Friday, October 10, 2008


Do NOT watch this if you are:

a- an easily angered conservative as it's very liberal
b- only here for game info...this is all politics

Thanks-great weekend ya'll!


ps. the mess we are in- that I refer to above- is about America's reputation in the world and wars we are fighting...I am fully aware and ashamed that folks in the Democratic party (not that I am a Democrat but I am more Dem than Repub) had such a large hand in ASPECTS of the financial crisis. BUT if you think it's all Barney and his boyz and no Republicans or not the sheer greed of consumers then you are wrong, I feel.


Anonymous said...

They are and all they want is some white guy to run the country and no one else. That what I think what there saying but its wrong and I agree with you, I’m not familiar with Politics but I want someone who know what they are doing and promise us what they said they would do.

Now I confuse my self

Greg said...

i'm with you jaffe! keep telling it like it is!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaffe, that was one entertaining video! everytime you call someone a cocksucker i just cannot contain my laughter.

but seriously rascism still sadly exists in our country and it will probably continue to exist for quite sometime. at least until the human race as a whole decides to pull it's head from it's ass.

Stat said...

It sucks. It sucks we are where we are, it sucks that our options for President always suck. It just fucking sucks. And people like Rush (and I do enjoy his stupidity from time to time) don't help.

Unfortunately, this exists on all asides, and it's not going anywhere, it's fun for these people, and i always tell myself I shouldn't let this bullshit get to me, but hey how can you not. So, even though we don't agree politically, I think we can agree emotionally, fuck dickheads that spread their racist bullshit. :)

Now get some fuckin' work done and quit checking your posts. :P

xjulianx89 said...

Hey david,
I don't know if you've seen this yet but I'm sure you will feel the same way I do.
That's news?

Anonymous said...

Like you said Jaffe what do people honestly think he is going to do when he becomes president? Is he gonna order to have planes fly into buildings? This shit with Bill Ayers is fucking outta control.

Stat said...

In Response to: milkman - ROFL fox news kills me.

Anonymous said...

"ps. the mess we are in- that I refer to above- is about America's reputation in the world and wars we are fighting...I am fully aware and ashamed that folks in the Democratic party (not that I am a Democrat but I am more Dem than Repub) had such a large hand in ASPECTS of the financial crisis. BUT if you think it's all Barney and his boyz and no Republicans or not the sheer greed of consumers then you are wrong, I feel. "

Glad to see you are coming around. Honestly republicans played little role. If they had a role, the democrats would have called for congressional investigations. Since so far they are successfully pinning this on the republicans why do they want to have hearings only to indite fellow democrats and perhaps fuck up Obama's chances of being president?

Seriously you shouldn't be ashamed, you should be enraged.

The Dow has lost over 5,000 points. Well over a 1/3 of it's value. That is not the time to be shameful of your cohorts, time to cut ties and let heads ROLL!

Didn't get a chance to check out your vid yet.

You know it would be nice to get some game news here from time to time.

Anonymous said...

"They are and all they want is some white guy to run the country and no one else. That what I think what there saying but its wrong and I agree with you, I’m not familiar with Politics but I want someone who know what they are doing and promise us what they said they would do."

Rey - I am not voting for McCain because he is white. This has nothing to do with race.

You have the most liberal candidate in history running. He has various well documented alliances with radical left wing people who have been foaming at the mouth to reshape this country from a republic to a socialist democracy. Some of the spit hate speech, some of them are domestic terrorists who have attacked and killed civilians.

I just don't want that kind of person in the Whitehouse. Am I racist because I don't agree with a black person?

We have gotten to a point in this country where the vast majority of institutionalized racism that was prevalent in the 60s is now gone, but replaced with other racist policies such as affirmative action. You may agree with the policy, but it is a racist one. To borrow a phrase from MLK Jr. - It doesn't place the content of ones character before the color of their skin.

We need to get out of this myopic view that racism can only happen from a white person. Reverend Wright should show us all that racism works both ways.

Anonymous said...


McCain has also associated with domestic terrorists. Defended and stood on stage with right-wing radicals that bombed abortion clinics and killed civilians.

Exophrine said...

I think it's so ridiculous, at this point, to not even recognize that racism still exists. It's alive and well, and it's still going to fucking exist well past everybody's lifetime. It's not going to factor itself out just because someone says that "race has nothing to do with" their argument.

