Tuesday, February 19, 2008


+++++++++++++++SECOND EDIT++++++++++++

THANKS SWEET TOOTH! Appreciate the support, big guy! :)

Oscar- from Sony Store in SF- just sent me this! Check it out!!!

Can't beat that, eh? Fantastic news! Thank you Oscar, you made my night! :)


Nathan Herzog said...

Hey David, great blog this week. Good to hear your take on Blu Ray, I too have been a supporter since day 1, more than likely due to the fact I work for Sony (Zipper Int.) and I snagged a PS3 the first month it was released and buying BR movies like crazy. So because of that I have been very excited about the news recently.

I too am backed up on my growing pile of games, glad there aren't many games coming out right now. I was able to get some Burnout time in this weekend though, thats a fun game.

Are you looking forward to playing God of War on the PSP?

-rallyRAYS- said...

LOL... "Not Michael Jackson Hee Hee Heee."

I created this image to celebrate the end of the format war:


Take Care,


Anonymous said...

Huh...didn't think you'd be a Kanye West fan. Personally, the only thing I have against him is the "sampling" (more like taking the whole dang track) of Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger". And now, based on that image, looks like he is taking a bit of the techy look of Daft Punk. Bleh. I love Daft Punk and would much rather them get more fans so I can get some more music from them. About the GDC thing, since you aren't there does that mean you are no longer doing your session? Or are you going to be going just for that and then heading back home for more work?

Anonymous said...

Hey David! Man, I feel sorry for you and your growing "to play" pile. You're missing out on some good times. Anyways I haven't received my game yet but then again I do live in MiddleOfNowhere, Mi. The brownies took a long time too so I'm not worried. Have fun at the concert!

DF334 said...

So you like Kanye huh!! I guess I shouldn't be surprised! I love his music and I also do music so I can definitely repsect it! You will enjoy Devil May Cry 4 and Burnout Paradisee, although they changed the flow of the game. Great Blog Dave once again!

Anonymous said...

come on, dave. just go right to daft punk. you'll feel so much better. it will be righteous!

Anonymous said...

I'm on the Blu Ray Support team. I truly feel its the better DVD. I said it from the beginning that HD_DVDs may be slightly cheaper but the Blu Ray has better storage and better betterness... lol. Good Critique eh? It did through me off a little when you said Michael Jackson (being the HEE HEE, one) but I forgot that you work with the other Michael Jackson. Good times, Good times.
Also sorry that I linkedin.com-ed you. at least I think you are the David Jaffe of the "Greater Los Angeles area". Hope things are well.

Kymnbel Bywater

Unknown said...

doh! "Not Michael Jackson Hee Hee."
I spit a little whiskey out when I heard that :)

Dave the extras on Twisted Metal Head On are awesome.

BTW I was worried about Flixn going away and found tokbox.com as a possible alternative... not sure if you can embed it though.

I love the video blogs and I hope you do them from time to time.

Delriach said...

it's a shame you're not at GDC. It's good that you're feeling better though.

*cough... calling all cars get together ... cough*

grasshopper said...

Ok Dave here is the plan. I will play through your growing play pile and then sum them up for you...ya know just to help out. Your on your own though until you get better, I don't want any of what you got :)

PS why doesn't he go by Mike...is it kinda like a Office Space thing "Why should I change? He's the one who sucks."

Maskmanx said...

Just decode the message at the end of the letter on Head-On. I guess when you said you were playing Burnout Paradise for research, hopefully it was for what I think it is.

Zodiak said...

I was always a fan of the Blu Ray movies for some reason. I thought the disc will shine in blueness. But I'm also glad to see them win the new dvd format wars against Hd-DVD (like they had a chance lol)

Does your Michael Jackson dangle babies from balconies?

KW is pretty good, you may also like NERD, their songs are pretty damn good too.

glad to see you back to 95%, always a pleasure seeing the vblogs :)

Anonymous said...

I always new that blu-ray would win! well it sux for hd-dvd. great blog too jaffe!

