Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Man, how I love this damn movie!

Just got back from Blockbuster with the remastered Indy flix. This is the third time I've bought them all and I am sure I will buy all three again when Blu Ray hits. Don't care. I'm that much of an Indy freak!

So now I sit, working away on the game while Indy keeps me company in the background!

Sweet! Boulder scene is starting- later ya'll!



Anonymous said...

do you know if your presnting anything at E3?

thats a nice tv you have there.

so about how many Indy dvd do u have?

Anonymous said...

Yah one of the TV/Movie channels was showin all 3 flicks I think last week. I watched the first one but missed the other 2.

Anonymous said...

HAHA. Have fun Dave. BTW is there any chance you could maybe get Sony to add some Twisted Metal icons for users to choose from for their PSN accounts.

I would love having some to use.

Anonymous said...

Hey David. I was curious about the game industry and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions? You got email?


Anonymous said...

You know, I really think you should join Naughty Dog and use the Kingdom of The Crystal Skull license to make some amazing Indy-adventure game (not another licensed crap)! :)

Unknown said...

what if you made an Indy themed level in your game?

Anonymous said...

be sure and pick up the lego indiana jones game. They just released a PC demo(it's available on file front and a couple other sites). The demo will probably hit XBL and PSN soon. It's great fun.

Eduardo Rebou├žas said...

I love that movie as well. And I have you beat at nerdiness - I own both the DVD AND the VHS trilogy set. For the VHS set, I got both the official one from Paramount and recordings from when the movies were aired on regular TV.


Nikkoa said...

New Indiana Jones movie is dreadful


"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" movie predictable, lacking in tension, and a fan's worst nightmare"

I hope its not true :(

da criminal said...

Yeah- since I saw Speed Racer- that has like a 32% fresh rating on Rotten T, and I LOVED it, I really don't care anymore about reviews. I had no problem hating the last 3 Star Wars flix even tho I LOVE Star Wars and I will have NO PROBLEM hating this new Indy Flick if it does suck. But my expectations are low these days for most products (games,movies,music) including this one...I am THRILLED to see it cause it's Indy! But not expecting all that much. I mean, things change, you know? It could just be that Favreau's the current keeper of the mojo these days. And in time, that will change as well. All that said...Indy in one week!!!! :) :) :)

Unknown said...

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