Wednesday, September 17, 2008



Regarding the recently reported GOD OF WAR lawsuit:

I am not able to discuss any aspect of the lawsuit. Press can direct questions to Sony PR.

I'm sure you guys/gals understand.




Kinda long and rambly...sorry bout that, mind is focused on map design right now :)


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JianJLyman said...

Bro whats up with them messing with you about god of war? Like a law suit or something i read it on joystiq.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, you being sued.

Sigh, sue happy people.

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erico316 said...

i wish u the best of luck with the god of war suit i know you and sony will come out on top.

Anonymous said...

Uhhh ithink bridges going over bottomless chasms has been done before.

I don't think Sony should maintain that Greek Mythology is in the public domain, though. Lol, what the hell does that mean?

David you should put your money where your mouth is and stop buying games you don'tlike. If you know they aren't so good then why are you financially supporting them so that more are created? Because you want to help flood the market with trash? Well okay but I feel the best racers were made a long time ago. I enjoyed Road Rash and from what I saw of the driving in Grand Theft Auto Vice City -- you can make your own races in thatone if you want -- or people racing in capture the flag in Quake 3, or okay you can't race in that game, but one time I pretended to give someone a blowjob in that game on DM17 by bending the character model down and shaking the mouse around so the model jerked her head around a bit. Anyway, look at this video of Hang-On from 1985: How can it get better than that? And when you watch it on a CRT monitor it looks more real than on LCD. I think one of the exciting effects of older racing games, and older 3D games in general (not counting unfun games like I Robot or Battle Zone) is that the sprites are flying toward the screen at a fast rate. I really love Night Striker, Space Harrier and Power Drift. But they're kind of the same engine, using the same CPUs and soundchips, but you look at videos of Power Drift and it's a lot more exciting than even the first Wipeout was (or if XL was the peak in that series,... then) anyway, you might know what I mean. John Carmack does, because why would he actually be emotionally excited about making those Orc & Elves gams that use sprites? He knows that system can do polygons and he could even construct an engine that rivals Metroid DS, but he didn't. He knows it's exciting to move sprites in diferent ways. I guess it oculd be like art film lovers in the 60s nad 70s sticking with black and white to make films but you could do a flying racing game like NIght Striker but then like Power Drift or Pole Position, or the scene in Back to the Future II when they're flying in the sky in traffic. Why not make a racing game where there's traffic? Well it could then be like Crazy Taxi. But was that game any fun? If it was so fun why did Yu Suzuki feel compelled to remind people of the first Hang-On inside Shen Mue which was released for the same system at about the same time?

Anonymous said...

Didn't watch it yet but the first guy posted Twisted Metal confirmed! I hope to watch it later but i gotta go.

Anonymous said...

Need for Speed: Most Wanted looked good. Dave Halverson liked it and I liked what I saw in videos on Youtube. I don't know why I didn't buy.I bought two copies of God of War 1 and then like 25 other games and i never even play that system and yet now I want Need for Speed Most Wanted.

Anonymous said...

Wait maybe that wasn't Dave Halverson. I'm sorry I'm not always in the right frame of mind as everyone knows.

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Unknown said...

Why the hell are you getting sued? Its on Kotaku also

Anonymous said...

The reason why Hang-On is so exciting is because you're on a motorcycle and if you crash at those speeds you'll die. But if you were racing in the same game with a car sprite you would be a lot more likely to live.

William T. K. said...

if i sent you my copy of God of War to you
would you sign it and send it back?
i want to work in the game biz, and if i met you at a game convention or something like that it would be so cool i i could say;
"hello im the norwegian guy you sent a singed God of war cover to"

erico316 said...

o jaffe since this post is taking about tv shows i also like hill from eps 1 only one i had time to do you like prison break,Sarah conor ,or house

Anonymous said...

If Jaffe is getting sued,you know he can't talk about it. The lawsuit doesn't have a leg to stand on.

Michael Jarvis said...

First off, surprised about that law suit thing, would love to hear your opinions on that (jaffe).

Secondly, re Indy 4. I dunno man, I quite liked the flick. I think the only real part I minded was Shia swinging on vines, that was too ridiculous even for me, but the 'nuke the fridge' bit was pretty hilarious I thought, especially when you see Indy's classic expression as he gets out.

I also think it is true what a lot of people say that the originals were just as extraordinary as this one. You're trying to say that Indy would never survive a nuke in a fridge, YET some slave survives (until he is burned) having his heart ripped out of his chest..

Or perhaps the thousand year old knight was more believable for you?

Or drinking out of the wrong goblet ages you at incredible speeds, thus killing you.

Or the grail actually existing! (though if anyone is religious than maybe you believe in this? Which is your right)

Or the Arc in the first movie existing..

