Thursday, May 29, 2008

Diary of a Mad, Black Woman


ok, I have no idea why I used that title. I'm a Tyler Perry shoot me.


Out in Utah for full time meetings as these pics can attest:

These meetings focus mainly on scope of the game, budget, feature set, etc. It's basically us meeting with Sony to review where the project is at, not so much game design or production wise, but more from a financial standpoint.

It's so odd/funny/wrong to say 'us meeting with Sony'....we've know these people- and worked with them- for like 13 years. And for many of those years, Scott and/or myself were Sony employees. So it's more just kind of like old times, like nothing has really changed.

Good meetings, got alot done.

Then we went out and smoke and drank a bit:

There's me (with the cee-gar smoke), Scott Campbell, Allan Becker (head of Sony Santa Monica), and Tina Kowlaldekdkwkjdweidjwiejdijsosidski. She is the new head of external development for Sony Santa Monica. And she knows like EVERYONE in the freaking biz. I mean EVERYONE. Most connected person I know. She rocks.

She's actually got this amazing book she's been working on for years that has little sketches/drawings from all of the most successful and well know game designers in the biz...West AND East! It's pretty amazing to see little drawings from Kojima and Miyamoto in there, right next to each other! She should really publish that thing one day....anyway....

Good times.

Ok, still out in the Utah, gotta get in for a design meeting. Chat with you guys/gals later.


ps. took a pic of this cartoon from a book on the Disney World theme park ride builders that my brother had. It reminds me very much of the process of making a game and the process of scoping out a game, which we are going through right now (hell, that process never ends, you are always adjusting design, adding, cutting,etc). It's kinda blurry but here ya go:

Panel #1 says: Concept Phase
Panel #2 says: Feasibility
Panel #3 says: Reality
Panel #4 says: Descoping (which basically means, the reality of money and time has gotten in the way so go back to your 'amazing, brilliant' concepts and chop them up!)....hardest- but often times the most important and best- part of making a game. My experience says that 30-70% of what you are forced to cut for money ends up being stuff you needed to cut anyway, so you can get to the heart of your product. And we've cut on this game, but there's alot of meat left on the bone and we're working hard to make sure we don't cut anymore cause I think where we have it right now is the sweet spot. But as always, I know ya'll will let us know if we hit the bullseye when the game hits.

Ok, running late. See ya!


Anonymous said...

good stuff man, hope you get all the funding you need (and deserve!)

-rallyRAYS- said...

So the game is going to be done next week? right? ;)

Zodiak said...

haha, Dave looks like Hannibal, he loves it when a plan comes together =)

Anonymous said...

That's how all meetings should go!

"Ok, we beat our heads together, now let's go smoke and get drunk"

good times

Anonymous said...


I just read that Brett Ratner said he'd be interested in directing a GOD OF WAR movie adaptation!

David, this man gave us a stale Hannibal Lecter adaptation, a mediocre Rush Hour 3 and an abomination in the form of X-men 3. If you have the power to do so, don't let him near this project!

I know it would make a great popcorn flick, but this man doesn't know fun and subtility even if it bite him on the ass.


maartyrr said...

this will be the best on yet, i know it..kick ass and take names Dave

Unknown said...

Make the God of War movie 3G. Don't make it live action and change the voices of all the charactors. Those "live action" Halo 3 videos. There all 3g (really well done). Just... I don't want the God of War movie to change too much from the game. Ok, I had to get that off my chest.

Anonymous said...

Allan is a cool guy. Tina I don't know yet.

Anonymous said...

I know this is totally off topic but I just read a rumor that brett ratner might direct a god of war movie???!!! I mean JESUS-FUCKING-CHRIST nooooo that dumbass should not direct a GOW movie in fact he should not direct a movie at all please dave tell me that's not true PLEASEEE!!!

Anonymous said...

Woot! 'Port 'O Call' all the way!!!!

And who said you couldn't git drunk and smoke stoggies in Utah???


Miguel said...

Let that woman know that I'd hella buy a book with little drawings from Hideo in it.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Someone mentioned God of War movie? Twisted Metal movie for me please

Anonymous said...

Get yourself out to KOKO Kitchen on 300 East 700 South. BEST japanese in Utah. they serve beer and Sake too! The guys downstairs at Smartbomb go there all the time.

Anonymous said...

who doesn't love tyler perry?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things are going well. You and your cigar. Haha, that's funny man. Hope work on "the game" continues beautifully.


grasshopper said...

Any meeting ending in booze and cigars sounds like a good meeting :)

Anonymous said...

poo in a jar

Anonymous said...

Hello David

I didn't really read the blog as such, but just wanted to get something off my mind! lol

I have always loved the God of War Series, and would love that you be involved in God of War 3.

I have had my ps3 for 5 months now, and I downloaded Calling all cars tonight, after a lot of deliberation. When I first fired up the game, I was like what the fuck is this game, cartoony graphics etc. And now that I'm writing to you, I regret I didn't buy it earlier.

I have played the game for 3 hours tonight only, had 2 mates with me, I guess that's the downloadable game I've played the most in one day, even pixel junk monsters doesn't give you this instant gratification you get from bringing a hammer onto your friend's car, or dodging one missile... WOW :)

Just wanted to tell you my appreciation for your work. You are among my most loved game developers out there, along with hideo kojima, blizzard peeps, insomniac and naughty dog!

Hope you produce more downloadable games, or if you're secretly involved in God of War 3, I mean... whatever you do, it's gold dust!


Prince said...

It's cool that you're a Tyler Perry fan. I am as well. He has made crap too, but every director screws up. Anyways, I wanted to let you and fellow gamers on this board that G4 has decided to start showing their old programming again. I'm talking (with Laura Foy, Tina Wood, and Scott Rubin), the old X-Play, Blister, Filter, Icons (the one about game designers), and more are on the way if the fan response is good. Please support this, so that we might be able to see The Screen Savers again! Just visit:

Show some support and we CAN bring the current G4 back to its former glory!

Unknown said...

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