The most prevalent is a sign that I saw..

It's the most ridiculous thing ever because, for a party that says that racism doesn't exist anymore, they fucking have to dispel that response right in the graphic! If racism didn't exist anymore, there'd be no fear of being labeled a racist, and thus, they wouldn't *HAVE* to say that.

Anonymous said...

EH JAFFE, how does it feel to know that killzone 2 has been in development ever since 2005 and not only that it hasn't shipped but also suffers from serious frame rate issues and bring nothing new to the table. ALSO how stupid was sony for buying guerilla games ...plz answer u mutt!

Anonymous said...




Zodiak said...

lol great Captain America reference!

I totally hate politics...

Anonymous said...

ps3fadeaway said...



ps3fadeaway what are you talking about?? Do you know how expensive games are to make these days? It isn't like along time ago where a guy could make a game all by himself. Nowadays you need the newest technology and a team to make games. So 3rd party development teams cant afford to make exclusives so they go multiplatform.

To answer your comment about Sony is giving away exclusives well I guess Microsoft must be giving them away too, because the Xbox 360 lost a lot of exclusives too like Saints Row 2,Just Cause 2,Lost Planet,Ace Combat 6,GRAW2,Eternal Sonata,Bioshock and there is more.

So dude don't go on here and post with your Fanboy trolling and try and talk trash before you learn about the facts.

P.S Don't use caps next time it is really annoying and it looks like you are yelling and By the way it is spelt exclusive not excluesive. (there is no E learn how to spell or use spell check.)

Anonymous said...


Miguel said...

dave, I love you man. I completely agree with almost all of your views. race is just below the surface of ALOT of issues in this country, there's no point in denying it. Everyone's pissed because of the things rev. wright said, but no one takes into account the fact that not everybody who survived the civil rights movement came out with a "let's hold fucking hands and pretend like everything's nice now" attitude. this country has a LOT of blood on it's hands. It is better now, and it's easy to tell yourself everything's peachy now if you live in some where like L.A. or the Bay Area, but you're never more than a quick five hour long drive from a completely different type of concsiousness. I moved from the bay area up north about 4 years ago and I've been amazed at the shit I've seen.

As for Rush Limbaugh, I wish you'd not listen to him for all of us that have to. the bus driver for my route got complaints at the college about listening to him on the way to school, but he still fucking does it every day until about halfway through the route when more people get on. I've seen him freely converse with black people on the bus, yet I've also heard him call another driver a "nigger" on the road. racism is not a simple thing that can be erased.

I applaud your views on the subject.

BIVITO said...

I'm registered independant and i believe in the only party you should be is in the party to just make america better. You and I wouldnt be hating on America if we didn't want it to succeed. We need America to be the symbol of freedom, but for the past 10 years, weve been the symbol of SHIT! That being said, I am a liberal but I think conservatives have good ideas too. However lately, conservatives have lost all respect from me and it seems that they are in this to just win. It doesnt matter how they win: calling Obama a terrorist (CMON!), calling him "that one" (ok, it wasnt THAT bad...but it was REALLY WIERD), saying he has no experience. Look it doesnt matter if you've had experience or not. Would you vote for a guy with little experience or a guy with ALOT of experience of being a total BUSH hugger. You decide America...

Anonymous said...

this is hilarious... you have to watch this

puuuure racism. I've been crawling the innerwebs and its seems that all the vids on cnn show Obama is confident with his campaign and McCain is struggling and and just trying to get your attention. All of his supporters remind me of a 5 year old throwing a tantrum because they can't get what they want. They're down to name calling and insults such as "terrorist" "Osama Obama" as shown here

Welcome to the Racists States of America.

Unknown said...

Hey now. Captain America isn't always rah-rah America. He's rah-rah the American Way. Remember Nomad? Remember like two years ago, little event called Civil War?

Alastor Mused said...

Great post!

uncompassionate is the opposite to compassionate based off of :)

Great reference "Go get a fucking shield and fight the red skull!" lol

Anyway I feel your anger David! Happens often when you hear or deal with ignorant idiots. All the more reason why Obama needs to be President.

David, are you trying to say Rush Limbaugh isn't a far right conservative? I didn't understand that part. But I don't see him as "center" if that's what you were trying to say.

