Monday, June 02, 2008

Follow your bliss...


Anonymous said...

"Look for me online"

whats your gamertag? lol you probably don't add random people but mines Murderdolls =)

Take it easy jaffe

Anonymous said...

what system did you get quake wars for?

David Jaffe said...

Got it for 360...didn't even realize it was out for PS3 till I saw it in Blockbuster last nite.

grasshopper said...

Dude if you see me on GTA4 later hit me up with a invite! I still haven't tried all the multiplayer modes yet

Kinda curious to hear what you think of No More Heroes I was kinda on the fence on getting that one

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reply. Im sure you get a lot of request for friends, but if you feel like adding me my GT is Alias03 (360/PS3). (I post on neogaf)

Zodiak said...

I actually loved Rambo!! I thought it was gonna be craptactular but the amount of blood and violence made the movie for me. One guy, with the sniper rifle, shoots the enemy in the head thus causing his head to split into 2 and blood splatters everywhere as his body helplessly collapses 5 feet into the jungle.

Hey Dave, what murder said, if ya don't add random people its cool, but my gamertag is DaargothX and I hope to run you over with my car in multiplayer GTA lol.

PM said...

On the Michigan , Florida topic. The Hillary supporters want to count the vote the was it is because she won big, so they want the easy wins. Yes its stupid, but somehow they have tricked themselves into believing that it would be fair. The reason they wont to a re-vote is because a state wide primary vote like that costs millions of dollars to organize. and the states don't wanna pay for it, and nether dose the democratic party, so it didn't happen.

Brice Gilbert said...

I've always had this idea of opening a store for games exactly like the GAF post. It's just a really fun idea. Open a store with comics, games, movies etc. A place where geeks can come in. In pretty much every town i've ever been in the stores that do sell games have just been crappy.

CMM1215 said...

I'm so excited that you picked up No More Heroes. It's got a bit of an obtuse, crusty design in places, but I think that's what makes it so special.

Perhaps you'll tell us a bit of what you think about it? =)

Additionally..I totally agree with you on your discussion about cyncism. Man. I find message-boards to be some of the most undesirable places on the internet because it seems that they become incredibly deep pits of negativity. And least in my mind, especially when it comes to games and the people that work so hard on them, it's really a bummer to me when I see people seemingly going out of their way to complain or otherwise be negative about that product, especially without even playing it first.

But anyway, this is getting a bit long. Take care of yourself, and I hope that the family is happy and healthy. =)

Anonymous said...

desperate times, desperate measures

Anonymous said...

GTA online can be a blast with friends. Cops and Crooks I liked the best so far...hell With my clan we can just tool around in the lobby for an hour doing random stuff like choppers under the bridge or syncronised jumping off the empire like building. RPG's in a dumbster and trying for the best distance.

So glad to get my PS3 back :)

Unknown said...

No More Heroes was a great game. The fighting is freakin' awesome! It brought me back to the old 64 games that I grew up with.

Rex said...

I also went to see Indiana Jones for a second time sunday night. The first time was on the premiere which actually happend 3 days before the USA release, since I live in puerto rico... movies start earlier..WEIRD I know. For an example, I got 2 tickets to see Kung Fu Panda tomorrow at the premiere, thanks to my job's web promotion department (where I do websites, animated ads and web games) I get tickets for free.

My second viewing of Indiana JOnes... actaully gave me a headache, I didn't enjoy it... maybe because I went alone and the room was full of people that probably never heard of Indiana Jones before and where LOL at non sense, not to mention talking on their mobile phones or jsut being rude. But besides that, I still think the movie is not that bad, is jsut different... a movie that tried to please an audience that wasnt even born when the trilogy came out and also at the same time to please some eager indiana jones starvng fans from 19 years. Its a mix bag, but still eventhou aint that powerful its still good. But my friend has another point of view regarding the movie he even commented on my blog and mentioned this:

"Secharian Zitching, Earth Chronicles, 12th planet, Lost Book of Enki (yes i have read them and im not in a mental hospital)...etc etc crystal skull not an original story telling with alot of blank spaces and unreal nuclear bullshit...i didnt liked the movie..sorry my friend."

Which makes total sense... but it made me find more about Secharian Zitching whom Lucas and Spielberg seem to adore.. hence Close Encounters.. Star Wars.. E.T., and other extraterrestial beings movies.

Its crazy how they tried to mix that with Indy.

People complained about the vines and tarzan type swinging... but fuck we see that in PITFALL and that game can be easly related to Indiana Jones. Maybe a tribute? Its an action adventure movie... like RAMBO they just took it (the violence but in this case the action adventure) to another exaggerated level.

I did got bothered of how the realtionship with Marian came to be out of nowhere it seemed forced to me but oh well. I still appreciate the movie.

