Thursday, October 02, 2008

OK...I said I'd fuck her...and I still would...


Ok, gotta admit, she did MUCH MUCH better in the debate than I ever dreamed she would. Was it rope-a-dope? Doubt it. I mean, to me, she came nowhere close to winning and man, I always liked Biden but shucks, he was just great for a liberal like me to hear. I know there's this contingency of the country that loves this idea of electing people who are 'just like them' or with whom they would like to have a beer. But me...and alot of other folks? Man, give us someone smart, well spoken, and wise to run the country ANY day, And that is what I saw in Biden last nite. But all that said, you gotta hand it to Palin- while she did not win and she did not say anything really all that valuable- she more than made up for her horrific interviews over the last two weeks. But THAT said, someone needed to call her on her shit of, "Oh, well golly gatcha jeeze, I don't wanna answer THAT question, but how about I pick this little critter right here instead and talk about that?''s like, lady, it's a DEBATE not a fucking buffet...

Ok, up early to head to "Dad's Day" at my kid's school this morning (I have NO clue what this is...they said to show up for some hour long assembly and so, hey, I'm showing up...) and then driving to LA to meet with the Sony folks. Chat with you guys this weekend or next week. Have a great weekend!


END UPDATE ***************

...but DEAR GOD don't make me talk to her afterwards...

God, I can't wait for tonite...even if she doesn't crash and burn, it should be an interesting night of tee-vee :)


ps. is this left wing propaganda? Yup, yup. You betcha! And could you pretty much edit a video with selected clips and make ANYONE look ANY way you wanted? Sure, no doubt. BUT come on, even you die hard McCain supporters- and I respect you, I do- but you guys/gals can NOT be feeling good about this woman...can you? Really? Come on....


Anonymous said...

SNL doesn't even need to try anymore:

Anonymous said...

Well it's nice to see you remain fair and balanced and weigh all options. Make sure you whine and cry next time the media pick on you! Boo hoo hoo.

You seem like a guy that pulls on the D lever because you always have.

David Jaffe said...

Nice to see you are so blindly partisan that you can't even see when your own party- and yes, I am assuming you are an R- has disrespected its members to the point of it being an international joke...not to mention a a dangerous one, assuming McCain wins.

As for me, never voted D before until last year, ass hat.

Voted for Nader and Perot before that.

-rallyRAYS- said...

oh man, i hope she doesn't end up in office.

I'm going to start a game studio is Canada... I"m thinking about making an open world... MMO, with space marines, elves, and ninjas!

Who's with me?! :)

Anonymous said...

Well she is a Washington outsider. She doesn't know everything. But one thing you must admire her is that no matter how many negative attacks you throw at her she still smiles and never responds with sexism. The best line: "that is OK too".

That is leadership.

By the way, she gets things done.

Check this video out:


Gothdom said...

If McCain wins, and as a Canadian, we welcome you Cliffy B. and rallyrays in Canada with open arms. They say Montreal is becoming quite a multimedia town.

I think that Dave would love Montreal. It's a great multicultural place and I actually feel safe walking alone @ 4 am in an alley when I'm there. Oh, and the bars close @ 3am

sarahandsteve said...

you want to talk about an international joke: global poverty act

Anonymous said...

i'm really excited for the VP debate tonight.

Palin is going to get owned.

although she may surprise us. you never know...

Hughes. said...

I'd do her too, Cliffy B., but only if she pretended to be Tina Fey.

Unknown said...

Cliffy, the sad thing is she doesn't seem a whole lot more clever when you watch it in context.

Unknown said...

David what are your thought on this vid. Obama had it his site then took it down. This kinda of scares me. So like I said what are your thoughts,and would you let your littles girls make a vid likes this. I have a 7 year old girl and there is no way that I will let her push her to do something like this.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i wonder what your kids are going to think about your immature, sophomoric and juvenile sexist remarks when they are old enough to read.

