Friday, December 19, 2008


...with STEAM!!!

Sitting here as the weekend rolls in and thinking, "I'm in the mood for some PC games" I know I have some I need to play for the awards and such, but I was like, "Nah, this weekend I wanna play some stuff I just want to play for me..."...and so I go to the STEAM store and grab Sid Meier's Pirates! (played on the psp for about 1 day and loved it but never went back cause I got busy)...and so I am getting that now and also getting TF2, as I only played that on console.

How fucking cool is this to shop for mass market, BIG, full games from your fucking desktop?!?!

I know I am 18 months late leaping onto the Steam train but fuck it, better late than never!

I love this shit!



greekdude247 said...

Ohh I liked Sid Meier's Pirates. Just wish there was more stuff to do but really fun to casually play. Ya Steam is really great. Try Peggle. Its really casual but addicting. And its free!

pn18 said...

Dude, buy L4D.

fordtech2802 said...

Hey Jaffe I asked to join you club on home let me on bro thanks.

Luka Anicic - LukaX23 said...

Lol I gotta try steam some time! You're on an iMac right David? And you're using Windows on it right? Or is this site Mac compatible too? Questions questions questions....

lb003g0676 said...

Okay... okay, if you are gonna go on Steam, and you don't have it. Abe's God Damn Odyssey.

Abe's Odyssey, and Exodus, and if you don't play it David, you might as well watch that video over again.

Seriously though, what have you got so far? Great way to max your credit card xD

Tom Scholes said...

Left 4 Dead, Then we have a Eat Sleep Play vs. Avalanche match :O

BZKlint said...

Try looking up Battlezone and Battlezone II: Combat Commander. They were made in 1998 and 1999 but I still consider them to be my two favorite games of all time :)

Pretty much this is how it goes...
You go from planet to planet collecting bio metal which you use to build things like factories, armories, silos, gun towers, hover tanks (most units hover), etc. You usually start out with just a recycler which is the pivotal production unit which, if destroyed, means you lose. So over time you have to build your base and manage scrap metal (which has biometal in it) that your scavangers collect so that you can keep your base secure. And while all this is happening you also have to defend yourself against the enemy (BZ1: Russians BZ2: Scions (aliens)). Missions usually end if you die, your recycler is destored, or if you destroy the enemies recycler. And yes, there are plenty of other missions past "destroy or be destroyed" but I can't think of them right now. Basically, it's a combination of an FPS and an RTS. (and yeah, you CAN get out of your ship)

Here's the trailer of the first one:

David said...


eschmiel said...

TF2 is the only game you will ever need

ANingen said...

"How fucking cool is this to shop for mass market, BIG, full games from your fucking desktop?!?!"

I've been doing that for years. It's called My attention span isn't so bad that I can't just play my current games while waiting for new ones to get here. PLUS I can sell those games when I get tired of them.

More importantly, I just like having a physical game and a manual I can take into the shitter.

Chris R said...

"I've been doing that for years. It's called My attention span isn't so bad that I can't just play my current games while waiting for new ones to get here. PLUS I can sell those games when I get tired of them.

More importantly, I just like having a physical game and a manual I can take into the shitter."

yea but no one said anything about a bad attention span, lots of people go through digital media for games now, generally it costs less...and lots of people dont sell games...myself included, ill treat it like a movie and return to it one day when im in the mood

but dave did you nab HL when it was $0.99? my bud sent it my way cause i didnt have a credit card at work and its seriously awesome...i too just got on the steam wagon at that time, but i love where the media has gone...

i mean, years ago games like pixel junk eden or flower never would sell....and super street fighter 2 turbo (although totally awesome) i dont think would have done as well as it has if it was $49 on the shelf (tho i would have bought it)..and as much as i love calling all cars, i dont think it would exist without digital really to the guy that is still living in a cave and not enjoying the benefits of dig media...shouldnt you be out listening to your i-8track?

da criminal said...

I have enjoyed digital media before with music and stuff like PSN and XBLA and shareware,etc.

