Saturday, September 13, 2008

LIVE WEBCAST TEST- one more time :)


SWEET! Worked great!!!

All I gotta do now is figure out how to get another vid signal in from someone else's web cam so I can do chats with someone else and we're in biz....will post in the next few days about the first official webcast! Thanks for the help ya'll!



Need to hook up a mic- gonna be 9pm pacific time, fyi


Bear with me, this may be another clusterfuck but I think this time it's gonna work a hell of a lot better than last time :)

Will be on live in about 10 minutes to test (it's 8:15pm pacific time on Saturday nite right now):

Watch live video from davidjaffe's channel on


erico316 said...

jaffe i heard a rumor that u have confirm that twisted metal 4 is indeed coming to the ps3 during your live webcast is that true?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if he did that or not but Twisted Metal 4 was developed for the Playstation 1.

David Jaffe said...

No- I have never confirmed ANYTHING about our new game.

Sony will be the ones who announce it, not me.

Sorry :(


Anonymous said...

Jaffe I never followed closely on your development projects but you were at the helm of both Twisted Metal and God of War correct?

If so are you currently working on GOW? Or is your new company doing something else?

I know you aren't allowed to talk about it I just want to know who's taking care of GOW if your company is developing a "mystery" game.

Hopefully you give me a little insight. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to ask... are you going to give us a warning before you do a live chat with us?

erico316 said...

thanks jaffe for responding to me

@murderdolls jaffe isnt doing gow3 it one of sony first party but i believe he already had it written out so i think they going his story line.also the team that work on god of war 1 and 2 are the one making 3.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe- Wasn't it confirmed in Twisted Metal: Head On- Extra Twisted Edition that a new Twisted Metal game for the PS3 was coming? It was some sort of secret you had to unlock in the game. I was originally told this by one of the testers who were testing your game at the SD location, as I was on Chains of Olympus at the time(sub par GoW game btw, compared to the other two at least!). They also said you guys were taking suggestions for a next-gen twisted metal game in some sort of survey, and that the whole point of Extra Twisted edition was to raise money for the new game. Also I think I remember reading on IGN after the Extra Twisted edition released about the secret unlockable that confirms a next gen Twisted Metal as well.

Point being is everyone knows its coming as you've pretty much announced it in your last game. Its become public information. So why beat around the bush?

David Jaffe said...

Tim, TMHO was NOT about raising money for a new TM. What is this, a bake sale?!?! :)

But not, none of that is factual.

As for beating around the bush, all I can say is what I have said. I am contractually obligated to say NOTHING about our next title as it's a Sony game and they will announce it when they want.

Sorry- would love to talk about now!