Anonymous said...

This debate probably wont be that exciting. I've heard that it's set up in such a way that there will be no follow up questions, or conversation between the two. It'll merely be answering one question and then moving on to another one. If that's really true, then that's pathetic, it isn't even going to be a fucking debate. Still, Palin will probably say a couple stupid things, so it'll be somewhat amusing.

Btw, if she starts talking to you in bed..Just start throat fucking her!

Stat said...

It's awesome how serious people get over things as funny as this. I'm not a R- by any means, of course being a Libertarian, I tend to side with teh R- party.

I found the video, awesomely hilarious. Unfortunately I think we're at yet another election when both candidates are equally shitty, and we're gonna be forced to pick one. We'll pick the one that sides with the majority of our beliefs, period.

Yea, Palin isn't very impressive, frankly I think Biden is Far more impressive, but with the D-'s way of Government in your life I just couldn't vote D-.

Keep the remarks comin' Jaffe, you keep me smiling. High-five.

Also, make a new game. :D

and LOL @ Deometris' comment.

David Jaffe said...


well if they are judgmental assholes like you, they will prob think my comments are immature and sophomoric.

If they are knee jerk PC pig fucks like you, they will prob think my comments are sexist as well.

If they are like me, they will understand that:

a- you can make sexual remarks without them being sexist.
b- their dad happens to really like things that some people call sophomoric and juvenile.I think it's funny to talk about FUCKING a moron who happens to be hot. So my girls will think- instead of trying to hide that side of me and 'be mature', I choose to express it (as long as the venue is this case, my personal blog). I hope they -clearly unlike you- are as in touch with their true souls and spirits as I am.

Now if you would please, take a walk down to the nearest corner and go fuck yourself, k?



Unknown said...


Unknown said...

o ya and i just want to add, I'm with Jaffe on politics. Except not as pro Obama as he is, but I'm defiantly if not more ant-MacCain. I swear, if he gets elected, I'm moving to Canada.

Anonymous said...


I'm really disappointed in you.
Little Big Planet is the best game that brings tears to people's eyes just by watching it and you've not mentioned it one bit.

Anonymous said...

LOL, Jaffe, yuo owned that anonymous guy. I'm laughing so hard right now! The little bitch has no right to judge you, even if you are a sexist, lol. Just bkidding, man.

Oh, and ontopic: I'd love to fuck that milf too!

Unknown said...


Dave said that he was totally excited for Little Big Planet in one of the previous post's comments. Read up dude b4 your gonna accuse David of stuff (just sayin)

Moro said...

HAHA, 1st anon you got owned.

Anonymous said...

haha she reminds me of the mom from bobby's world.

Gothdom said...

greekdude: I might start a US refugee camp in my appartment near montreal if McCain is elected... one frozen meal President coming up!

Pizza pockets!!!

Dave: Do you know what I find funny. Is that the guy (or even gal) calling you immature and all is using an anonymous account. I know, you still don't know who the fuck Gothdom is, but at least you get some indication from
a-my other posts and
b-my email.

Oh, and about those sexual comments, it's your blog, you do what you want... and I gotta say, you have that... Playboy magazine quality on the Sarah P. issue. I sure wish my canadian candidates would be that hot. Kim Campbell looked like a bowling pin and I don't remember anyone who was hot in politics. Sheila Copps nude was horrible and so is that Smith lady.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin's secret to debate success.

erico316 said...

i agreed if biden was to be the president instead of the vp i would be more easily willing to have in the white house.I haven't made my mind up yet sarah and biden was well spoken.but i was disappointed that biden lied so much.on a lighter note this will be my first vote so i will make sure im going to back the right person. well im also saddled that both candidates cannt stay behind what they say and have change for what is best to say to win.the war in iraq horrible idea but now that we there we have to look ahead instead of saying we shouldn't be there so like get out.I believe we need to do what best long term and we should stay there without a withdraw for at least 2 years more.Next is healthcare from my understanding what we have in new york dont know if they have a nation wide plan but under obama plans he would have people who have free health care end up paying for it how is that a good idea.there are million of people in nyc with free health care does his plan make its so its affordable(meaning that the many would end up paying).They both have great energy plans but mccain off shore drilling while investing in new energy is the best i heard so far.Either way anything is better then bush and dont say mccain = bush 2 that the dem way of scarying people into voting for obama.
i wouldn't mind hearing people opinion i will response to any if i feel it of value any good reason i would reply to and good question i would too not a mindless attack on me.