Man I could keep going, but my point is there were ridiculous circumstances in every Indy movie that you really just have to roll with I think.

I can empathize with your frustration, but it feels like a lot of people over hyped the movie for themselves and/or wanted it to be more than what it was, which is a film in where Indiana Jones deals with extraordinary events and survives! :P

Don't get me wrong, as I said previously there were bits I didn't particularly like either, the gophers, the vine swinging, the 'I'm a traitor, now I'm a double agent, but really I was a traitor, now I'm dead' bit with his "best friend"', or even the whole telepathy thing, BUT I took it all in stride, and for me it was a great roller coaster ride.

Unknown said...

I sort of feel how you do about racing games. Although I absolutely enjoy Paradise (Bikes tomorrow!).

Aren't you a wipeout fan though? You most likely will be looking forward to that game then. Comes out in what? 2 weeks or so. :)

Anonymous said...

Don't even say ur not making a twisted metal for ps3. if you type in 'twisted metal ps3' on Google, you'll see for yourself

Anonymous said...

About Eat Sleep Play. Is the team big enough to make a full-blown retail game? I ask this because it's a fact that I'm the biggest Twisted Metal fan in the world and I really, really want the new Twisted Metal to take full and complete advantage of the PS3 hardware. Kinda like what Twisted Metal Black did for PS2 back then. Gorgeous graphics, lots of different vehicles to choose from, 60 frames per second, etc.

And I'm pretty sure you already know this David but this is just a reminder. No Sweet Tooth = Epic fail.

Alastor Mused said...

David, You kinda answered your own question. We are your guests. If we don't like it we can leave and come back later, no one's forcing us to watch or listen to you. Conversely it's not fair to ban or limit yourself from speaking political if some of the fans enjoy it. It's kinda a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" deal. Either way it's interesting so speak what you want. You don't need to baby us :) hehe.

A lot of people are concerned about the lawsuit. It looks ridiculous. I need to brush up on my law but I'm pretty sure David can't comment on it. Either way I don't see SCEA losing the case. Good Luck!

Racing games seem pretty fine to me....

David Jaffe said...

Again- all those Indy parts were tied into the mythology of the story and the mythology of things that already exist in history or there is a strong element of believability for many people that come from that. And also, those elements are supposed to be supernatural...the story treats them as supernatural events. This is why few people bitch about the Russian enemy having telepathic accept it as part of Indy's semi-real world and it's presented as something out of the ordinary, like the Grail and the Ark.

But the fridge and the vines take everyday characters and imbue them with super heroic abilities JUST FOR THAT ONE MOMENT IN TIME and then take them away...there is a big difference.

And I did not overhype the film. I never do that. I was expecting to even enjoy a bad movie as long as Indy was in it. And I GOT just that. Saw it 5 times! But to me, there is no denying it was a bad movie.

Unknown said...

pixeljunk eden has no weapons.
echochrome has no weapons.
loco roco has no weapons.

so you're not doing sequels to those games. :D

Gothdom said...


I'm just popping in to say "great blog".

Don't care what people like or not, "Raw" Jaffe is awesome. Speak your mind up.

On the Jaffe being sued thing, I think he can't talk about it until it's over. Not sure.

Oh, and Dave, you seem to be anxious to show us what your game is. Are you happy about the direction it's taking and all?

Also, about the Indy movie... yeah it was bad, but enjoyable, like "Uncle Buck" and "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure" are.

Anonymous said...

Well it's not true that the grail exists or matters but maybe Jesus' hair was kept somewhere like passed along in various secret societies. (hair contains your genetic code and you can clone someone from it)

Anonymous said...

i mean, maybe in the future you could.

Sorry I was kind of thinking about National Treasure 2 and i never did finish watching tha tone.

bye. Hope nothing comes of this lawsuit. I think from what I read in that blip on Joystiq, it sounds ridiculous. I thought God of War was really like disturbingly original (overall) and I remember reading that Miyamoto was impressed with it.

Hunnter said...

Understandable about not being able to speak about the lawsuit thing.

I should damn well hope that it doesn't end up bad for you and Sony because the lawsuit is quite simply the most stupid thing i have seen in a long time, almost as bad as the McDonalds coffee cup thing. (reminds me of the "WARNING - FIRE HOT" sign)
Good luck with it all.

Sadeq said...
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Sadeq said...

Hey David, so about racing games, I had many difficulties with Pure demo (I am 23 by the way). As for MotorStorm, I didn't try the 2nd but I faced a somewhat long learning curve in the 1st before falling in love with it. And about Burnout, I think in Paradise City there are lessons to be learned for ALL video games developers.

Thanks for the update, I enjoyed it.