Yeah I agree both parties had a hand in the current financial issue. I agree and think the aspect of greed of the companies takes precedent over greed of consumers because if the companies didn't allow/offer/exploit/attract costumers into bad situations those costumers wouldn't have the opportunity to be exploited.

Nokage said...

"Go get a fucking shield and fight the red skull!" is now my new favorite quote, hats off to you Mr Jaffe.

DF334 said...

I FUCKIN LOVE YOU DAVE! Always look to you to tell it the way it is! It is absolutely crazy that the word Racism still exist.

I come from Akron,OH where it will never die!! We had to have Bill Clinton to come up there and try to chill everyone the fuck out!! Still didn't work of course!!

erico316 said...

with this post i agreed with very Independence when its come to politics.I wish people would not have party loyalty is destroying this country.

dawimp523 said...

Mr. Jaffe, I was listening to your rant, and I believe you cursed at least 36 times. It seems like every time you talk, you curse. Has your mom ever told you that you have a sailor's mouth? Has she washed it out many times? I just think your argument would sound better if you didn't curse. Or maybe that's just your personality!

Anyway, back to what you were saying. I definitely agree that these attacks are stupid, hurtful, and ridiculous. My personal peeve is all of the local attack ads that I can't seem to escape. In Kentucky, we have all these ads with Mitch McConnell and Bruce Lungsford attacking each other, on top of the McCain and Obama ads. The worst part is that all of these attack ads are mostly talking about veterans.

It's like they are the only people that matter in Kentucky or America. Not that they're not important, especially young soldiers my age fighting in Iraq (it's my sophomore year in college). Yet they don't show young veterans; they show old veterans that you think are good for nothing but complaining.

Even worse, there's 2 ads, one for each candidate for senator, with veterans saying what was said in OTHER ads for these candidates was lies! In one ad, there's this old veteran who was featured in another ad where he was talking about Lungsford, and in this one, he says Lungsford took his words out of context, and now he's supporting McConnell! It's kind of hard to describe these ads. I suggest going to YouTube & typing in "Mitch McConnell attack ads" or "Bruce Lungsford attack ads". I'm sure there's something there!

I feel sorry for anyone who takes these ads seriously, and they sway the opinions of these people who might vote.

Moro said...


I'll be watching your vid in a minute, but I just wanted to drop by first with this.

It's from the TED talks, and it touches in a very interesting angle of video games. It's about the emotional depth of games and where this guy (David Perry) sees the gaming industry going. I thought it was really insightful. I don't really agree with everything as it is exposed, but I think it's an interesting perspective nontheless.


Anonymous said...

To add more full to the Political fire,Legislative Panel has found Palin guilty of abuse of power.

Would love to see what you think of this Mr.Jaffe.

Anonymous said...


Moro said...

Well, now regarding the post:

I really can't tell you a lot about American INTERNAL politics and drama, because, frankly, it does not get out here enough to get an informed opinion.

However, for what I understand from your vid (I might be wrong, if so I apologize) Republicans are calling Obama and the people around him terrorists.

Now, I don't know how it looks from the inside. Maybe you guys think there's no problem with that.

But I don't live in the US. I live mostly in Argentina, and happen to travel a lot. And from the outside, the guy the Republicans appointed for President seems like a fucking terrorist too. Sorry, but that's the way it looks from here. I don't think it should be called Patriotism, or whatever the fuck you want to call it, when you go bomb other countries for no reason whatsoever. If somebody bombs an American city tomorrow, (FYI, before I get insulted, I DO NOT hope so, this is just hypothetical, I'm not an American hater) it is terrorism. But if America bombs any other country, then it is Heroic, it's beign done for Freedom, for the Better Good, to secure Peace. That's fucking bullshit. Both sides are taking lives, destroying families, and turning a lot of children into orphans. Get a fucking grip.

I remember this particular case in Iraq when, by mistake, a WEDDING was bombed. Everybody was killed. So, they killed two FULL families who where having probably one of the most meaningful days of their lives. Everybody gone. And there was a statement from the US military, basically saying "We're really sorry". What a fucking nerve to apologize as if you just stepped on somebody's foot. That was plain murder, and I'm sure it wasn't the only case.

