Thursday, September 11, 2008


and ps: even the educational quotes BEFORE the smear are taken out of context and newer quotes from the SAME sources say Obama has done more for education in the last year while McCain has done nothing! Amazing...


Anonymous said...

OMG, thats Really Low MCCAIN... Thank u Jaffe for showing me that... Never knew he was that low.. Im Voting for obama watever it takes..
Fuck u MCCAIN!

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with you on the politics Jaffe. Keep expressing yourself and fuck the people who are trying to silence your PERSONAL BLOG.. fuck that, fuck mcCain and fuck Palin...

speak your mind brotha

Anonymous said...

Good post, DJ... Related to 9/11, I remember getting in to work early in the morning at Ion Storm (Austin). Through ICQ, someone sent me a text saying, "Someone flew a plane into a NY skyscraper..." We all gathered in the conference room and turned on the big screen. One by one, more people showed up and gathered in the dark, lights out. We just watched, stunned, as it all went down. When the tower collapsed, some of us cried. I still get chills remembering it. Afterward, all of us reacted differently. I got numb and watched (sort of from afar) the crazy psychology run through all my friends in different ways. One guy literally stocked up on supplies and drove his family out of town. Some people were furious. Some were scared. Most people just went home. Some of us couldn't stop re-playing it over and over in our heads. It was a terrible event that we lived through in a personal way (all of us). In addition to the loss of life and the shock, the ongoing tragedy, given my view of the world, came in the reactions of the next few years, as we over-reacted and gave up a bunch of Constitutional rights that are super important to anyone who understands human history. Hopefully, soon we can undo some of the damage to our rights. Either way, it was undeniably one of the great tragedies of our time. Props for opening discussing politics on your site with people from both (or all) sides.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm pretty sure you opened a lot of eyes to Mcains bullshit, I had no idea he put out such filth.

Jaffe for President!

sarahandsteve said...

wow, lots of intelligent conversation. why do i ever read the comments!

Greg said...

i'm with you on the mccain smear ads, but they don't really show many of them here in CO so i tend to miss out on the douchbagery. also i don't comment very often, but i gotta say keep up the political stuff, i love hearing the viewpoints of people i respect, and this day and age all i can find is the same canned view point regurgitated off of CNN or even worse Fox news!

Unknown said...

I cant believe you guys actually think McCain put together that smear campaign, and then deciding that the guy, because of a republican smear campaign, is a scumbag, etc. I mean, this just proves more than anything that people care more about the mudslinging than the actual issues. Pretty Sad.

David Jaffe said...

Hey Jeff?

See that part at the END of the ad where it says:

'I'm John McCain and I approved this message'?

Well, that means it's an ad from John McCain.

And this is not a lie someone put out and stuck that bit on. This is an official ad from McCain HQ.

Anonymous said...

Jeff...presidents have enormous influence over all kinds of aspects of our government through appointment positions and the people they choose to work with. So this is a window into what his governance would look like. But if we did look at the issues instead of this ad, McCain would fare even worse (from the perspective of anyone but the rich).

sarahandsteve said...

seriously, candidates on both sides have smear commercials. how are obama's any less "sleazy? and why only pick out mccain's?

David Jaffe said...

Post a link to a sleezy Obama ad please? One that comes at least SEMI close to the sleeze of this one.

Please show us a link and I will put it up on the post under the McCain one so it's fair.


Anonymous said...

Yeah we need kindergarten kids to learn how to use condoms dammit!

Eduardo Rebou├žas said...

Hey Dave, thanks for another video. About 9/11, it was a big shock even for someone who doesn't live in the U.S. At that day, I had a Math quiz and when I was walking home, people were gathered by bar TVs saying stupid things like "the Palestines attacked the U.S". Either way, things are still crazy til this day - I've been to New York earlier this year, took the train many times off the WTC/Ground Zero station and the presence is definitely there, which is surreal.

As for politics, man, we're the same here, just with mayors this time around. Everyone twists the facts to fit their needs... I foud it funny how McCain and Obama had their little conflict this week over something that was already said oh so long ago. Hope you guys choose the best person, seriously.

And man, you look O.K, can't notice much of a weight change, at least from looking at your mug! :P

Anonymous said...

