Wednesday, November 19, 2008

COME SEE ME THIS WEEKEND!...well, sort of :)

Hey- so the folks who put on the Video Game Expo (that's VGXPO to you and me) asked me to come speak this weekend at the big show. Problem is, it's in Philly and I didn't want to travel so close to Thanksgiving...lots to do around here, ya know?

BUT they were kind enough to allow me to attend via the magic of Skype and/or Ichat. Now I know we tried something similar in Nottingham a few weeks back and had some tech glitches. This should go smoother as we:

a- are gonna prob. go with the stabler Skype versus Ichat
b- are going to test it out more thoroughly than we did in Nottingham...we DID a test but failed to take into account duration which- it turns out- matters. Longer you are on the signal-especially so far away- worse it seems to get. I don't know why, but there you go.
c- The show location and my house are much closer than my house and Europe so the signal should be stronger/better.

Anyhow, I've been turning down many of these very generous invites over the last year as I really have little to say that I don't already say here on the blog. And I figure if you care enough to come see me talk, you've already cared enough to visit my blog (where you can see me rant from the comfort of your own home/laptop) and so, what are you really going to get out of this? Also- until I have a new game to promote- what the hell am I really? A guy with a big mouth and a blog who has cranked out some hit games working with some amazing teams but has not had a real hit since 2005? I mean, shit...I'm this close to signing autographs sitting next to the game designer of Hungry Hungry Hippos and the chick who played Small Wonder at Comic Con next year :)...and trust me, some of the Jaffe haters would tell you that I don't even rate that! Fucktards.

BUT this whole virtual appearance thing is pretty darn neat to me. And so doing it that way is enough to bring me out into the semi-real world. But after this, I prob. won't be doing anything like this till we are promoting the new game. I mean what's the point really?

As for promoting the new game, when is that, you ask? Well at least I hope you ask!

Who knows. Going to visit Sony today but we prob. won't pick a launch day. My gut/guess tells me we're looking sometime in 2010. Certainly not later than that. Perhaps sooner.

Ok, gotta pack for my trip!

Take it easy ya'll! And come see the virtual me this weekend in Philadelphia!



maartyrr said...

Jaffe? Coming to my home town? oh shit. Anyway I am dieing for your new game. I just hope Sony gives you the ok to actually show us some real footage of it. I'm not saying that you're cock tease of blue prints, sticky note pads and bad drawings lol are fun in their own way, myself and everyone at TMA have been speculating on how its all going to add up. But goodluck with everything and maybe I'll hit the convention this weekend.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Hello David,

Yes, am askin, what is the game??

Are well, at least if it's goin to be about 2010 I'll be able to afford some decent PS3 and 360 games in between.

Am really hoping you and Sony show us some footage early next year though.

Nice way to bring in the New Year and that.


Anonymous said...

Damn Jaffe... the one time I would get to see you, and you go all technology on me. I lurk bigtime on your blog, because I just recently discovered you had a lot to say, and say it like me and my buddies when we go out for beers.

You've got a good head on your shoulders, and you use it to make good games. Keep it up.

- Erik, in Philly

Anonymous said...

2010 damn that is a ways off, whatever you do, try not to release it in the Fall it's a joke how many big name games come out then, and a lot fall through the cracks because people can't go out and pick up 6 or 7 different video games in the span of 2 months!

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

Been watching your podcasts for the last few months and enjoy them a lot, hope you keep em going for awhile.

One question, is 2010 when you start to promote the game or is that when you think the release date will be?


Anonymous said...

hey it possible for you to record the incoming video feed? and then your outgoing video feed? cause then people could run both at the same time and kinda see whats going on from the comfort of their own homes

Anonymous said...

...are u gonna work with sony on GOW3?

R.Bunk said...

You are totally phoning this in. :(

GrYnder McDuff! said...

"whatever you do, try not to release it in the Fall it's a joke how many big name games come out then, and a lot fall through the cracks because people can't go out and pick up 6 or 7 different video games in the span of 2 months!"

Agree. This Fall there have been... about 10 games I wanted at least try out. I have less than half of them actually purchased. Not that I don't want them. I just can't afford them :(

Anonymous said...

Sweet. Have fun in Philly Jaffe! Oh, and just curious, what do you think of the new dashboard update for the 360?

Cya later,

lb003g0676 said...

Exciting... Wish I was in Philadelphia. Hope the game is announced early next year, so you can tease it.

And how did the demo go at Sony? I read the Incognito guys were there, and it went well for them.

Haven't heard if Naughty Dog were there, but I'd love to think they showed off some Uncharted 2.

I assumed it was SCEA thing only, so forgive me if there were other devs there.

Anonymous said...

You should do this on occasion for us blog readers. It'd be fun, come on, indulge us (me).


Anonymous said...

Please make some games for the 360 Jaffe

Anonymous said...

Hi there David,

I'm glad to hear that your game has
come along way since you established your new studio. I'm waiting eagerly to know what the game is when ever you find it suitable... good luck...

AG... Saudi Arabia...

Sadeq said...

2010? Holy monkey balls. What the heck? I thought you're not making games that are in the scale of God of War anymore. I hope it's early 2010, something like March-May.

Anonymous said...

playing Jeanne D'arc, lucky boy... the game isn't release in europe cuz britains don't want be the bads guys...

Anonymous said...

No doubt you've already considered this, but have you thought of using PlayStation Home to communicate through these unattendable events in the future?

- David

Miguel said...

I like how they spelt xpo with a capital X! that shit is XXTREME!

Anonymous said...

please marry me david jaffe. you are just so awesome. i have so many fantastic memories of playing TM 2 on the original playstation with my brother and dad. and then God of War is such an awesome game that you deserve much accolade. so therefore i am in love with you, and totally want to marry you.

P.S. im a dude <3

Anonymous said...

Why any information for god of war 3 since long time?.

Jonathan 3:16 said...

ehy .. Hi Dominican brotherly am ... Ray god of war: it was a resounding success, God of War 2: The playstation 2 cojieron lot of smoke and burned nearly to the end of both .... and now god of war 3 for the most powerful console ... I am a follower of sony ... and a great admirer of your masterpiece psyche like brother and at least give us a preview of what lies ahead for the version of PlayStation 3 because here in the Dominican Republic there are many fans who want to see it

Joel said...

2010 does seem far off, but on the brightside, at least you'll have plenty of time to tune the game.

hope things went smoothly with the sony meeting.

Anonymous said...

Hey man,

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Sunny_Gurlukovich said...

Hi David,

I'm a German games journalist and I need to talk to you about an article in our magazine I'd love to feature you in. How can I contact you more effectively than this way?


Anonymous said...

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