So, you see, for the people outside the US, George Bush is as much of a terrorist and a maniac as Bin Laden or Saddam. And he's a damn Republican. Maybe the Republicans should think before they speak out, not the other way around. I am yet to find one guy outside the US that says "George W. is making the world a better place.".


monty said...
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monty said...

Having spent 18 months in your country recently and growing up in exported US culture in Australia, I can say that the single biggest problem is the US's obsession with appearance over substance, and it's own blind parochialism. When you even have to say "it's ok to criticize America", you know it's in a bad way. Democracy was (is) based upon rigourous debate and self criticism. When did it become cheerleading?

America is just one country in a big world, and it's not the best - only Americans think that (and only those who haven't travelled). It used to be great, and is based upon aspirations to greatness, and I hope one day will be great again. But it can't do that until it gets over itself, and the signs of its slow downfall are everywhere when you are there.

The rest of the world is bored, embarrassed, and slightly disturbed by the rampant myopia of presidential campaigns. Surely you guys know this :) But I'm glad you care about the actual issues dude. More people in your country need to, and then maybe the media coverage would be more than bile and pap and backyard philosophy.

P.S. love the game flow tags on the board behind you. Now I know where Mike (Giam) picked up his obsession with them!

monty said...

P.S. "Discompassionate" ;)

GrYnder McDuff! said...

You mentioned the types of people who should not view this video. I fall into the category of... Do not care for political debating.

IN OTHER NEWS, I read your Twitter status and I agree! there are STILL ONLY TWO POSTS ON THE TMBlog! And the last one was from... February. Not cool. Maybe it'll be more active once you announce your next game? :p

Honestly, set up a proper TM Forum. It'd be awesome. I don't mean to take away from the TMAlliance limelight, but... Oh god that place is ugly as sin. That site needs a complete overhaul. The forum interface is horrid. An eyesore.

Err... Yea. You can only have so much proper fan conversation when our only method of communication is through blog comments. Think about it. It'd be coool. :)

Doopydoo22 said...

I get thoroughly annoyed by those gung-ho "Captain America" types as well. It's always important to be critical when it comes to something you care about.

Take game development for example. The point at which you stop being critical of what goes into a game (or what is already in the game, for that matter) is the point at which your game starts to suck. Likewise, the point at which you stop being critical of how your country is run is the point at which it starts to suck.

Sheep are only good for shearing.

Joel said...

good post jaffe.

racism has no place in this world, and attacking someone for suggesting that there are race problems is not the solution.

the solution is making sure everyone is absolutely clear that if someone acts as a racist, then they are the ones who are going to be shunned.

Anonymous said...

Good rant man, totally agree. Some Republicans are just so fucking ridiculous. Their basically just trying to instill fear into people by connecting Obama with these people, and god damn I'm tired of this same tactic being used over and over to support Republican views, instill fear. It's so fucking naive and absurd most of the time. We should take heed to the words of Roosevelt who said "the only thing to fear, is fear itself- blind, unreasoning, irrational---."

Even John McCain to an extent realizes this, since he actually defended Obama at a town hall meeting just today when someone said they feared Obama. He said Obama was actually a decent, hard working, family man, and that there is no reason to fear him.

Nokage said...

McCain taking up for Obama at his town hall meeting was the best thing i've seen him do in a very long time, when he took the mic away from that old lady who was calling Obama a arab it really brought back some of the respect i use have for the guy.Course at the same time it was the McCain camp that helped fuel this mob of bigots in the first place.I feel McCain is clearly being jerked around by his advisors, Sarah Palin was not his VP choice and i don't think painting Obama as a terrorist was his idea either but the guy just goes along with these stupid ideas because he is told it will help him get elected which is fine and all but it shows his "country first" slogan is pure bullshit and that he is not running the campaign he truly wanted.

Gothdom said...

As a canadian, there are some things that makes me iffy about USA. It's not a bad country, it's just the views people are expressing around me (and a bit from me too).

Mostly what sucks is the patriotism. It's great for the internal politics, because people believe in the country, wants the country to work and they say "we're the best". That's a great attitude. But there are places where it has no taste, mainly in movies. Like when a world crisis happens, the hero is almost never black and is always american. In Spiderman 3, when he swings around on this epic music and stops in front of a huge American flag. That was really bad. I know, Spidey is american, but I don't know, it felt awkward and it was lame.