Obama's response to the lying, sleazy McCain attack:

“It is shameful and downright perverse for the McCain campaign to use a bill that was written to protect young children from sexual predators as a recycled and discredited political attack against a father of two young girls – a position that his friend Mitt Romney also holds. Last week, John McCain told Time magazine he couldn’t define what honor was. Now we know why,” says Obama spokesman Bill Burton in an emailed statement.

Anonymous said...

Wow, anonymous above: Way to add to the lie. In no way did Obama advise teaching kindergarten kids to learn condom use. Completely false and underhanded. Can't you guys try to win with actual issues?

sarahandsteve said...

here is obama's education smear against mccain:

and another which i find more "sleezy". then agian, not sure how you measure "sleezy":

seriously, they're all the same for either candidate. you can't believe any of it cos it's all taken out of context on both sides.

"lipstick on a pig" is the worst. mccain was an idiot for that ad. waaaay out of context.

my point is: what smear ad isn't "sleezy?" or flat out lies or taken out of context? answer: none

Michael Jarvis said...

Wow, I never realized how openly they slander each other in these commercials.

McCain stated flat out that Obama was simply, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. That was fucking nuts.

In Canada we do have a bit of slander here and there, which is to be expected, but I have never seen anything to this extent. Really really surprises me.

Like most here (and to reiterate) I am quite shocked and taken aback by that .. commercial if you can even call it that.

But sadly there are those that will play right into these types of tricks. Not to say that Obama's commercials may or may not be any better, but I think most people should learn to listen/read between the lines with all this political hullabaloo.

Cheers from the North.

Anonymous said...

Icdedppl...I just watched the Obama videos you recommended and did some research. As far as I can tell, everything in the Obama ad about McCain on education is true.

Anonymous said...

Icdedppl are you serious? Those ads speak the truth, that is the difference between Obama's ads and Mccain's ads...Obama hits Mccain with the truth while Mccain twists and bends the truth...fuck Mccain...

Anonymous said...

A good video that directly deals with the ads discussed here:

Republicans AND Democrats lie, distort, are subject to corruption, etc. (Which is why oversight should always be a part of government.)

But in this case, Obama's right about what the US needs right now AND he seems to have a lot more integrity.

-rallyRAYS- said...

i was in Hollywood on 9/11... i was finishing up my work on "The One."
I remember going into the office and hearing "world trade center... world trade center." A few minutes later the first tower fell... and my heart missed a beat.
I used to work in Manhattan, and would take the subway at the base of the towers. My only thoughts as the towers fell were of the mothers and fathers who would sleep on the train... commuting from Jersey for hours to pay the bills.

Sad times...


singhx said...

Jaffe, you are spot-on with your assessment of McCain. That ad put the final nail in the coffin for me with regards to McCain's personal integrity.

I haven't seen a more desperate and transparent bid to be President by a candidate than McCain.

What a loser.

Anonymous said...

Hi David!

Great blogg, fantastic video posts, keep em up!

Writing from Sweden, waiting for the political debate coming up this evening, at 00:00 GMT i think, yes that`s it.
Well, first of all, I love politics, i know it`s crazy, but being a political junkie gives you great insight in to the world i think.

So every young voter out there in America, Rock the Vote, g out and support your guy. The States need to get it`s vote total up a little bit this ^year ^_^

If you want you can check out my IReport videos on,

i also recommend that you post some there David.

What more, yes, fore more politics, games and some rants, check out my blogg at

take care, keep blogging and hope to have a chance to talk with you some day.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Obama ad

(wasn't paid for or done my McCain camp)

David Jaffe said...


Nice ad, but it's not effective- at least not for me- for several reasons:

a- it's effectiveness lies in assuming that the reason we are in Iraq is to spread freedom. I thought we were there was for revenge over 9/11...oh I mean I thought we were there because they had WMD...oh, I mean I thought we were there to promote freedom because America does that. You know, America often invades other countries that have done us no harm and kills over 250 thousand civilians (not to mention risks the lives of our soldiers and loses 4000 of them as well) in order to promote our way of life...I'll let the people in the Congo know that the USA is coming since, clearly, this is what we do, as Americans.

b- The last line of that ad is a joke. The day we lose our will to FIGHT is the day we give up freedom? Fuck that. The day we lose the right to PROTEST OUR GOVERNMENT and QUESTION OUR GOVERNMENT and DEMAND OUR GOVERNMENT NOT LIE TO US and the DAY WE SHOUT DOWN THOSE WITH DISSENTING VIEWS WITH CALLS OF UNPATRIOTIC is the day we lose/lost our freedom.

