Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Can you help me out!?! ROCK BAND related...


Ok, so thanks to you kind commenters on this blog, I got me a code that unlocks everything. Thank you so much!

While it's clear that ROCK BAND is a groundbreaking, amazing game- and one that seems already destined to become a classic in my house- to me, turning it into a GAME first and a social TOY second, was a design mistake. BUT what the hell do I know? Either way, thanks Harmonix for the very fun game...and thanks for making sure an Unlock All code was included :)


Hey! If someone out there would not mind:

just got home with Rock Band. Sat down with the wife to play and first thing I did was download a song we both dig (Brass in Pocket) from the ROCK BAND store. So far so good.

Problem is, I can't find that song I just purchased in the game and I can't find any of the cool songs I want to play that are listed on the box as available with the shipped disc.

Now I think I know the answer to this, but I hope I am so wrong cause if I am not, the thing is going back to the store.

Can I access these other songs- including the ones I paid for after I bought the game- without earning the right to play them?

Please don't tell me that after giving EA/MTV/HARMONIX 190 bucks- and then an additional 2 bucks- on what clearly seems to be advertised as a casual/family/party game (i.e. fun and easy and no work involved), that the only way I get all these songs - songs that are advertised on the box-is to EARN them?!?!

Ok, I am prob. just being paranoid and negative...this can't be the way it is, right??!?....right?!?!? Please don't make me work thru a bunch of songs I could care less about to get to some songs I love!!! I understand this design philosophy when all the content you are tossing at the player is new and part of the brand new, unique game experience...but in a game where more than half the appeal is content that you already know and love from your 'real life', forcing me to endure stuff I already know I don't care for just to get to the stuff I know I do love is annoying and cruel. Especially when I rushed home with the box all ready to play some songs that the back of the box TOLD ME I was gonna get to play (with no indication that I would need to bust ass for a week before I got to play what I consider the 'good' tunes).

Help! Thanks!



paul said...

are you on PS3 or 360 jaffmeister

paul said...

o by the way. to access all the songs that they advertise on the box you gotta play through the game. if your wifey wants to play start a band and play co-op, thats what my girlfriend and I did. the more you play through the game, the more tracks you unlock. Just wait until you get to unlock Timmy and the Lords of the Underworld

Dan Dickinson said...

Depends on what mode you're playing in.

If you're in Solo World Tour mode, there should be a "Bonus Tour" option at the bottom that lets you play the DLC songs.

If you're playing Band World Tour (the co-op mode), the songs get worked into the challenges. It's a weird (but good) twist on career mode.

If you're playing Quickplay (solo or multi), they should just be available in the list without having to unlock anything.

If they aren't unlocked on Quickplay, there's a code that's been going around about how to do a temporary unlock of all the songs - but I don't have it handy. Might be on GameFAQs.

Torgo said...

You have to unlock some of the songs on the disc, but the DLC should be available in any mode.

The easiest way to open everything is to play through the Solo tour and unlock everything. It takes roughly 2-3 hours, depending on how good you are.

No matter what, don't take it back. It's one of the best party games out there. We spent all Saturday night playing in a Hotel Suite. The game is SO well done.

Anonymous said...

you should demand that Harmonix gives you a version of the game where you dont have to unlock anything.

their motive? your David Fucking Jaffe!!!

grasshopper said...

Gamefaqs I think this is what Dan was talking about, that would at least get ya all the songs that came with the disc

grasshopper said...

Errr me again IGN has a different code...its gotta be one or the other :) I don't know

derrickgott007 said...

DO NOT RETURN THIS GAME!! You will be sorry that you did. And $190? WTF? It's only $169 at Wal Mart.

Keep the game....Keep the game....Keep the game....Keep the game... Am I getting through yet??

The drums are addicting and you will find people will damn near fist fight after a few beers to see who gets the drums.

Brotomix said...

Don't shop at Wal-Mart.

derrickgott007 said...

Hey Atomix, I happen to work at Wal mart part time in the evenings and weekends. So this evil company you claim happens to be providing DAMN well for my family.

I'm so sick of the ANTI Wal Mart shit. Wal-Mart employs people, gives back to the community and SAVES YOUR ASS MONEY and supports AMERICAN jobs.

Unknown said...

You have a few songs you can play with at the begining of the game (play them in quickplay all you want). To unlock the other songs you have to play them in either Solo mode or Band World Tour. It should tell you that a song was added to your setlist after you play it. The song that you downloaded, you'll have to install it (its in the Game X-Axis bar). That should then be avalable to play on your setlist.

Anonymous said...

I'm really surpised so many people like Rock Band and those types of games..just not for me

Anonymous said...

Google is SupaFlya and much quicker then a blog post.


Anonymous said...

The cheat code cant be saved, so you have to enter it in each and everytime you turn on the game. The only way to keep all the songs is to play through the entire game...sucks but must be done.

Also Im not sure why your having trouble finding your downloaded songs, those bad boys should be there after you've downloaded them.

Daniel Purvis said...

At least you're able to play Rock Band. Here in Australia, EA isn't even sure it'll land in Q3. And importing isn't too shabby, prices on Play-Asia.com are fine except the shipping is another $100 on top of the regular price.

SpaceShot said...

You're right about the point that songs should all be unlocked either easily or just unlocked period. We pay enough for games to be locked out from experiencing all content.

But Guitar Hero III was made more into a "game" than Rock Band was. With the "attacks" you have to do on "bosses", I deciding the game wasn't about the fun of playing music but just another shooter in disguised controller form.

In that respect, I think Rock Band worked better.

Anonymous said...

I had the same problem with Guitar Hero III. Luckily that also had a code to unlock everything for quick-play.

A lot of developers seem to like turning software toys into games. Look at Lionhead's "The Movies". It could have been a fantastic toy to play around with, making all sorts of quirky movies, but for some reason Molyneux felt the need to turn the thing into a game, which totally killed the creative aspects of the experience.

Maybe you, Mr. Jaffe, should explore making software toys. I think a person with your creativity and experience could make something incredible.

Anonymous said...

Dude, have you never played a music game before? They're ALL like that. Frequency, DDR, Beatmania, Drum Mania, Guitar Freaks, Taiko Drum Master, Para Para, Guitar Hero, pretty much every music game has an unlock system.

Anonymous said...

To unlock the other songs you have to play them in either Solo mode or Band World Tour. It should tell you that a song was added to your setlist after you play it. The song that you downloaded, you'll have to install it (its in the Game X-Axis bar). That should then be avalable to play on your setlist.

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