While I'm speaking about that, lets talk about the term "american" or refering to the US as "America". People from the US use the term to refer to themselves and I think it's a bad choice of word. People in Brazil are americans too. South americans, granted, but America is a continent, not a country. This makes the people from the US seem pretentious.

Now all these things seems like nitpicking, but it's the amalgam of all the stuff that makes other countries view the US as a big muscled dude with shades that speaks like Duff Man.

That seemed rather negative, but that's the stuck up view of the people. I know you got great individuals, such as you Dave, who think by themselves.

I hope expressed myself properly.

P.S. The Bush family knew Osama, does that makes them terrorists?

Anonymous said...

About that racism, I just finished playing some Combat Arms, it's a free shooter, NA only, I am from europe and playing through proxy.

Anyway, I mention this because there are like 99% americans on the servers and seriously, I've stopped counting on how many times I've been called - and I'm just quoting now - a "jew", a "niger", I've been told to go back to afrika (they assume I'm from america because every other country is IP locked) and what not. Well I don't believe they are openly racist, I guess they just feel save on the internet. But this got me thinking, I am from europe, Germany to be precise and I'm just upset to hear something like that. Not even here in Germany where some people are still stuck back in 1940 (Nazis) is racism such a big thing.

I usually do not play on american servers because I'm still ping sensitive, goes back to Quake 3, but from what I've heard this is daily business in other online games.

I may not be from america but I really hope Obama will become president. What McCain said about Russia invading Georgia is just scary, considering who he might become in November. "In the 21st century, nations don't invade other nations.", Iraq is just a oil pump station going by that logic. I am not saying I support Russia on this but that statement shows that McCain thinks the world belongs to america. I wouldn't trust someone like him sitting on enough nuclear firepower to blow up the world 4 or 5 times over.

Oh and, is the educational state really that bad over there? It was said in a study a few years back (Germany didn't score high either, but still better). There was this interview with Shuhei Yoshida the other day, and in the comments section someone said: "stupid chinese sony fucker praising his flopstation 3", followed by a bunch of people agreeing with him, well despite the fact that he is a blind 360 fanboy, Shuhei Yoshida is from Japan, seriously it would take like 2 bottles of vodka for me to mistake Japan for China. He may not know Yoshidas origin, but it is common sense that Sony is from Japan and therefore Yoshida is most likely as well.

If geography and different culture is tought this badly I can see where a part of the racism comes from.

PS: I've learned english by translating song lyrics so apologies if something isn't quite right.

PPS: Just dare not releasing the new Twisted Metal in the EU! ;)

Anonymous said...

David, please stop. Your actually giving liberals a bad name. You are starting to be a mouth piece for absurdity! Obama is about change, not ranting about old baby boomer ideologies. Another thing, every other word is a freaking profanity, can you articulate yourself in some other way?

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

I've been following your blog for the past couple of weeks, and I have to say, your a breath of fresh air amongst all the Politically Correct Show-Both-Sides-Of-The-Story news idiots, and those that feel their beliefs or actions do not have to have any logical or moral basis whatsoever. Hell, I'm from Ireland, and am purely an outsider in this election, but we're all bloody scared that theres even a CHANCE that a racist, morally (and possibly politically) corrupt, ancient, shortsighted, blatant bigot can become the next ruler of the most important position in the world.

For years I saw America as a beacon of hope in a war-torn, virus infested and abusive world, a place where all are born equal, all are treated equal, and all live with dignity and meaning. But slowly that illusion has unraveled over the past 8 years to reveal a country torn in two: Republicans and Democrats, Liberals and Conservatives. And the whole world has noticed it too, and America has now become the prime example of a culture gone awry.

And now the American citizens are offered a proposition: a chance to change their country, and the world. Though John McCain declares himself as some unbranded do-whatever-he-wants politician, he and his running partner are, quite frankly, the shepards to a herd of mindless sheep. And all those sheep are following his every word, screaming abuse at Obama.

None of them seem to realize Obama is the chance you have to change it all. From a quite non-biased stand point, with no party dedication and uninfluenced by American media, I see Obama as the logical, level headed, charismatic, intelligent, youthful and open presidential candidate, ready to listen to the people, and work for them. But I, as well as most of the people I talk to over here, see McCain as the slimy lizard, willing to do whatever it takes to get into office, and ready to fill his pockets as soon as he gets in the door.