ANY soldier who fights for America has my thanks and my respect for all time. But just because you fought and lost limbs and lost buddies- tragic as that is and as sad as that as and as sympathetic as I am and supportive as I am for you (which is why by the way I am totally in favor of giving much more tax dollars to vets to make their quality of life better when they return home, something it seems McCain and Bush are not for if their voting records are to be believed) but JUST because you've done that, does not give you some unique vantage point from which to determine what is and is not true in regards to what is and is not a just war. And in some ways, you are less able to judge given the fact that, a a great soldier, you have risked your life and lost your limbs in Iraq and you may very well may NEED to believe that your sacrifices were not in vein. I am not saying this is the case but it is a possibility.

Soldiers- as honorable as they are, as brave as they are, and as respected as they should always be- are not immune to having their ideas and opinions questioned. They are citizens like the rest of us and while they have a unique perspective on the situation, it does not mean they have a correct one.

Plus you can find many soldiers and generals who openly admit- to risk of their careers- that Iraq is a big mistake.

I am open to being proven wrong on this. I am NOT calling this man a liar at all. But I am saying that- as an ad- it does nothing but continues to push a right wing propaganda message that they have yet to explain the basis for once all of the drama and bluster of it is stripped away: that being, what the FUCK we were thinking when we attacked Iraq.


Anonymous said...

hey icdedppl...the two ads you posted MAYBE smear campaign, but theyre not obamas theyre saying that mccain wanted to cut education and how they are basically bush's ass kissers...that maybe a smear campaign but its not sleeze material

weather its true or not i dont know

what IS smear material is taking a proposed legeslation, and saying...ok this guy wants to teach young kids about fucking

Anonymous said...

It's pretty sad McCain put his name on that. Being a moderator on a forum I love to use the tag line "Discuss the issues not the people posting" because by this point some people in the discussion have run out of intelligent things to say so they digress to personal attacks.

same same

Rather than face real issues and policy the cronies have resorted to pokes and jabs. IMO Obama does his own fair job of returning some jabs of his own, but he always brings it back to policy and the issues.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty sad McCain put his name on that. Being a moderator on a forum I love to use the tag line "Discuss the issues not the people posting" because by this point some people in the discussion have run out of intelligent things to say so they digress to personal attacks.

same same

Rather than face real issues and policy the cronies have resorted to pokes and jabs. IMO Obama does his own fair job of returning some jabs of his own, but he always brings it back to policy and the issues.

kenners said...

Jaffe did you say "spinning again" ? Professional hula-hoop?

I've taken up racquetball again after a yearlong post-collegiate hiatus, and I guess the complete and utter mayhem that ensues in a small room is some kind of attraction to flailing around like a madman.

Also, don't breathe fire down my neck for being too lazy to research your past opinions on this, but are you playing Spore? Do you even like Spore?

David Jaffe said...

By the way, my 250 thousand Iraq civilian count is wrong, was a typo. It's closer to 100 thousand. Sorry for the confusion.

Nokage said...

It just totally blows my mind how anyone could watch ads like that and others McCain has done and say "Yea i want to vote for that guy".I mean no offense to any McCain voters out there i just simply can not understand the appeal of the guy at all.

But anyway I just want to say i come to your blog because i find your opinions entertaining no matter what the subject is and off the top of my head i can only think of like five other people i really enjoy listening to like that.So keep it up, there are people out there who like to hear you speak about about non gaming topics.

Brotomix said...

I believe that Obama "smear ad" was 100% correct. It's not a smear to correct people when hey skew the facts. Palin isn't telling the truth about "killing" the bridge to nowhere. She wanted it until it became a national embarrassment so she took the money and discredited it after it became unpopular. And McCain has stepped away from his Maverick ways and fallen in line with 90% of the Bush Doctrine. From his economic policies to his immigration policies to his war policies. He differs on... Stem Cell Research?

It's more than fair to state a truth in the face of a lie or an omission.

xjulianx89 said...