Jaffe, yeah, I am a Sex and the city hater, I was telling my a psychotic fan point of view that what Indiana Jones is for the retro geeks, Sex and the city is for the whores (figuratively speaking). Like she said... they are whores, but she loved the movie (she is a fan thou, happy for her)... so I decided to see it myself.. even thou I hate the series (I gave her the box set last year, pretty masochist of myself), I will just see it to see what its all about, and give it a right judgement. Maybe I dont hate the series.. maybe I hate Sarah Jessica Parker... saw her in Smart People along with Ellen Page... and fucking hated her character... which seemed pulled straight out of the sex and the city series. I dont know, many interesting movies coming out that need to see... overall a good summer loaded with great movies.

About Hillary and Obama... HIllary won over here. Fuck that. Politics here suck. By the way a guy from a near town here just shot himself on the head couple hours ago on TV, police were in teh area but some fucker instead of using a taser gun shot him with a rubber bullet, making the schizo guy go berserk, shoot at the air twice then the third shot to his head.... I was working when I saw it. Police was blamed for the situation... which was out of control for more than 3 hours. Pretty brutal.

GrYnder McDuff! said...
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GrYnder McDuff! said...

I'd imagine you play GTAIV on PS3, because if you had a choice, It'd make sense that you would pick the platform which you are affiliated with.

But if you DO happen to play GTAIV on 360, I'd love to ride shotgun and Mac 10 some Crooks while you drive around like a maniac tryin' to mow down pedestrians- TM style!
Then again, if you still don't approve of the funky driving system, you could always let me get behind the wheel and (attempt to) wreak havoc :D


Joel said...

hey jaffe... DO you add people off your blog? that is something i would like to know..

..i imagine you would just end up with way too many people... although it would be pretty sweet to have you on my list, since it always says what your online friends are currently playing.

anyways, about your videoblog, i partially disagree with you about the "follow your dreams" thing.. and, its not because i think everyone needs to work boring office jobs either..

..its just some people have really unrealistic dreams. wanting to be an actor, and imagining yourself making it big like Brad Pitt or something, thats like.. wanting to win the lottery for a career. you know? its just not an intelligent career choice to expect that.

if you are WILLING to take the risk, and are comfortable with the idea of BARELY getting by as a wannabe actor, on your attempt to get to that point, thats a whole different story, but you have to at least understand the risks, and be comfortable with where you will most likely end up, or else you're probably going to be very disappointed with your life.

starting your own business/store can be REALLY difficult, and although i never saw the thread, i do think it was probably for the best that everyone didn't just say "go do it!" without even warning him of the huge problems possible.

but then again, i wouldn't tell him you MUST not do it.. i mean, in the other sense, you really do have to follow your heart, but just do it within reason.

thats my take, anyways.

Irondog666 said...

I just got to say man that I totally feel what you just said in this post about "Follow Your Bliss" makes me think of a few quotes "Embrace your dreams...and follow your honor" or if you like better "Embrace your dreams...and follow your SOLDIER honor". Oh and another one from Disturbed's old bassist "people bitch about their jobs but they have a dream, its like quit your job and go do your dream, you get fired or quit so what you have 1 life you get 1 dream try to make it happen, don't devote all your time and energy into doing something you don't want to do."

Been playing a lot of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PSP which is the prequel to FFVII for PS1 and it was an amazing story almost enjoyed watching it more than playing it so if you like Final Fantasy you should play it its really moving and I will admit it made me cry in a few parts.

Yeah its really sad that people on a forum would be so cynical and so negative toward someone who wanted to pursue their dream. My dreams I am still trying to figure out but anything I say I want to do people just say "your crazy your never gonna do that" its like "hell its better than Mickey Ds" but I want to either open a multimedia store that sells games, movies and everything new and used or go to school for game design. I had people at ITT Tech up here in Michigan in Canton by where I live tell me "you know your gonna throw your money away thinking your gonna become a game designer its extremely competitive and its hard to land a job" and these were college counselors and my college representative.

I never went to ITT because they dropped my program before I started so I am waiting it out and looking at other schools to go to. Its just like you say man you got to follow your dreams cause what else is there? Working at McDonalds flipping burgers and doing nothing with your life is the alternative then following your dreams. I feel bad for the guy but thats forums and most people in life. They don't believe you can succeed big time and those people usually do crap ass jobs they hate but they try to tell you you can't do better than what they are doing. As far as the Michigan and Florida thing its because Michigan doesn't have the money to hold a revote nor does Florida. Hell they raised the state tax on us up here just recently cause of budget issues in Lansing.