Anonymous said...

Jaffe no shit your a fan of KanYe...I would never have thought that...I got myself tickets as well for the Det, Michigan show...Glow In the Dark Tour for the win!

Anonymous said...

Blu-ray wins. Sorry to those with HD-DVD stuff. Enjoy what you can while you can. Now let's get Transformers on Blu-ray and Lord of the Rings.

Does you not going to GDC mean ESP didn't bring along a friend. Was hoping to see a vid about thet.

Anyway sounds like your busy so as we all know...priorities.


wtfgrouch said...

Hey Dave,

"I'm feeling a little blu today!" LOL

Sucks to hear you didn't come up for GDC, at least your feeling better... the weather is pretty shitty up here anyways. As you'd expect, we're busy with traffic from GDC which is great!

As for your growing pile of games... you have to start by playing Burnout Paradise, i have not been able to stop playing that fucking game!! The game offers a lot, but my favorite feature has to be the seamless transition between single player and online multi-player (FUCKING GENIUS), it's so simple, tap right twice on the d-pad and your online without interrupting the game experience. I've been on almost every night, so if you feel like playing let me know.

I also just bought tickets to go see Kanye. I was trying to go seem him in San Jose, but tickets went quick and online scalpers were asking for way too much fuckin' money. Now, I'm gonna go see the show in Sacramento on April 19th, I can't wait!

Great post this week... here's something you might like:

2nd week in a row


Anonymous said...

IMPORTANT: Dave could remove my picture and any reference to the word 'DKSE'.

da criminal said...

DKSE- sure- you mean a few posts down?

Anonymous said...

yes. It's just I got some fuckin hacker. You might have seen him before. He goes by 73ullet. He follows me every he sees the word DKSE and he writes NOOB. He reads your blog and I wouldn't be suprised if he hacked it and put NOOB under my pic.

Anonymous said...

From above post-
I don't know him in person. He just knows me from Twisted Metal: Head On Online and he is such a pain-in-the-ass.

Anonymous said...

Haha the "Not Michal Jackson hee hee" thing caught me off guard. Well said haha. Glad to hear you're not sick anymore, and you should definitely play DMC4 first out of your "to play" pile.

Jhotun said...

Hi David

Nice blog :)

I'd like to ask if there is a way to apply for a job at Eat Sleep Play as 3D artist :)


Anonymous said...

Oh so now you're SMART? Jesus, Jaffe; way to be modest!


Anyway, nice to know that HDDVD is pulling out of the market finally. I'm just adamantly looking forward to buying Serenity and the Bourne movies. Definitely some of the best films in recent years, that's for damn sure.
And if you haven't seen Serenity, first off, apox on you! Second, don't; watch Firefly (TV series) first, and THEN watch Serenity.

But yeah...
Hopefully, BD will get all the shiny flash features that HDDVD haD.

Anyway, nice to know you're feeling better an' all,


da criminal said...


go to www.eatsleepplay.biz for job info. And yeah, we're looking to fill a 3D modeler position (I think!)...so shoot us your info!



Anonymous said...

Hay Jaffe The character Cousin Eddy is it a reference to Randy Quaid's character Cousin Edward "Eddie" Johnson in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation? i saw that movie last night and almost choke on my coke when i saw the RV,

well glad you better. a Twisted Metal using Blue Ray my god it well be it best yet but i dont think it well beat TM2 or Black,

well glad your better by the way you did not mention that your family is better or the other guys are thay still sick? if so i hope thay get well soon.

CH-OutbreaK said...

Hey david, great post. hit me up on psn: CH-OutbreaK

Sadeq said...

nice to have you back Dave,

I suggest you check DMC4 first

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, this is NightShade, or as I am credited in the TMHO Doc, "Cycloptersaurus". Anyway, Just letting ya know that I have yet to get my copy of the game.

Thanks again for making this game, we all really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Glad your feeling better.

In reference to Oscar's pic: there is justice out there.