Are you watching the dateline interview with Sarah Palin? It's down right pathetic.

Sadeq said...

@ Anon. of Dear Mr. Obama ad

"Are they better off today than they were in 2002? You bet!"

Clearly, you don't know what you are talking about. When did the people of Iraq ask for your help? And how could anyone "spread freedom" by invading other countries and killing civilians? And if you say they are better today, then when are you guys leaving?

And for those (including you David) who are thanking your troops for "protecting" your country: Protecting it from what? What threat did you guys stop in Iraq?

Unknown said...

You're right, he did say that he approved the message. That said though I would never let an ad determine how I personally feel about someone and their policies.

The thing that I think is so pathetic is the way elections are these days. People are voting based on what they hear from the media and ads, etc. and all that is now it a bunch of shit slinging, its not the real issues. Instead of having political debates about the issues, we are having political debates about smear campaigns and who is a scumbag and why, and "look what he said about Palin" and "Look how this is taken out of context." And we are all suckers for this as we get caught up in it.

Either way, they are all scumbags in my opinion. For you to get that far in politics you have to sell your soul to the devil. So you have to get past the scumbag part and the egomania and decide what issues are important to you and who you think can take better care of this country. I personally haven't decided who I think is a better leader, etc. however I'm sure not going to look at a smear campaign and say "fuck that person for approving that ad." Those people have done way worse than those smear ads I can guarantee you.

Jaffe, I hope you're channeling any frustrations and anger you get during debates, seeing ads, etc. to making your next game as aggressive and insane as your last ones. I can't wait for Eat Sleep Plays first non-port release. And for the record I still play the hell out of CAC with my friends. Awesome party game.

Anonymous said...


Read this piece on Sarah's abortion stand.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Jaffe you be having me rolling over the things you say.

Anonymous said...

Mike Gravel had some strong language on Sarah Palin

Anonymous said...

This probably isn't the proper place to post this, but I'm having a TM Black problem and wondering if it's a common issue. I booted up the game when my girlfriend was asleep the other night, and when I enter a game, it's switched the controls around on me for no apparent reason (face buttons fire weapons rather than control acceleration). When I go into the options, it says L/R For More Controls but it freezes if I press left or right. I'm left with no way to change the controls. Is this a common problem?

David Jaffe said...

Play the game when you girlfriend is awake. It's a bug. Girlfriend's sleeping seem to mess up the code. And the hotter your girlfriend, the worse the bug gets.


ps. I really have no clue and have not heard of that bug and it occurs to me it could be your controller. Is your controller old or have a faulty wire? Either way, I would love to help you but it's been like 8 years since I worked on that game and you should contact Sony customer service:

Let me know if I can help in any other way- it sucks to have something you paid for not work.


Anonymous said...

there are people that seriously believe those kinds of ads and let their vote depend on them? i'm sorry to say this but you have to be really retarded to buy this kind of crap

it seems so different here in belgium, then again we dont have just 2 major parties, we have about a dozen and that for a country thats only 30.528 km² big.
keep in mind the country is theoretically split ( we have an actual language barrier ppl use in politics) between dutch and french speaking people and you get a whole other mess when trying to run a country.

Nat Loh said...

I'll reiterate this video post

I don't watch much TV so I didn't realize there was this much mud already. Really depressing.

Michael Jarvis said...

Re Jaffe's post about respecting soldiers.

Quite simply I have no respect for any soldiers (Canadian OR US, or any for that matter).

Don't get me wrong I empathize with them and/or their families if and when something tragic happens, however I have no respect for soldiers simply for the fact that them existing simply adds to the 'war effort' as it were.

I have no respect for war of any kind and I have little to no sympathy for them. You do not join the army oh a whim, you join it knowing what the consequences MIGHT be. There is no draft (that I am aware of) no one is forcing you to go to war/army/whatever.

Would I fight for my country? Not at all. Would I fight for my own life (or the ones I love, re:family) yes I would, but I wouldn't SEEK out war.

However I digress, who knows what my stance might be if I were in a position such as the families are in Iraq, but from my current perspective on the situation... I empathize, I do not sympathize.

My apologies for going somewhat off topic, but you guys got me thinking of this.