On a side note, about Twisted Metal (I know you didn't announce anything) but I enjoyed 1 & 2 on the original PS as a kid. I enjoyed "Head on" on the PSP. But I still have to play Eat Sleep Play's Extra Twisted Edition. I bought it but the formula was not my cup of tea anymore (I still enjoyed the extra stuff though). When, and if, you were to revisit Sweet Tooth and Co, what would you do to capture a new audience while keeping old fans happy about it? (I understand if you cannot answer this)

kenners said...

Jaffe I'm really enjoying Fringe on fox so far...

I dunno if it's the fact that I remember Joshua Jackson from when he was Charlie in The Mighty Ducks, or if the supernatural stuff just jumps out at me. I think JJ Abrahams is doing well, and I've been impressed so far at some of the visual effects.

I just hope the show doesn't take a bad turn, or spiral into full-on government conspiracy mode like the X-Files.

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maartyrr said...

yep dave you are getting old! hell i'm 25 and my reflexes just arent what they used to be 5 years ago. Not only in video games but in real life too. especially with driving/sports - i never wanted to admit to it and i've been in denial about it the past 3 years. i kinda think that's why i've stopped playing online games as much.

Anonymous said...

I've been watching your video blogs off and on for a few months now. As another game designer and someone who is also very into politics, I'm really into the more politic-central posts you make. My experience has been that a majority of people working in the games industry are ignorant of world affairs and also don't vote (probably because we're working so much!). My dream game would be one that somehow gets gamers to care about voting and the political process on some level.

Anyway, it's refreshing to hear other game developers talk about politics, so keep it up! I think people need to realize that games are are awesome, but there is a very real world out there that shouldn't be ignored.

And yes Palin is a MILF.

Michael Jarvis said...


You know what, I definitely see your point and you make a very valid argument, but I suppose, for me, it was just really easy to suspend my sense of disbelief with a film like Indy 4. It was just REALLY easy for me to love almost every minute of the film.

Plus maybe there was just a lot of lead in that

What I think is ridiculous is the folks that complain about it, the movie, revolving around aliens. No worse than the other films revolving around Nazis, the Holy Grail, or the Ark. :P

But as that doesn't seem to be your main qualm at this point, no worries really.

While I realize that they, they being the film makers, didn't HAVE to include the nuke sequence, and they really could have gone about things totally different which would have been more 'believable', I think what was there was done really well in terms of set up and execution. For me personally it did what it set out to do, make me laugh.

Suppose that is the beauty of films though, folks can be so opinionated and passionate about them.

Hmm, I wonder when it is coming out on bluray though, I just hope the quadrilogy (proper term?) isn't as lame as the pirates trilogy on BR was. I waited all this time for it to come out and what do they give me?! The 3 BR pirate movies simply shoved in a box. So fucking stupid. They literally took each Pirate BR release (with its shelf packaging, and wrapped a box around them. No special casing, or extra features, or anything (ala Lord of the Rings), just a box with the pirate movies in them like you would find at Walmart.

Fucking, Stupid.

DF334 said...

OMGGGGGGod! The Hills Dave??? C'mon!! I was with you on the whole 90210 and Melrose Place, but The Hills???? No, Dave NO!!!

Anonymous said...

David, Wat do u think of Prince of Persia for the PS3 and Xbox 360? (do u like the new art style?) Plz answer, i want ur opinion man!

David Doel said...

Just wondering, have you checked out the HBO series The Wire? It deals with real life politics, cop politics, the drug trade, the middle class, and is just an incredibly riveting and retelling of underclass America and why the system is broken.

I really think you would dig it. So many publications have called it the greatest drama of all time yet it gets no recognition at the Emmys, and it's really a shame.

You really need to check it out. All 5 seasons are on DVD. I guarantee you'll be hooked. Make sure you watch them in order.

Anonymous said...

what you mean you arent answering the medias questions regarding the gow sue fucking idiot

Anonymous said...

Saw Death Race agine with my GF this we saw mirrors then i cam home and saw this what ever game this [i hope its Twisted Metal] i wan to destroy every thing :) all building and roads, briges ex

Anonymous said...

So I just checked out the complaint filed against Jaffe and Sony, and I have to say a lot of it just seems like false claims and retarded comparisons. I don't think this lawsuit will get far at all.

David Jaffe said...

I have NEVER watched THE HILLS.

When I say HILLS, I mean it in an old school way: BEVERLY HILLS 90210!

And as for not answering the media's questions, anon. I am assuming you are joking and are not so dumb as to not be able to tell the difference between a pending legal case and someone running for vice fucking president.

David D: Have not seen The Wire. Have always heard amazing stuff. When I get some free time, I'll grab season 1 and see what it does for me. The ads always made it look so dark, dreary, and depressing that I never wanted to watch. :)


David Doel said...