I am talking more about:

a- FULL featured box games that are HL2 and PIRATES and such...

b- the interface and ease of use's a cliche but it really is as sweet as itunes but for games...they could make the actual look and flow of the site better but besides that it's a joy to give them my money...and I LOVE that I can buy games that physical retail would stick their nose up at these days (Jack Keane, Pirates).


Chris R said...

"I have enjoyed digital media before with music and stuff like PSN and XBLA and shareware,etc."

BAHAHA sorry i wasnt knocking you at all dave...sorry if thats how my post sounded...

it was actually in response to someone a few posts up who comes across as against the medium

Gazzo said...

I think the interface is really neat, I've never messed with STEAM though. Partly because I'm not that much of a PC gamer, but mostly because my PC is pretty old now and just doesn't have the power to play most of those games, mostly because of RAM issues.

Also, since I missed out on the last post --

Goddamn. I don't even...WATCH that stuff, let alone record myself while I'm watching it. You're nuts, David, freaking nuts. But it's alright...maybe.

st00pidity said...

18 months? lol

try like 6 years late

WickedWumpus said...


I'm wondering if you were ever hesitant to download a game because you don't actually get a physical copy. I like getting that book with the game to look at and I like having the CD around in the event of a hard drive crash so the fact that the game you buy is purely digital keeps me away from downloading games.

Anonymous said...

This it OT but I just wanted to say I enjoyed the interview you and Scot did. I got the link off N4G...good read but it's still such a tease :)

Anonymous said...

Get stalker while its only $5 (this weekend) its a pretty good game.

YuffietheGreat said...

Wow. Sounds like an awesome site, I'll check it out. I see you are on Metal Gear Solid 4. If you play the online arena lets game sometime. Peace out!

Tankzilla said...

TF2 is such a better experience on PC.

Lets play sometime, add me WarrenPeace

You know another great thing about steam is that I guess every weekend, they have a great deal going.

The only thing bad I have to say about steam , is that as far as physical copies, I like having them if only to trade my games for others I havent played and steam is a kind of ultimate DRM.

I mean I wouldnt have played half of the console games I have now, had I not been able to trade/sell my old ones.

StressedOutCat said...

I love the idea of steam, however if you live outside the USA it is ridiculously overpriced and everything comes out way later.

at least with the PSN even if I don't want to use the European PSN ( which is crap ) I can make a US PSN account and use that.

Sadly with Steam it is IP filtered so there is no way for me to access it.

I think Gabe Newel doesn't like Europeans .. ( maybe he had a bad holiday experience ? )

KonKat said...

My girlfriend LOVES Steam! I use it but I don't play PC games at my house, I usually play at her place. But yea, Steam it pretty fucking cool.

CleanNJerk101 said...

David are you allowed to blog on any GoW stuff? cause i'm sure we'd be interested to know it's origin, how you came up with the idea etc. & please include sex mini game again for GoW 3( BAHA ) lol

Matthew said...

Guys try out World of Goo on steam, the polish is AMAZING! The music is great, plus the demo has like 1/4 of the whole game.

lambofevil000........ tim stever said...

at least this story is glass ass free. dc vs mortal kombat is only fun because of kicking supermans glassy shining ass into a few walls then slicing him with a final slice and dice with baraka who rocks and kicks the glass out of his bloody malnutritioned ass

warezIbanez said...

Haha, it does look like someone has been out of the loop from Steam... I've played a ton of Counter-Strike, Half-Life, etc, and built maps and additional stuff for CS as well. Look me up on Steam as pwnedbyIbanez.

Naustradamus said...

Hope ya like Steam man, it wasn't to good a first, but I really like it now. Only bad thing about it is you don't have the disk, and you can't sell it to someone if you wanted, but since I'm a collector, its just my thing :)

I'd greatly request Left4Dead if you can ... but I know your busy. Keep up the good work man!

FernandoDANTE said...

DUDE, let's play some TF2!

Viprdude on PSN said...

what is your steam name david? also, when did u create your account.

i have a 6 digit account that was one of the first made when steam was put out.

Anonymous said...

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