As per slander, I WISH that both parties would concern themselves more with what they will do for the US rather than what their competition WON'T do, or can't do. It is fucking PETTY.

*sigh* Somehow I am reminded of the song Dreamer by Supertramp.. :P

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe, you're the man. I think you'll enjoy this:

Anonymous said...

I have an honest question for you David. It has to do with politics, but not directly on this election. There seems to be quite a lot of animosity in Hollywood towards conservatives that work in their business. For example a statement against John Voight after he wrote an article slamming Obama

“But it's only natural that industry-based Obama supporters will henceforth regard him askance. Honestly? If I were a producer and I had to make a casting decision about hiring Voight or some older actor who hadn't pissed me off with an idiotic Washington Times op-ed piece, I might very well say to myself, ‘Voight? Let him eat cake.'"

Do you think this same animosity exists in the game business as well? Right now I cannot think of anyone in the game business that is a Republican, let alone a conservative… I’m sure there are, but the game industry bloggers all seem like they are all shades of left :)

Do you think a David “neo-con” jaffe version of yourself would get similar treatment?

I know… strange question…wonder if the neo-con version would headline on every week :)

Also if Harvey Smith is still reading, I would like you opinion on this as well, since you made a game (area 51) which had bush bashing overtones (you discussed it in a article). Did you have any pro-bush people on your team, and what did they think about it?

I work in the game biz, and I feel these are honest questions, not trying to spin anyone - I love your blog Jaffe, we are just total opposites politically :)

David Jaffe said...

Anon- Eat Sleep Play- besides me- is all based in Utah which is a historically Republican 'stronghold'. I would imagine quite a few of the guys/gals are going to go with McCain. I know some who are more liberal than I am and are not McCain fans but I imagine at least a good amount are leaning towards McCain but we have not spoken about it really.

Unknown said...

this is my first post on any sort of blog and i'm not sure how it will turn out: likely scattered. anyway, david, you are the man. i've watched a couple of interviews you've been in on GT and was impressed enough to check out your blog. it's uncanny and refreshing to see someone with so many interests and opinions synonymous with mine and is as approachable as you are in an industry that is important to me. ass kissing aside, thanks for keeping this shit up, i appreciate it.

i am on your side when it comes to politics, which surprised me when you actually gave McCain some consideration. he is crazy and everyone knows it. republicans defend him because they have no other choice. the add you posted is energizingly frightening and, i think, is only the beginning. Palin is the toxic custard filling to his shitty shit doughnut. watch out for her!

i can't believe that people can't see right through their campaign. all they do is smear the competition and instead of talk about issues, they talk about themselves. 'we're mavericks, let's shake up washington!' bullshit. he's has wanted to be president for so long and now he gets his shot because no one else in the Republican party wants to have to clean up after Bush. it's very selfish and it even showed at the RNC. how many times did they reference him being a POW? he was captured and tortured, so he deserves to be president? WTF? that's all they fucking talked about. thanks for your service and i feel for what happened to you John, but you are no hero. you're a soldier who made it out of hell alive.

i'll probably get flamed for that. i could really get into it, but i could go on and on and i have other things to say.

I noticed you're a Miyazaki fan, his stories are the most inspiring things in the world sometimes. amazing stuff. you are a sony guy, so i was wondering if you've been watching that anime on the PSN called Xam'd (it's exclusive, but i've found it posted online)? it borrows a lot from Miyazaki i think, as well as Evangelion (if you've seen it). it's really great (but it's crazy overpriced as you can only rent it and it's going to have 26 episodes in the end).

In your video, you mention the good time in gaming. i think you should elaborate on that a bit more when you can. personally, i think gaming could be better. games are too short and almost all of them are online heavy now. i miss the story driven games and games that take dozens of hours to play. playing with other people is great, but a lot of what's coming out is more and more of the same.

the multiplatform thing is driving me insane. i hate microsoft's anti-competitive approach to gaming, buying out all the exclusives (final fantasy now? fuck!) and all. i am a sony guy, too, but i won't scream (too loud) when a game is exclusive to xbox. it gives us consumers reason to choose one system or another (or both). To go off your comment about the Force Unleashed, i have to admit that i hated the demo. all i could see is how shitty it looked and glitchy it was. i blame it on the fact that it's being developed for like 7 different consoles adn can't help but wonder how polished and solid it would feel if it were developed for one system with tat specific set of hardware in mind (same with GTAIV and DMC4). MGS4 would not have been as epic and amazing and streamline if it were multiplatform, and people will buy a system for a good game.

i could say a lot more about all of these things, but i don't want to waste anyone's time with a long ass post. i'll keep them shorter and more relevant to the topic in the future. hopefully, though, you'll have some time to respond. good luck with "the game".