Alastor Mused said...

Are we still calling you Cliffy B or did that die? I agree she did better then I expected but I expected her do to horrible so it's not much of a compliment to her. She seemed scared in the first 10 mins you could see it visibly. She was almost robotic for the full debate tho. Joe six-pack!! Oh and "Can I call you Dave?". (Referencing Palin's "can I call you Joe?" and never calling him that.) But seriously Cliffy B!

Anonymous said...

You have to give her some credit.. She is human after all, and humans for the most part are capable of remembering a script to go by if it's ingrained into them enough, which is basically how it seemed, with the exception of her stupid little side jokes and what not! I really don't get the impression she can think for herself..And god, I just have to say it, she doesn't have the right demeanor, or personality to be leading people.. She reminds me of some quirky little nerd that reads the "self-help" books to pump herself up.. Biden, in stark contrast, seems like a stoic, wise figure that has experienced a lot in life and knows what he's talking about, and will stand firmly by it.

BIVITO said...

Ive been following your blog for sometime now, and I came here because of game discussion. But I'm staying for the politics =). Nice to see a game designer/developer/producer/(any more titles you guys got?) into politics like I am. I'll start commenting more often now.


stalepie said...

Saw this on Reddit :-)

stalepie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
stalepie said...

oh wait it's photoshopped:

(as nomad559 pointed out: )

Rob Shock said...

The debate still shows she is not qualified to be VP. She is very naive on a lot of things. I don't buy into this whole "more executive experience" bullshit and I hope most others don't either. That's like saying a guy who's been the manager of a Taco Bell restaurant for the last ten years is more qualified to be CEO of Microsoft than a guy who's on the executive board because the Taco Bell guy has "more managing experience".

Rob Shock said...

PS. I would not fuck her. She's not THAT attractive.

KillerCroc said...

im not even from america (uk) but i'd vote for her if she bent over the desk at the oval office and lifted her skirt and said pop a nut in my back cabinet..

can i get an ah-men!!

Anonymous said...

I agree that she is not ready at all to run this country EVER! Look at the debate, she said general McClellan was the general of Afghanistan, but he's been dead since 1885 (look it up). When the general is McKiernan. The voices in her head got that wrong, or maybe it was all the partying she did with joe 6 pack. Whatever its always fun to see her crash and burn.

Anonymous said...

"but i was disappointed that biden lied so much" - Examples please? Palin lied a lot, reiterating many of the disproven things about Obama such as that he will raise taxes on the majority of americans.

"should stay there without a withdraw for at least 2 years more"
I don't care about the moral arguments, the war is economically unjustifiable, the country cannot afford it. You cannot defeat terrorists, they are interwoven in the sinuous fabric of the middle east, the war, short of nuking the middle east, will never stop terrorism and it's pointless to even try.

"there are million of people in nyc with free health care does his plan make its so its affordable(meaning that the many would end up paying)."
I've had a good look at both's proposals on health care, I'm seeing lots of conflicting information about why each is good or bad...McCain's doesn't seem that substantial a change and would increase income tax.

"shore drilling while investing in new energy is the best i heard so far"
The solution to high gas prices isn't to drill off coast, it's false hope, bad for the environment, would have negligible effect on gas prices and distracts from moving to better energy sources.