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, but ... I think it should be alot like Burnout Paradise crossed with the sim-like features of Interstate 76 (1995 PC game by activision)

Get a world the size of Paradise City , 12 players online, alot of 'hidden' dueling/fighting area/arenas with classic and modern muscle cars! Running at 60 FPS!! WOW!

And for the love of GOD, take a look at how seamless criterion made the menus and how quick and easy it is to jump online and invite friends! Put these features in the PS3 version of Twisted Metal and you will have the greatest 'Auto Combat' game of all time.

Just the opinion of a huge autocomebat fan, I've played and played the entire TM series, was a loyal beta tester and obbsessed fan of the Interstate series (I76, Nitro, I82 and the Vigilante 8 spinoff games)

I just hope somebody in the know see's this and takes me advice.

Peace all! Hoping for the best TM game ever very soon!

Exophrine said...

Hey David, great to hear my favorite game designer/creator/god is doing much better in health. :-)

I'm kinda glad I didn't buy into getting a new Hi-Def until it was decided, and now I have a second reason to buy a PS3, aside from your wonderful, wonderful games. ^.^

I have a couple of special pics for you, Mr. Jaffe, if you dare to click these perfectly safe links.

Lookie Lookie!

This is one special mask!

Side profile of the mask

A tribute sketch of Sweet Tooth's hood ornament.

I've had that mask for a sum of about 8 years, since junior high. I saw it advertised as "Flame Clown" in one of those local seasonal Halloween stores and I went totally batshit, going "SWEET TOOTH!" and just jumped on it.

Zana Oyakata said...

Good blog this week.

That sucks you weren't able to go, colds/flu etc. comes at the worst times. I am going to GDC next year and I hope I can meet you there.

I think everyone has a pile of games to beat. You are not alone.

Good luck on all the stuff you are working on.

Anonymous said...

Nice, Im going to the Kayne West concert in Sac on April 19th. Cant wait! :D

Jhotun said...

Thanks David, for some reason your company webpage is a bit hidden in google so I tought it did not exist :P

As soon as I finish my portfolio I'm sending it. It would be great to land there :)


Nokage said...

I've not received the game from the newyears contest yet either but i'm thinking it will show sometime next week.

maartyrr said...

yo dave its Carlton/maartyrr - its good to see your feeling better. Like Nightshade, I haven't received a copy of the game either but I'll keep my eye out for it. I can't wait till you offically announce the new TM!

Anonymous said...

Hey david,

off topic question. I was wondering if you happened to be one of the lucky few who got to be a part of ps3's home beta trial and if so what you think of it so far.


Anonymous said...

I think your awesome Jaffe but Kanye West? REALLLLYYY. I guess i am happy he has gotten you into liking rap music but he is like one of the worst of the lot. His beats are great dont get me wrong but thats about it. his lyrics are shockingly bad and the best parts of his songs are the samples.

Anonymous said...

rallyrays, I hope you're applying to Eat Sleep Play. Your vehicle models are badass!

maartyrr said...


Nevermind the last comment my game arrived in the mail today. Thanks so much again and thanks for the letter - I'm hanging it up on my wall. Not sure if you saw this in the other blog but I made a tribute to ETE being released


thanks again for this awesome game,
- maartyrr

Zodiak said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zodiak said...

Hey Dave, a new gaming site is out and it's pretty cool. Much like Gamespot, anywho I made a group for dedicated Twisted Metal fans


if anyone would like to join up, please do so, the more the merrier!!

RobbieS said...

Hey Jaffe,

It doesn't seem like anyone at GDC knew you weren't going to show up. I actually checked your blog to see whether you had info on the no-show, and I noticed you posted it on Tuesday. Nobody who ran the conference seemed to realize you were sick :(

Xodome said...

Blu-ray FTW.

I just finished Devil May Cry 4 on the PS3 and it's pretty good, a little too easy though if you ask me.
Burnout Paradise is awesome. I'm still playing Twisted Metal head on on the PS3 upscaled 1080p and it's a blast. I can't wait until Twisted Metal PS3 comes out.