Michigan sucks and its falling apart, we have one of the worst economies out there and everyone is getting laid off. I work in a shit hole fast food joint so my job is secure but it pays shitty, but it is fun if I had millions I would work there a few times a week and have no worries. Anyways I am gonna play God of War: Chains of Olympus I just beat Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core (amazing game if you like good stories and action rpgs) I just got a PSP last week and just bought God of War: Chains of Olympus yesterday haven't even played it cause of being so busy with Crisis Core. Huge God of War fan even if you didn' have much to do with Chains of Olympus. I played the first one when it first came out and loved it and want to play 2 eventually.

Anonymous said...

"The War of Art" is a book that I really, really want to read. It is the book that is on top of my ToRead list. David Jaffee expresss this in video form absolutely perfectly with regards to games.

felman said...

In response to your question about the revote, the reason they didn't do it was because it was just too expensive. The DNC felt like it would be better just count the votes as is. I think things were done fairly, HRC got a majority of the delegates but I'm an Obama supporter so what do I know?

What I don't get is how HRC supporters threaten to go to John McCain, I mean Hillary and Obama are so similar in terms of policy and what direction the country should go in, you'd think that if their best choice didn't pan out, they'd go with the next best guy. I was the same way, I wanted Ron Paul, love personal liberties and the constitution, he didn't win so I'm going with Obama who used to be a constitution professor back when he worked in College.

If you feel like playing a game, be sure to look me up. I'll be getting MGS4 soon.

PSNID: Felman

Anonymous said...

Yeah I hate negative people who do that shit on forums. I actually deleted accounts on IMDB and Rate Your Music because I was like, "God these people are ridiculous." I know what I want to do, and I'm not going to stop until I get there.

That's good you liked Indy more the second time, but I wouldn't compare it to Episode I. No matter how many times I see that, I'm extremely bored by it except for Darth Maul. Episode II was better, but was still lacking. I thought Episode III was freaking awesome. Even though Hayden Christensen is meh, Ewan Mcgregor was good and Ian Mcdiarmid kicked ass as the Emperor. It was much more emotional, and I think it brought Star Wars back to respectability.

Hate to say it, I like Sex and The City (the show), have yet to see the movie, but I'm sure I will at some point. I just like the characters, what can I say?

I thought Rambo was ridiculous. The action was cool, but lord Stallone really over acted. I know this is not an Oscar winning film or anything but some of the lines were just a little ridiculous. Good action though, I agree. They don't make films like that anymore.

"Live for everything, or die for nothing!" (words to that effect).

I don't know who I'm voting for, really. Obama and McCain seem like straight up guys who know what they're doing. Hell, anyone's better than Bush, right? Bush is the type of guy you'd like to go to a ball game with, not the type of guy who should run a country.


David Jaffe said...

Joel-that's kind of the problem.

For someone who wants to ACT, the dream should be to be a working ACTOR. There is a HUGE difference between being an ACTOR who make a living practicing the craft of acting and being rich and famous.

Being rich and famous is a symptom of a career in many is not the career itself.

So for someone who wants to BE Brad Pitt, I don't look at that as a goal worthy of a person. It's a sad goal. There is already a Brad Pitt.

But if a person feels alive and fantastic and fulfilled when they perform/entertain, I would highly suggest pursuing that as a career, as long as- as you said- that person goes in knowing the challenges that lie ahead.

But the reality is, even if that person never goes beyond being a regular in community theater, they are still doing what they love even if they have a job that they must do (full time or part time) to allow them to do what they love. And as long as they do what they love- and put the work in and take the risks- my experience says that they could turn that into a real career.

Being Brad Pitt tho, is a different thing and I think it's where alot of folks get mixed up. They look at the end result of another person's life and use that as the definition of the career. The career is the work itself...not the end result.


Anonymous said...


I see what you are saying about cynicism and negativity, but I think people were just telling that guy like it is. If you are going into a high risk business, you better know what you are doing. Game stores do not make much money and being 100K in debt when you are 19 will mean that you are in deep debt the rest of your life. He would be better off trying to find a business that had a smaller risk then a video game store which depends on used game sales to stay afloat. I think people should follow their dreams, but I also think they shouldn't do it when the reality does not match up.

As far as why there is no new vote, money is the big reason. It costs millions of dollars to hold elections. The money can be better spent on something else rather then doing a new vote for an election that was decided long ago.

DBVII said...


Do you think people have a need to play online with people they admire?
You mention buying a certain game, and your comment section gets flooded with people trolling for your username and to "add them". Would having you on their friends list make them feel validated? Like they "are somebody" because they have you on their list?

It's just odd to me, I guess.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I just think it'd be badass to play with someone significant in the industry- TM2 was my first PSX game, and since then I've been hooked on the series.

He's the only person in the industry I really follow (Blog wise), and it would be pretty cool to play a game with the guy that, because of TM2, sort of molded the future of my gaming experiences.

