Thursday, September 18, 2008


Join me, won't you, as I stress a bit :)


Anonymous said...

Video's are gone...

da criminal said...

Give it a second- I just put them up. Takes Youtube about 5 min to process.

Anonymous said...

Ok... the anticipation is killing me.

By the way Jaffe, have you played flatout: UC on the 360?

Going back to your post about arcade racers, I share alot of your sentiments, and that's one game that really -and totally unexpectedly- hit the sweet spot for me.

PlayStation Museum said...


Don't you ever feel like your burned out? Holy shit. I've spoken to so many people in the games industry who were so stressed out and ended up leaving. I can tell from your video your freakin out. Just get it vetted out and like you said the game will f-in rock.

Jan J lyman said...

Ha good luck man. I wish we knew what game you was working on so we could give you some advice!

Red Peter said...

Ah... everything is just one cone away from being fine! Now don't go pretending you don't have a big 'ol bucket bong just off screen there.

Either that, or the snickers really did you good ;)

kenners said...

Offtopic alert: Jaffe, do you think game designers can come from engineering backgrounds? I feel like I could contribute something to a game group, but I'm not trained in the ways of the Wacom and I spend more time solving problems than I do creating original content. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Nice vid. david. I pray to god that it's Twisted Metal PS3. the suspense of not knowing is killing me man!! Please, you can tell us what it is, we won't tell anyone else. lol. anyway, it's great that its coming along. I hope that you sort out ur problem with the game. good luck. cain't wait for it!

Anonymous said...

If the game is in a playable state, doesn't that mean that you guys are getting pretty close to revealling it. I just hope it's Twisted Metal PS3!

Deometris said...

Dude I know what you're going through,though I probably don't experience nearly as much stress about it cause I'm only an amateur video game creator. But anyways, yea when you finally have a playable version, you get to test out all the ideas and see how they all work together, instead of just imagining how it'll be, which makes a lot of things come to light.

Anonymous said...

Mr. jaffe, NEVER GIVE UP! NEVER SURRENDER! good luck dood!

Pete said...

Christ, you're like flippin Paris Hilton who courts the media at every opportunity and then complains when the paparazzi follow her around.

David, you've spent a long time carefully cultivating a "name" for yourself via this blog and other means. I have no problem with that, you want to trade on your name and I understand that.

But don't start being a whinny biatch about the pressures of having a "name"

grasshopper said...

Man I wish I could sneak in there and play that...even if it is mostly chaos at this point =) Looking forward to seeing the game in action...whenever that may be. Good luck making it "fun" David

da criminal said...

Pete- what exactly are you talking about?

I NEVER court the media unless we are doing press for a game.

I am not a whiney bitch- I am sharing the process I go thru with readers of the blog who care about such things. All I'm doing is being honest about my process. if you are such a creative genius that you never have stresses when you create, then good on you. Please send me a link so I can see some of the stuff you've worked on.


Kilrahi said...

Awesome posts Jaffe. Always a treat when you shed light on the creative process. Anticipation keeps building towards the future unveiling . . .

erico316 said...

jaffe what do you think of the gov bail out?

Anonymous said...

you should just send all of us that chaos maybe we can save it, from getting all ordered.

Anonymous said...

Good luck and God speed David- working on what you love gives you that special kind of stress only love can.

Keep it up, you've yet to disappoint.

Sadeq said...

Just chill man. Apparently you talk a bit fast when stressed. I just wish you guys announce it sometime soon. Guess it's not ready yet.

AwShucks said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AwShucks said...

Hey David,

You mentioned the guys are in a crunch. As a programmer in the industry I am always curious as to the workings of other studios, major and indy.

Also, I'll use this time to ask if you checked out Shred Nebula on XBLA? That is the game Crunchtime Games released that I spent 2 years on as lead programmer. I know you like the downloadable market (well, not sure of how you feel nowadays though) and was wondering if you had any thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, what's up from down under. Relatively new to your blog, and loving it.