I watched the debate, it was obvious Palin doesn't know the etiquette or how to avoid using logical fallacies. The format is really poor, it's not an argument or even a discussion, it's just both parties advertising their rehearsed positions.

erico316 said...

1st he had changed almost all his position that cost him the run for president to obama and hill.
2nd i did not say that sarah didnt lie just not as much.
3rd obama is not ending the war til 14 months so what i said of staying in iraq longer is something both side are going to do just one is being more up front about then the other
4th offshore drilling can bring gas prices down but wont til 5-10 years from now.but its can reduced the prices faster then we can make new tech integrated into a nation wide system.
5th sarah held her own and of coarse binden won but not by much.
well going to watch family guy new eps on

Anonymous said...

Hey Cliffy, there's an interesting post up on Kotaku about political donations by gaming big wigs:

Any thoughts?... specifically do you think game design has evolved to the point where the political views of the creator can discerned from any/many of their games?

Rob Shock said...

erico: Offshore drilling will do nothing to bring gas prices down because oil will still be on a world market regardless. The only thing drilling on our own soil will do is make money for oil companies. The only reason Obama is making it part of his plan is because it is a politically popular policy. The fact is, the reason we never drilled these areas had little to do with the environment and more to do with the fact it was not cost effective to do so. Now, with the price of oil so high, the hard-to-reach oil on our side of the globe will finally make the profit the oil companies need to justify drilling here. It's going to do little for our energy needs, our dependence on foreign oil and gas prices in general. It will do everything for big oil profits.

ConceptCreature said...

I'd say the debate was a wash. Basically I think the real challenge of the debate was for both candidates to stay safe, and do nothing too crazy to throw the balance of opinion one way or another. But you're right about people's opinion of her. I gave my mom a simple challenge: "Tell me why you like Palin WITHOUT using the word, 'Maverick'!" Her response?
"She's just a regular person."
Well, I'm sorry, but today's times do NOT call JUST for a, "regular person", these times call for an EXTRAORDINARY person, someone that doesn't just reach the bar or hit par for the course, but a political rock star that can work the partisanship and have the visionary mind of John F. Kennedy.
Unfortunately, I don't see that in EITHER candidate. I'm still voting for Obama, but after his submission to the corporate bailout of $700 Bil, I realized that either A)He's doing the same thing as FDR, and waiting to get into power to make a rescue plan, or B)Just doesn't have the backbone that I thought he did. I'm leaning towards B. But I've also signed up to be a poll worker in West Palm Beach, which as we know was the ground zero for the 2000 election, so if things possibly go wonky with the votes, I should be on the front lines to clarify the situation. I highly recommend EVERYONE to get more involved with your country in whatever way you feel you need to in order to put power back in the people's hands.
That's right, put the video game player down for a little while--as long as you've already bought the game, you're not hurting Dave's revenue stream, no worries! :)

Joel said...

hey man, unrelated to your post, but i saw your letter for the son of an editor on Kotaku, giving advice to him on how to improve his design-skills for the level he's making on LBP.

very cool of you to do that! and good advice too!

i hope when the game does come out, you do write up your impressions, and give some of us faithful readers some advice on platforming design.

i've already tried making a level, in the beta, and i can safely say, i am not an instant pro at it! but i do love game design, so i'm going to keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe, another question,

Since fuckability features so prominently in your punditry, I wanna know:

If you HAD to fuck either Palin or Obama AND whomever you did the dirty with was made President (magically, by fucking you, bear with me here...), WHO WOULD YOU FUCK?

The world needs to know.

Anonymous said...

Haha, I thought this was a pretty good "parody", and it does have some truth to it.

Anonymous said...

YTMND - PALINTMND The envoiroment

Luzid said...

"Well she is a Washington outsider. She doesn't know everything."

She doesn't know anything - she thinks man walked with dinosaurs!

You can't make up stupid like that.

Anonymous said...

Inappropriate Kid's Slide

stalepie said...

Re: 30 Second Palin

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