I dunno if that's exactly how I want to say what I want to say, but I have to hurry up here 'cause I need to get to work o___O

erico316 said...

with they should have had a revote but i sure as hell didnt want what obama wanted i felt that was dumd 2 .1/2 vote sounded like the slave vote from the since the candate i wanted lose i now have to go into obama and mc cain p,lans to see which had the better war plan and the better health care plan.hillary gave us new yorker a get health care plan i was hoping she would be able to spead it across the nation but for now i have to do reseach on obama and mc cain plans the war in iraq and health care being the 2 main thing.jeffe can i ask do u know either one of their plans? and can u take some time to explain them for me?

David Doel said...

Completely agree with you Jaffe. People need to go for what they enjoy doing. I can't imagine having to just 'settle' without even taking a valid shot at doing something I love.

I truly don't understand parents that try and push their kids into a particular role. I get that they want them to be successful, but wouldn't you want your kids to enjoy their lives to the fullest? Even if they fail at getting to the place they want, at least they gave it a shot, have no regrets, and learned a lot from the entire experience.

I'm lucky to have parents that support me in whatever I chose to do, no matter how many times I've changed my mind. It took me a college diploma in the wrong program to really figure out what I want to get into. Even though I could look back on those years as a waste, it wasn't, because I never would have figured out where I really belong without experiencing it.

Nathan Herzog said...

It sucks to hear such negativity, I would tell the guy to go for it, I would rather shop at the local guy that loves games than the shitty Gamestop.

I followed my dreams and now I help create AAA video games! How cool is that.?! I had the full support of everyone including my parents, they fully supported me and helped pay for college even though they didn't have much.

Add me if you get a chance (Natepig) I'm on my PS3 quite a bit and always ready for some multiplayer fun.

Eduardo Rebou├žas said...

I'm with you about what you talked about in the beginning of the video... if you don't follow what you want to do, nobody will do it for you!

As for gaming, my 360 died recently, right when I was getting into GTA. Shucks.

Anonymous said...

Tell us what new stuff u're going to add in twisted metal.

LIsten i'm just visiting ur website because i want to know about twisted metal not about ure life.

I prefer David jaffe a game designer rather than

David jaffe a person!!!

by Roger

Unknown said...

I think you hinted on something in a past Vblog about the courage people seem to gain from the anonymity they find in online forums. People seem to take that time to be as mean and evil as they can be since in reality they're simply to passive or scared to do so. I've gotten to the point that I completely avoid forums of any kind and I almost never bother to read the comments in a vast majority of online sources. All because it seems to attract and enable the most ignorant ideas and it's not worth sifting through such negativity in order to find one or two worth while posts.

AS far as the Michigan & Florida primary question. I live in Michigan, and despite Michigan being a blue state our wonderful Democrat governor (Read: running the state into the ground) basically ignored partied rules and held the Michigan primary early. It was supposed to be a caucus, but those rules weren't followed and it was downgraded to a primary. In protest a majority of the Democratic nominees - including Obama - boycotted the primary. Clinton did not, and ill informed voters voted for Clinton so state would stay blue. If votes had voted Democratic Undecided the state would have been declared blue, and we likely wouldn't be having this conversation

Party rules and a state that's absolutely broke is why there isn't a re-vote. As much as a re-vote makes sense to most people it sets a horrible precedent and would cost millions that a state like Michigan simply just does not have.

Personally I just say get rid of the electoral college all together and let the actual voters speak for themselves instead of the delegates voting in the direction they were most "funded towards."r

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree about the following your path message.

One it comes to your political views, I respect them, but also disagree. Do I believe this war is unjustified? Yes. Do I believe that the democrats have the right position on the Iraq war in general? Yes. But I also disagree that the democrats will do much about it. As we saw, democrats took over congress with all these promises, then they kissed Bushes ass and went along and did the typical political move.

Also, I don't like Clinton, Obama, or McCain. Obama is known for having the most liberal voting record in congress. Now, he is all about BIG government. He may talk and act like he isn't, but if you take a look at his voting record, then you'd see he is not the right candidate. If you love something called the constitution, he'd be your enemy.

Obama wants to take our civil liberties away. Gun rights? Who needs 'em. It's not like criminal won't get the guns illegally, right? *rolls eyes* The only people who will be left suffering is the citizens who follow the law and would like to know that they have protection.

I know Obama's message and speeches are very uplifting, but you have to really look at the man beyond the facade.

It's a shame that Ron Paul didn't have a chance. He served his country and held up the constitution the entire way. Now we're stuck with 3 normal politicans.

Obama is for change, socialism. You can't take care of yourself or your kids, so the government is going to take care of you.

mathai said...

dude soo right about cynical negativity, multiply it by an eternity when it comes to mass conformists in india... i took a shitload on my back when I wanted to be game programmer (inexistant in india though)... now im happy writing animation code on a PS3 for Alone in the dark

Unknown said...

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