Kinda cool reading / watching just the general stuff you do, whether it be game related or not.

Hope that snickers bar calms the nerves down a bit :). Take care and good luck with the game.

Kev said...

I love these videos.
Its fun and exhilarating to watch the challenges a game designer is faced with throughout the development cycle.
Best of luck to You and the team.


matthew dickinson said...

David Jaffe should not be killed. If life was God of War, and I was Kratos, and jaffe was Aries, I'd go run away and then turn around and blow a big long nasty raspberry at him.

jimmi said...

I'm sorry to ask but can you write down some good sources for politics, news and discussions (blogs, forums, internet sites). I live in Sweden and are extremely interested in what's going on over there (to see if, what I picture the overall political state over there is right or wrong) and a enormously thought provoking book I would suggest you to read. The Lucifer principle by Howard bloom (even though it has an easily too misunderstand, name for a book. I assure you it's scope is far beyond many minds)

max said...

David, I know exactly what you mean. I am still in education and I get these moment that span over a week or two where I'm really worrying and basically all the shit goes wrong, or at least not the way I planned.

It gets to the point where I wonder how I will manage to do this and get it to work, and although so far I have always through some fucking miracle got it sorted, these scary periods keep coming back consistently. It's just like the work is going over your head in a way that you can either recoup and manage, or you fuck up entirely and it blows to pieces.

Anyway, keep up the posts, I'm digging every one of them. Your blog is really cool. Also I like it when you talk about politics and non-gaming related stuff. It's your personal blog after all and if people come here to get news about games they should go to or Kotaku or whatever instead.

PSFreak1 said...

Hope its Twisted Metal PS3, alright David if you cant tell us what the game is, can you at least tell us at least an approximate release date or when your going to announce the game... Just a prediction please!

max said...

Jesus, can you people not understand it's under embargo until Sony says otherwise? Obviously the game is either

1. Not ready to be shown to public i.e. not resembling a game

2. Not polished enough to be shown in public i.e. premature textures as it's just a prototype

3. Not the right time and space to be shown because of other upcoming games for the PS3

And David talking about the game being just now turned into something really fun that you and me would call a game backs me up on this. Wait until it's ready. It's still in the oven and it will be good when it's ready, not prematurely.

Anyway just my two cents, you can go on and keep asking on every one of his posts, Christ.

Joel said...

hey Jaffe,

GREAT post. this is totally the best kind of post, in my opinion. i love getting little insights into what your going through in your job.

the only thing better, i guess, is when you talk about game design in general, stuff like, how you wish they made comic book games, and if games are art, and what would be great is, where you hope gaming will go in the future!

stuff like that rules.

anyways, so its stressful to be dealing with this unpolished game that doesn't seem fun, but you HAVE to realize that if another studio was going through the same thing, they'd LOVE to be able to hire a david jaffe to their team, to help them figure shit out.

your like the Winston 'The Wolf' Wolfe from Pulp Fiction, of game design.


anyways, hopefully you can step back and see how amazing this part of the job really is. i mean, it may be one of the hardest parts, but you also get to really shape things here. its like, you've started to carve a sculpture, and things are rough right now, and it doesn't look that good yet... but if you just tighten a few parts up, you start adding the detail, and figuring out how to really bring it to life..

thats really the part that makes the game.

i hope you really push yourself on this game! good luck!

Felis said...

Hi David,

Consider it's this way:
Atleast you know the game is terrible. Meaning that the prototype served it's purpose well.

What I find that helps is to write down exactly what makes the game suck, and then look at each problem in a totally different light, with complete disrespect to the original game design.

Then, find something in the middle

Hope this helps ;)
A big fan

Connor said...

hah! i like how real you are and how direct with the reality of game creation you are. anyone that doesn't like it doesn't have to watch the vids :)

by the way. you think YOU'RE stressed? do you know much i convulse even thinking about the game? i am seriously rather scared for my life, i really hope i can live through the actual buying of it and getting it home so i can actually play it!

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