Joel said...


you HAVE to play it!

-rallyRAYS- said...


Yeah, Jaffe and Campbell are exactly the type of developers I would LOVE to work with someday... they really understand that art is there to support great gameplay.

I'm working on the DC Universe game right now(it's looking awesome BTW)... and I would have to leave the project... hey, if David himself asked me... I would have to seriously consider it, but I need to work on my concept art skillz before im ready.

Thanks again for the kind words davis! Are you a developer?


Anonymous said...

Awesome post.

Keep the video blogs up please, I enjoy them much more! It's something different from the usual reading stuff on Kotaku (which I like as well though).

Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, it's Kent / Cycloptersaurus / NightShade here again, just giving you the heads up that I did indeed the the game. It kicks all kinds of ass. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't it be cool if there was game out on the PS3 that could interact with the PSP, such as, a WWII submarine game and the PS3 user is the captain and the PSP users are the sailors, and the captain could communicate with the sailors through a Bluetooth headset or preset sayings by pressing buttons and the PSP users/sailors would control the depth of the submarine, listening to sonar, and shooting torpados. You would have to play the game as team effort.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,
I turned in a Demo Reel and a Resume in person to EAT SLEEP PLAY on Thursday and just got nervous and excited all at the same time. I talked with Carlos about you, "ESP" and the possibilities of getting an interview before I got to fly back to Colorado on Monday. Just walking into the same building of a group of guys that have made my childhood a crooked awesome one full of ice cream truck clowns and Mr. Grimm was a childhood dream come true. I truly hope I get to work for you and EAT SLEEP PLAY in this near future.

What can one do but show up personally to hand in a demo reel to get noticed? I mean, it is like you and your brother wanting to be a part of Indiana Jones 4! Except I want to work on Twisted Metal for the PS3 and all future endeavors!!

Kymnbel Bywater

96 said...

Hey David, I know you're a Sony boy, but what's your take on Microsoft's whole XNA system and apparent push towards supporting "indie" (...i hate to mention "indie" with "microsoft"...) developers compared to what Sony is throwing out there? Also, tough luck losing the hundred bucks to keighley...

Anonymous said...

did you just say that kanye was the freddie mercury of rap? really?

da criminal said...

To me Kanye and Freddy share an operatic, over the top, bombastic sense of showmanship when it comes to music they write and the concerts they perform (and if Queen had made videos in this day and age, I imagine they would have that in common as well). This aspect is one of the things that appeals most to me about them both, as they are both 2 of my favorite musicians/entertainers.

I imagine music aficionados- which I am nowhere close to being- can cite significant differences between the two but since showmanship is one of the biggest reasons I dig entertainment- which is why I like Micahel Bay while many others do not, for example- then for me, I use showmanship as a key reasons for citing the similarities between the two men.

Whew! :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you missed GDC. I did too but because work came up with something else for me to do.

Well, Blu Ray DVD had to win because Sony bet the farm on the format by adding it to the PS3 ( a huge fanancial risk). I'm sure it had a LOT less to do with the goodness of the format than the back door dealing Sony (et al) had to make everyone get on board.

And Kanye's okay but he's NO Freddy Mercury.


Anonymous said...

Jaffe: I personally don't care too much for Kayne, but don't let anybody change your opinion. My brother used to love Queen and I never understood why...

Until recently-- I have become obsessed with Queen.

"The Show Must Go On" -> best song/video ever.

Rallyrays: I'm a designer currently working on small-time download games. Just me and a programmer. What DC Universe game are you working on? I love comics with a passion.

-rallyRAYS- said...


What titles are you designing? I would like to see what kind of stuff your working on!

We are making a MMO based on the DC Universe, and I can't say much about it... but I can say, it looks fantastic!

Hey Jaffe, since your a member of the SONY family, have you seen anything from DC?


Anonymous said...

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