Alastor Mused said...

I'm surprised that people are surprised that a republican would create an attack ad like that, it was only a matter of time. I'm not even that upset with McCain (I expected this kinda crap) what pisses me off more is that it will work by convincing people because of the disinformation. The ad is clearly targeted to enrage and create fear (something the republicans are masters of) to prey on people (most likely the ignorant voters) and it will work and that's the problem and that is frustrating. Maybe that's why democrats are concerned with Obama, McCain lies and hit's heavy, it works; while Obama is seen as slightly softer and that doesn't affect the viewer's psyche as much. Politics = Marketing, trash the person till the common viewer has the "image" of said target as a disgusting entity and they won't support them even if said target were Jesus. The republicans have traditionally been seen as the more dominate party, I'm so interested to see who wins the candidacy.

stalepie said...
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Anonymous said...

Really low from McCain..
I hope Obama will become next President.
You are the best David!
I love your Blog.
Greetings from Switzerland.

PS:Im a political freak to.:)

Joel said...

i agree with you about politics this time as well... although personally, i dont know that i fully agree with either candidate.

i noticed that you are a fan of howl's moving castle. great movie!!

anyways, i hope you dont feel obligated to talk only about games. although it is cool when you do, i also really like to hear about whatever else is going on with you. the story about breaking in the door to your office was classic!

Stafa said...

I agree with you on the politics. McCain is really low, he'll lie and say anything for votes. He didn't say anything about policies in his RNC speech, all he talked about what him being a POW. It's like all he's doing is running off of gimmicks such as him being a POW and Palin being a hockey mom/moose hunter.

But other then that, I disagree with too many of his standing points on major issues. He doesn't believe in diplomacy, he would rather invade a country without talking with them. He thinks Iraq War was a good thing and he said he would do it again. He opposes net neutrality. He opposed Biden's law that ensures the government would pay for medical examinations for rape victims to search for who did it. He's against veteran aid because he says it hurts military retention. I could keep going on about this guy.

Oh, and about your weight. If you're concerned about it, you should get some exercise and count your calories. I work out regularly, but once I started counting my calories I lost a bunch of weight. My goal was 2000 calories for each day, and I lost almost 20 lbs within a month.

Anonymous said...

Here is the difference between Obama and McCain.

Obama believes in the constitution, trusts the people, he has honor, he will consider all options, he wishes to do what is best for the people, and he stands for the priciples of the US.

McCain used to believe in the constitution but gave up on it so he could gain power. McCain at one time trusted the people but he gave up on them when he felt they let him down choosing Bush over him. McCain has lost all of his honor, at one time a maverick that stood up for honor against corporations, he traded in his medals to the corporations for greed. McCain will consider only one option for every situation and will do what he thinks is right, not what is right. McCain wishes to do what is right for the various corporations including the military industrial complex, even if that means everyone else dies. He not only doesn't know about the people's plight but he doesn't care about their plight. He feels since he is rich and to him they can give him nothing he doesn't need to. McCain doesn't believe in the US, he only believes in himself.

Anonymous said...

David, just watched the ad and your video clip. I am baffled, are some Americans that dumb that they won't be able to see that the ad is part of a smear campaign ?.

If Americans are that dumb, they need to be educated / re-educated ASAP.

Unknown said...

look at the candidate's wives as examples of recognizing the peoples' plight.

during the national conventions, both women dressed up very fashoinably (the both looked great). Mrs. Obama's dress was purchased at Macy's, where many people shop both rich and not, and cost at most a couple grand (although I doubt that much). Mrs. McCain's dress was custom and cost around $300,000!!! WTF? my Grandparenets have only made about that much in their whole life, but one fucking dress? I'm drunk, but still, that's kind of offensive to me as these women are eventually suppossed to represent us as well as their husbands.