So the American people have the biggest decision a country has had to make for the past 20 years on it's shoulders. The question should not be, "Who are you voting for?". It should be, "Do you want to strive for a true United States, who adapts to the rapidly changing world, and once again becomes that beacon of hope?".

Or would you prefer four more years of the same?

Unknown said...



Cliffy, did you see the South Park episode about Indy 4 on Wednesday? Here's an article about it:

You can see the episode here:

As cool as it is to call out the crappy elements of Indy 4, I wish that a more constructive message was reaching the Indy powers-that-be, what with a potential Indy 5 in the works...

Well, back to the politcal melee.


Exophrine said...

If this starts a trend of being held responsible for shit we did when we were younger, then *EVERYBODY'S* gonna have to answer to the authorities for being associated with Ed Boon and John Tobias for their violence mongering! Do you have any idea how many kids played Mortal Kombat?

We're talking about a potentially *HUGE* increase in domestic violence! We must act now!!!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Feel exactly the same way, Jaffe.

It just pisses me off, I was ranting about the same thing the other day. My whole extended family is voting for McCain solely because one, Obama is black and two they think he's a muslim. It's like what the fuck? Can't fucking stand it anymore. I mean, I'll admit, I'm moderate on some things but one thing I can't take is the fucking racism on both sides, especially the old fucking white conservative pieces of shit that think they are so much better and farther above the rest of us, it's like fuck you, you piece of shit cocksucker go to hell. That's the way a lot of my relatives are and it sickens me that they can't open up their minds to new stuff. I totally feel you on this, Jaffe. Our society is full of shit and it pisses me off.


Anonymous said...

I agree people can't blindly ignore racism, but I feel you have this wrong. There is racism in America, there is racism everywhere in the world, there isn't one place that can say everyone loves everyone, that is just human nature. I do have an issue when a person pulls the race card, specially as a black person since there is been so much done because of guilt of slavery days to try to balance this. As a white guy I feel racism, just as much as any black, indian, chinese, etc. When I can't go down a street without some black youth thinking or calling me a fucking honkey, then I don't want to hear racism as a presidential promotion. People need to stop and look at the statistics. In a very few years time, the Latino population is going to be the largest race in america, followed closely by a mix a multiple races, then blacks, then whites. The use of the word minority is really becoming a joke when in the past it was brought up everyone thought of blacks, latinos, etc. Now when the white population becomes the minority will myself and the generations after me be able to get a scholoarship or assistance by the color of my skin, i think not! So what does racism truely mean? And is it okay for a presidential candidate to pull the race card just to make people feel guilty because their ancestors had slaves? The day that racism goes away is the day people are no longer around. Its time for politicians to not use stupid tricks to get them elected and deal with the real issues, like our economy, energy, and the crooks that are in both sides of our government.

Anonymous said...

This will answer your problems with race in America

Miguel said...

What is 'race'? it's a social construction. Barack Obama has not "played the race card". He simply responded to others that were bringing it up against him. He never tried to 'make people feel sorry for him because their ancestors owned slaves'. I agree that white people shouldn't have to tolerate racist remarks from blacks, the same as it shouldn't be the other way around. but make no mistake, if there is bitterness it's not because "you're great great grandfather owned mine" it's because of the fucking shit that they've gone through since then. I don't know why people think this is the case. Lynchings, harassment and killings didn't stop in 1865, shit, they didn't even stop in 1965. All of this history has an affect on people. People don't go from being beaten and battered everyday to the top of wall street. Sure, some people have risen to the top over the generations through perseverence, but largely it's simply overwhelming for people to even fathom doing their best when everyday they wake up and see humanity at it's lowest.

Anonymous said...

FFS would u actually talk about game instead of your retardedly liberal viewpoint on politics so I don't have to go to fucking DOGTOWNMAX and look at pictures of KELLY and see wtf MAXAMILLION VON ANCHAR is doing with GOW3? JFC.



Anonymous said...

JK btw.

Oh and FU Jaffe. FU.


Anonymous said...

This blog is now on my 'daily reading' list. Keep speakin' from the heart, Jaffe!

ConceptCreature said...