It's not that depressing, it's just real, with many of the stories and character being based on real life people and events. And the characters actually develop over the course of the season and seasons.

David Simon (creator) describes it best when he says that each season is a novel, and each episode is a chapter in that novel. It's very much like watching a book. None of it is dumbed down for viewership.

And the best seasons are later on, but you definitely need to start from the beginning to appreciate them. I just don't want to over-hype it for you if Season 1 doesn't immediately grab you. Because like a good book, it takes time to get into and really absorb these characters and their world. But when you do, it REALLY pays off.

I'd honestly be surprised if, once you finish the series, it isn't your favourite dramatic show of all time. I mean, people not normally into the content of the show, love it still. Knowing your interests, I think you will be absolutely over it, especially once you get a few seasons in.

Anonymous said...

Reason I keep coming back is because I want to know what makes a guy like you tick. Before I go further I have to say, I became a Jaffe fan since GoW was first announced. Mythology has always blown my mind and to have an experience like GoW was sublime for me. Thank you Jaffe and all others involved for making it happen. So back to my point.
Being a fan makes me want to know how it is that you come up with these crazy-cool ideas for games. I think everyday life must play into game making descisions. That includes politics or whatever that particular person may be into.
Now for a question or something to just think about... Have you and Cliff Bleszinski ever thought about collaborating on a new IP? I think it would be amazing to see what Mr GoW and Mr GoW could come up with together. I for one would love to see it happen.

Anonymous said...

Another question... If the guys at Media Molecule asked you to do something GoW themed for LittleBigPlanet would Sony allow you if you wanted to?

stalepie said...

Amarillo - Tony Christie - Summer 2005

Anonymous said...

Dave, after watching this video you got me thinking about Blogging in general, and how it helps me out in my day to day routine. Logging personal thoughts and making them accessible/out in the open is pretty therapeutic, isn't it? I've got work in the morning, so I'm not going to write a long tirade of thoughts, but I found watching your newest blog (Subscribed to your channel on YouTube, by the way) provocative.

Enough pretentious whatever- you curious at all about the Green Lantern flick? What about the new Ghostbusters?

You should swing by 1Up Yours sometime, I love the Podcast and I'd love to hear you swap thoughts with those guys. Just some food for thought.

-Kevin (Long time fan)

By the way- looks like a city setting for TM on PS3. You're a good man, Mr. Jaffe. When can we swap PSN IDs?

Anonymous said...

Looks like an inside of a building from an FPS or something.

Yeah, an FPS by David Freaking Jaffe would be two parts awesome and one part intriguing as hell.

MvmntInGrn said...

Well I have never posted here but I have watched the blog for quite awhile.

I thought Pure was fun but the tracks felt quite claustrophobic to me, no wiggle room at all. It was a good looking game though, even more so in movement.

Motorstorm 2 felt better for me, I was satisfied (not really blown away) with its graphics but rumor has it (with pictures as evidence)it was an old build. The new one was quite impressive, especially seeing as it has to support 4-player split screen. Like Pure it looks better in movement.

With Pure I doubt it is your age, those tracks were rather small and confined. Motorstorm 2 now has more random turns now too.

As for 90210 and Hills, they have a bit too much drama for me and I like drama. That said I have never seen the new season. All I have been watching lately is CNN really (also a few other news channels) for election stuff. I have been starting to watch House, showing quite often in my area and I like it. Ever seen it?

GrYnder McDuff! said...

Buildings. For sure.

Damnit, why are you such a teaaase D:

Joel said...

hey man,

about the politics.. sure in a way, its like the poker thing, but at the same time, you've actually given me stuff to think about, which is good, and you've also mixed it in with other stuff too, so its not "too much"

i get what your saying about game design taking a lot of mental focus.. where you're trying to picture these proposed ideas for the game. anyways, the screenshot looked like a couple of buildings, but besides that, i dunno.

as far as tv shows go, i've seen the first two episodes of Fringe, and True Blood... both were awesome. i think you'd like both of them actually.

also, you just got into 30 rock! so did i. i'm loving it.

Anonymous said...

stalepie said...


an fps by david jaffe. God idea!!

stalepie said...

ABC News - 2 hours ago
By JUSTIN ROOD Gov. Sarah Palin's e-mail habit of using a private account to communicate with aides echos the worst practices of the Bush administration, says one expert.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say "hey, let shannen clean up". Then someone called me stoopid told me she's no longer there. WTF? I have been out of the loop but wha' happened? First Dave, then Corey then Shannen...who's running that sweatshop?

-rallyRAYS- said...

"I'm not going to confirm nor deny im working on a Twisted Metal game... but let's talk about several racing games i have been playing recently!" :p

Unknown said...

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