Tuesday, April 01, 2008


If you are so inclined, check out Gamespot's latest edition of BEHIND THE GAME. This week's subject: l'll ol me :)

You can find it here!

Later ya'll...lotsa design work going on today, brain too full (of hopefully cool ideas!) to write a post! Later!



Anonymous said...

Yea I watched it before class this morning...almost got up and said screw school Im gonna be a game tester...but then realized I dont want to go into that unknown path then sat there waiting til my class started.

I honestly dont know if I was cracked up for school just like you said you weren't but Im only 2years away from getting my Bachelors sooo screw it Ill stick it out.

If all else fails Ill join the Air Force.

grasshopper said...

Something about the "what is your favorite swear word" question made me laugh. Guess its your quick answer and serious tone.
Hit me up when you get to Burnout :)

Anonymous said...

Hey dave,

Great interview, learned a lot about you. I too wish I didn't waste two years studying film at COlumbia College Chicago(worst film program ever, made us use 16MM film cameras that broke often and you could never rent longer than a day) and rather wen straight towards pitching my ideas.

Anyhow, you stated you wanted to direct, my question is, say you have a kick ass Half-Life and System Shock script you wanna direct, how do you approach a producer from a studio to pitch your script and who would you personally approach?


Anonymous said...

if you your going to direct a movie then it has to be a Twisted Metal movie or God of War only you can do it right.

DMC4 is a fun game
'Lady' is my fave.

James B said...

Good interview! I have to say personnally that God Of War is pretty close to feeling emotions when playing a game. I don't know if you are wanting to make a game that makes people cry which GOW didn't do that for me, but as for feeling anger, redemption and etc I think it was pretty good. So far games have came far, but they never have reached a point where I am as in sync like I am watching a movie, but that doesn't mean i want to watch 200 hours of cutscenes either. I get something from games that you can't get from a movie or a book and that I like. If you were to direct a movie, you should jump on GOW because I don't see how this won't become a movie sometime or another, fantastic story, plus have you thought about talking to marvel about getting a comic done of this story, they are currently doing the illiad and this would be a great comic with the right artist. Finally you said that you were going to play DMC4, but I hope you skipped it. I had never played any other DMC, but I was hoping it would have a feel of GOW, but felt more like a very complex 3d fighter, plus the story and acting was terrible.

the_brady said...


A friend of mine and I watched the video, and he believes that some of the stuff you were saying had a message that the industry is too commercial. I didn’t notice this, but maybe you do think that. So now I am wondering, “Do you think the industry is too commercial?” And, “Do you believe what you were saying in the video had that message?”


Reale said...

best thing on gamespot is behind the games, good to see you make an appearance

Anonymous said...

School is for fools, Nah I'm kidding but it needs to be changed. It is pretty much a joke. If you want to be a teacher/doctor/game tester/ect you must spend 2 years taking courses which have nothing to do with the above which is sad when your paying 1,000's of dollars for stuff you don't want to learn or need to learn...But my dreams are to someday change that, which is a crazy goal but hey gotta set the bar high...

Kanye West for the win, Glow In the Dark Tour May 22nd In Det. Kanye always puts on the best shows.

Fuck by far is the greatest swear word ever. I'm so pissed that people look down on others who use swear words. There a way to express yourself and if you don't think that, go fuck yourself ;)

K, I'm Done...

Anonymous said...

Interesting Interview..I'm planning to go to college soon, but after watching this interview its made me question whether its the right thing for me. I would much rather find a way around it like you did, as I've never liked school or did really well at it, but I'm not sure if I would be as lucky as you. I could end up making a horrible decision, stuck in a dead-end job! You stated you try to face your fears to succeed, if i were to do the same I guess that would mean not bothering with college and facing the fear of trying to get somewhere in life with a high school education. If it actually works for me, it kinda sounds like taking the easy way rather than being courageous, but I suppose to get somewhere with just a high school education a lot of courage would be needed to get important people to listen to my ideas. Perhaps its both an easy way out and very courageous. Ugh I've thought about it enough for now, I neeed some sleep.

felman said...

Love the interview. I would major in Creative Writing but it's only available as a minor, so I'm getting into Poly Sci. I don't think I could ever make it in the gaming world. The only thing I have is story ideas. No computer skills whatsoever. I can barely use paint :_(

Anonymous said...

Awesome interview.
I didn't even need to guess what your favourite cuss is. It's exactly like someone asking Penn Jillette that same question.

I thought you just did film; had no idea you did creative writing. I'm something of a writer myself (prose, not script)...but that's not particularly relevant. In any case, I'm curious, did you have a lot of influence over the original God of War script? Cause I've noticed for a while that, while the gameplay is sill awesome, the writing is not nearly as good in the later games, especially Chains of Olympus (would the Narrator please shut up? Please!?)...which isn't to say it's bad, just not as believable and polished as the original.

As far as having people enjoy themselves with your work, don't worry about that. You did that for me with God of War, a friend of mine worships Twisted Metal (I never played it...not my kinda game, I'll be honest), and clearly plenty more people. And emotions? Well, the handling of the "big twist" in GoW is nigh perfect. Really. If any of my "big twists" are nearly as well delivered, I'll die a proud man.

Anyway, could you add me on PSN? I'm not an online gamer (unless with close friends or something...I think GTA will bring me online somewhat more), but trying to get a word in on a blog at you is somewhat fiddicult.

PSN: Jack_Vykios

Anyone else wanna add me, make sure you read that previous paragraph first.

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed that interview. Good choice on Jeanne D'Arc though I still need to finish it.

Anonymous said...

The part of your interview where you spoke about facing your fear struck a cord with me.

I'm not much of a toe in the water kind of guy, more like the dive right in type.

That's where I got my online handle from. When I first started online gaming I wouldn't hold back and play defensively, I would go on the hunt for the other team.
Sometimes I get my ass handed to me, but as I always say "I ain't scared". Once a team mate replied "NO FEAR", and the name stuck.

It's not about being wreckless or not seeing the consequenses, it's knowing there is a challenge to face, there is a chace of failure and you go out there and do it anyway because you see there is a chance of success and that is what you're focused on.

Thanks for that.

thetruthisdead said...

I KNEW your favorite word is "fuck" XD

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