ain't that great?

Ok, gotta get some work done today so I'm off! Be safe ya'll and have fun!



Anonymous said...

Good luck with Ratchet Mr. Jaffe. If you do beat it your in for a surprise ending.

PlayStation Museum said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Sadeq said...

well, thanks for the gift David

and have a great holiday

(I'm in my second play-through in Ratchet, good stuff)

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Nice message, It fits me well too since a month ago I left my company of 23 years and got a new job. The old gig was a sweet ride for a long time but new Managment continued to scew people over thinking we're all too afraid to leave...I wasn't given this handle for no good reason. :P

I got a good job back on the CAD, and so far they are treating me well. Sometimes the grass is greener but you have to step over to find out.

Never be afraid of that first big step!

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving... Mine was in octobre... I cant wait to see what the new game is!

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving mine was in October. Super stoked for the new game!

Brandon said...

Awesome. I'm really looking forward to finding out what the new game is. Also hoping to beat Ratchet as well.

Interesting political message. Keep in mind that if someone posted a picture of Utopia instead of hell with that same message then the answer would be "Ah, then lets be here forever." Change for change's sake is never good, which is important to remember (and I'm sure you agree). If we argue for change we have to prove it's better than the status quo.

iddqd said...

I have nothing clever or particularly contributive to say...but
Sweet potatoes > *

Rex said...

Man, its interesting, you worked on two games that are on my top ten list of favorite video games of all time, Twisted Metal and God of war. I like this blog, you are down to earth dude. Last night I was watching again the making of God of war, I think we all have a god of war inside after a hard day at work. Power to you, I write about video games in my blog too, and about me which can be ignored. Oh well, Happy thanksgiving to you too. Don't piss the mini toilet seat, that gives rash afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Later Dave.

gary Z said...

really appreciate ur works with the games n now with this blog ...btw happy thankx givin...

Anonymous said...

'Sup Mr Jaffe.
You should check out

Looking forward to seeing the game, I hope it's not as easy as Zelda was.

Anonymous said...

hey David, make sure you play Uncharted (IMO GOTY)and happy thanksgiving to you!

Joel said...

Hey David.

Happy Thanksgiving.

um, i promise i'll never REPOST this again, but there is a chance you never got around to reading the last few comments from the previous post so i thought i'd post it one more time, just because i spent a while trying to think up some quality questions. in the end, if you decide not to answer any of them, thats fine.

and just for the hell of it heres a few questions you should answer it your blog one day:

1. Did you work on Jet Moto 1 or 2? who currently holds the rights to that game? did you like jet moto?

2. what would you add to the First Person Shooter genre, if you for some reason your team made an FPS game, and you had free reign to add whatever you wanted.

3. do you agree or disagree that more games should incorporate online Co-op?

4. with all the ps3 owners calling for "in-game xmb" ... where do you stand on this issue, will the ps3 never compete until it gets it (and subsequently a way for you to chat with your friendlist during gameplay) or is it something that would just be nice one day, should it ever be implemented?

5. if gaming ever got to the point of allowing you to enter a personal "matrix" where you literally felt as though you were inside the game.. touch, smell, taste, everything... come up with an idea for a game that would make use of these new technological freedoms.

admittedly these questions are just "for fun"... but i definitely would love to hear you answer them, even just one or two of them..

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving Daid, from Hong Kong.

felman said...

Damn Jaffe, hittin the games hard.

felman said...

Jaffe, you should hook me up with some PR personnel so I can get more free games to review for our site.

Unknown said...

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