Tuesday, June 03, 2008

VBlog: Adjusted Vblog Post (earlier post adjusted)

NOTE: The links and videos in this post- besides my youtube video- are CRAZY NOT SAFE FOR WORK and ARE NOT FOR KIDS/CHILDREN or ANYONE under 18!!!! DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE A KID or if you are EASILY OFFENDED by stuff of a sexual nature....

Click here for more Death Race Pics!


DO NOT CLICK PLAY IF YOU ARE UNDER 18 OR EASILY OFFENDED...or hell, even semi-easily OFFENDED...this is PORN, ok?!?! IT'S PORN!!! DO NOT SAY I DID NOT WARN YOU!!!! But it IS some funny shit!!!

So if you WANNA SEE IT...CLICK ME!!!

Nasty, eh?

And finally: The teaser for the Kevin Smith flick....again: NOT SAFE FOR WORK and NOT SAFE FOR ANYONE UNDER 18!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


Unknown said...

That was fucking disgusting... I didn't see that one coming at all that guy's week was probably shot


Anyways I've never heard of deathrace but it looks awesome I'm totally gonna keep tabs on it

Gonna watch this kevin smith clip its taking forever to load though

take it easy.

Eduardo Rebou├žas said...

About Itagaki, maybe he can come work with you at ESP?

Just kidding! It would be one hell of a combo, make a super violent kill fest of a game, maybe? Samurai Goddess? :P

PM said...

about the campaign. as far as i know it was basically all about the money that held back the re-vote. States always run on tight budgets so they didn't have extra money to hold a new vote. Obama and Hillary both have tons of campaign money, but imagine how it would look if Hillary funded a re-vote and won in a landslide. Same would go for a private donor, if a Hillary supporter funded it, there could be questions about its integrity. And the democratic party itself , from what i have heard, is also run very tight.
Sounds silly but politics is like walking a tight rope.

death race pics look kinda cool

porn vid: pretty funny how the guy kept his composure long enough to say cut and finish the "shot".

Anonymous said...


quit it. seriously.

grasshopper said...
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Anonymous said...

Death Race also has the look a like fell of Full Auto, who doent love drive and blowing things up :)

am im still wateing on the Spy Hunter movie along with Alice :P

Anonymous said...

Hmm...Well, I don't know how to say this Mr. Jaffe, so I'll just be blunt. I recently did a write up about the whole Itagaki/tecmo affair and QoL in game development. Anyway, I'd like for you to check it out if you want. I'm not trying to do a shameless plug, but I don't see a place where I can just privately message you so this is about as good as it gets.
The link is attached to my Name if your interested.
If your like WTF kid, no stop it, this is not a billboard, then it won't happen again.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Ahh. I loved that video. Brilliant stuff, right there. Brilliant stuff. Sent it to all my friends.

As for soundtracks, dude...that's my forte. I love them, and nothing - and I mean NOTHING - is better than the stuff John Powell (a composer who shares a name with my uncle AND is from the same country. What're the odds? Pretty good, apparently) did for the Bourne movies.
I listen to it when I'm working (usually while writing my book...which is related to the thing you said in your last post), and it can just get me pumped.

American Beauty's always good for something slower paced.
The full Halo 3 soundtrack is also awesome, and I really cannot stand Halo.
Same goes for Mass Effect's soundtrack - the last third of the tunes there are brilliant. From "vigil" right down to "M4 Part 2" or whatever it's called.
Fight Club is also very good, as are the soundtracks for Alias that are available on iTunes...
Batman Begins is also quite good in places, although I can never find a good track because their names aren't memorable at all...unless you love Latin...
Dude, I could just go on and on.

But yeah; check that stuff out.

I'm really not understanding the American Democratic Primaries stuff anymore. Every time I grasp it, something new comes up and screws with my head.
All I know is that Obama is obviously going to win...but I really don't know about the actual election.
I would like to see a non-republican in the white house, though.

Well, whatever.

PS - Argh! I just watched your last Vlog, and it was torture you saying "if you see me online..." 'cause I don't have your PSN! Argh!
Add me, man!

Anonymous said...

Hmm, when I try to view the YouTube video, it comes up with an error saying the video isn't available. Strange.

Anyway, I watched the other two. I laughed :D

Michael Jarvis said...

Ya video isnt available anymore....

Dan Allison said...

I'm calling shenanigans on that pr0n clip.

Faker than that chicks boobs.

Poeticus said...

David, is it unrealistic to expect the game announcement at E3?

Anonymous said...

Damn Jaffe, where the hell did you hear about that porn thing? That was funny, but extremely messed up. Wow, man- indescribable.

The new Kevin Smith movie looks good. Love Clerks., and Chasing Amy. You can't really go wrong with Seth Rogen.

Announce it in the coming year?!?! I want it now! Haha, understandable. I'm actually bidding for a PS3 on E-bay right now (really wanting Warhawk since it's from your boys at Incognito). Hopefully I'll win. I am desperately wanting "the game". Cool stuff today, thanks. I guess it'll be something to look forward to next summer or whenever it comes out. Of course, greatness cannot be rushed.

Never really heard of Death Race, I liked it when you said, "Put cars on guns," I do that a lot too, flip flop words around.

That poor camera man! That's why when I'm in the film industry, I'm not going to be doing porn.


erico316 said...
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erico316 said...

david what your opinion on the qore thing?If u havent heard about it here the link.


also add me when u get some time erico316ecw this is both my xbox live gamer tag and my psn so add me when u can.

Anonymous said...

i see that u like porn XD

Bozzley said...

"We're not claiming credit for putting cars on guns"

There's your next game idea right there, Dave :0)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you got to see Rambo and guess what I'm back this time I'm better than ever.

Anonymous said...

I MIGHT see Death Race but due to it being a Paul W.S. flick, I am tentative.

But hey, Jason Statham blowing shit up in souped up junker TM-esque cars sounds intriguing enough.

-rallyRAYS- said...

LOL... oh god... that was hilarious... i can't stop laughing... lol...

Well, it just goes to show you.

No matter how difficult your job is, at least we don't have to worry about unexpectedly getting a face full of man-yougurt!

Joel said...


so, now my dreams of being a porn photographer are shot as well!


well.. maybe i could just film lesbian scenes! LOL..

anyways, haha, i noticed you put up a link for THE HULK on your blog.. and thats the action movie that i PERSONALLY am most looking forward to.

i think edward norton is a perfect choice. such a great actor.

Anonymous said...

Dude will deathrace come on twisted metal.
Can't wait for twisted metal game!!

Can't wait for prnce of persia movie.