Even tho' I'm voting Obama, I'm a bit relieved that McCain finally chose to take the high road a bit and talked down his Ohio crowd the other day when people were calling Obama a terrorist, as well as an "A-Rab", as they lovingly always pronounce it.
McCain, who prior to this campaign, was disliked greatly by right-wingers for his moderate views, had been letting the flames of hatred get more and more heated at each rally, and that was scaring the moderates much more than drawing them TO him.
And frankly, the guy's got nothing to lose by calming the bigots down--what's he gonna do, piss them off so much that they're gonna vote for OBAMA? Doubtful.
But once again, it doesn't come down to sincerity, it comes down to strategy. If the hatred had been working in the polls, he'd continued to Election Day with the spewing of insanity.

-rallyRAYS- said...

AAA video blog... I look forward to your passionate outspoken expletive-filled sermons.

It's refreshing to know there are real people not afraid to share their personal opinions.

I should reconsider relocating to SLC for a new job...


Anonymous said...

I really don't expect an answer to this, but nevertheless, if I understand you right, you seem so angry that there are conservatives out there you describe as "mean."

How can you possibly use this as any sort of rant against conservatives? I haven't taken a head count, or done a survey, or basically have any facts period, but I don't think there is any shortage of that exact same crowd on the liberal side. You named one yourself.

It seems like if you were fair this would enrage you about both groups, not be used as a springboard against just one.

Bias is a bitch, ain't it?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

To jaffethepussy,

Yes, i agree that the ps3 will eventually fail to keep up, and will fade away into the darkness, i'll be making sure my new title will be a multi platform game.

Thank you for your question.

Anonymous said...

Read them and weep. neoliberal

Anonymous said...

Just watched your "tubed".
And yeah, racism is in every country in one form or another, and the usual politics that follows with it.
I don't know what to say about it really, except maybe fuck 'em.

I don't know how it is in America since I am not living there, but some of what you said, fits in my country as well.
All though, we do not have the same kind of aggressive "smear" campaigns, and political party personal attacks on making each candidate the bad guy.
We do have them, but not as aggressive and as personal.

But we do have our political loofheads that think racism is something that only exist in the subclass neighbourhoods etc.
Where people have certain oppinions because they have nothing to do, and crasy stuff like that.

It's really saddening since politics play a big role in our lifes, no matter if we like it or not.
Hence very important that we vote, even if it is for what we think is the lesser evil at the time.
But time tells another tale, which should make us smarter, for the next time we vote for the same, lesser evil candidate.

Anyway, I really hate the topic, ha ha.
Well, good luck America on your vote of lesser evils on election day.

Stafa said...

Jaffe, I agree with you about criticizing this country. My honest opinion is that criticizing this country is MORE patriotic then to just say this country is great. I have been using this analogy with my friends lately.

Lets say a student takes a course, and at the end the student gets an F, a D, C, B, or even an A-. Then this student says that they are the best. Now how is this student supposed to improve if the student only views itself as "the best."

So in other words, to criticize this country, point out the faults, and try to find room for improvement SHOULD be encouraged, rather then just sitting on our asses and say "well, we're the greatest nation, blah blah blah" and then we would look like arrogant jack asses to the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

first dave, I love your blog! Especially that you talk about other stuff than games. Now let me add something to your remark about socialism. I grew up under a socialism government (gremany) and I had, free health care, free universities, 6 weeks paid vacation, a job that was guaranteed for the mother after three years taking a leave for his born child and got paid 75% of her salary. What do you have here in the USA? Nothing of that! But the government buys up bad banks and I ask you why does everyone in this country think socialism is bad? I think a lot of people here say socialism = communism, but that's not true.....and how can somebody like mc cain claim he's christian? Does the bible not say help the poor and the ones in need? I see for the very first time since clinton a president who will get this country back on track and widen gap of the middle class who has disappeared in the last eight years. And in obama the world outside of the USA will see a change in the direction the USA has taken after eight dark years......

Anonymous said...

Jaffe.. you are the man.. I came on this site because I knew you were the maker of God Of War, my favourite fucking game ever.. but I came across this and man that was a great blog about the bullshit conservatives say about Obama. I'm Canadian and it bothers me hearing some of that stuff from over here. So good job bro.

Anonymous said...

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