Friday, December 19, 2008



I was going to link to this for you. I really was. But I'm just not. I'm not a tease. If you want to see it yourself, search it yourself.

But man, maybe this is fake. This has to be fake, yes?



lb003g0676 said...

Can someone outline what it is, so I can judge if I want to watch it or not.

I ahve a strong stomach, nothing like that, I just wanna be able to sleep tonight.

David mentioned blood and shit, and that sounds nasty like he cuts his arse or something....

Rodrigo said...

Holy shit!
I think David Jaffe is growing up!
What will we do now?

Zodiak said...

I think I'll avoid that site lol....I got dinner on the table! But judging from the sounds, good God it sounds bad!!!


grasshopper said...

Your expressions were great...up until the sad ones hit.
Got me curious Dave...

PyroHazard said...

You want something really sad? I saw a series of pictures that showed a young girl cutting and mutilating herself to the point where you could actually see tendons and bone.

...and the scars from her previous endeavors. Ugh. The world is a twisted place.

Phreaker47 said...

God damn you dude, I'm fucking damaged. Damaged! Fucking brutal dude.

PS: awesome

Jesus said...

Haha, nice face expressions XD

Hey David, Im from Mexico and I would like to have your PSN ID, please send me by e-mail:


Anonymous said...

Oh for Fuck sakes why did i watch that

Anonymous said...

omg, You mentioned 2 girls 1 cup... jesus. Im not gonna sleep for a week. Thanks Alot. I think I'll pass on this one.

Anonymous said...

i am not gonna watch this

Anonymous said...

lol is that a shot glass or a normal size glass that he sits on? and thats a very small dick, probably the exact same size as dave's

PlayStation Museum said...


That's some freaky sh*t. I hope it's not real. Does he scream at the very end?

Luka Anicic - LukaX23 said...


yog-sothot said...


I laughed so much just watching David's expressions. I don't need to see what David watched... Well, actually I dare not ^_^

yog-sothot said...

"God damn you dude, I'm fucking damaged. Damaged! Fucking brutal dude.

PS: awesome"


still, I'm not watching this shit

John Donne said...

It is pretty bad. I wonder if you'd ever fully recover from something like that, physically.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to spare myself the emotional distress..
I'm all for whatever floats your boat as long as your happy and not hurting anyone but...BUT I am so dead against exploitation it sickens me.

No one does these things for fun, thrills or seeks pleasure from these dispicable acts. It's human exploitation at it's worst and I won't support these sites hit counts so someone can profit by them.

It saddens me some poeple are that desprate for money or have so little respect for themselves or others.

My isssue I know, but some things you know are just wrong...sort of like your feelings about the PSN commercial. only this seems to be way out from there.

Smackabe said...

To lb003g0676, imagine a 180lb man sitting on a glass naked, he gets it a good ways in then disaster. Imagine broken glass inside your bung hole, you'd want to dig that shite out as fast as you could and that's exactly what this guy does. I mean what the hell did he expect to happen, 180lb vs a glass, dang.

Sure looks real to me.

Anonymous said...

Looks like he did it for his own jollies, no one on earth would pay to see that.

max said...

It was 1guy1jar wasn't it?

JuJu_Guru said...

I think i'll pass David. Your expressions were priceless though!

Anonymous said...

Okay, I had to watch it 'cause I've seen plenty of horrible crap in my life. Its not watching Chechnyan soldiers get killed or animals getting skinned but its still tough.

It HAS to be fake because if the guy can inflict that on himself and then work through the aftermath without making a peep?!

tmforeverTMA said...

Yeah, I know some people have some rather weird sexual desires, but that guy deserves the suffering. What, did you expect to easily pull it out of your ass without it breaking? Wow, just wow is really all I can say. The video itself didn't piss me off or gross me out, I was just infuriated with how people can be such horny morons nowadays.

max said...

Also, no, this is not fake. Shit looks too real.

It's been on 4chan for a week or two now, so it's kind of old news.

Next time I stumble upon some shit like this I'll give you a heads up David, so you're not a month behind lol.

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the title of your blog I knew what video you were talking about.

greekdude247 said...

ya, I haven't seen Two Girls and I really don't want to see this. I think I would freak the fuck out if I saw that stuff.

Tofuonophd said...

The only word that came to mind is the same as yours Mr. Jaffe......sad.....

Anonymous said...

I too would like to know your PSN id, my email is and my psn id is SteveKishi.

randall said...

thats fucked up dude no other way to explain it.

Dre said...

someone sent me that shit last week and i was like whoa this is kinda gay....wait, wait, wait....what the fuck!

aww hell no...i felt bad for the dude butyou reap what you sew

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This is one of the things wrong with the world today. My initial response to your blog, Jaffe, and to the website mentioned within said blog, was to not feel sorry for the guy. If someone is that dumb to do something like that deserves what they get. But on the other hand when someone is that disturbed to perform such a disgusting act, one can't help but to feel pity.

In the end all I have to say is this: better them than me, man.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. I'm damaged.

Matt said...

Holy crap!(not a pun or joke) You are right that was sad and horrible.

dawimp523 said...

Looks like I don't need to watch the video after reading these comments detailing the video! Although, I'd sort of like to see the person who did this act, as well as his friends, and figure out if they're all stupid, or the friends just wanted him to embarrass himself. If it was the guy's conscious decision to do that, then I shouldn't feel sorry for him. If he has some type of mental or psychological issue, it's hard not to feel sorry for him. And I definitely heard a loud "NOOOO!!" at the end.

No way I will watch this video. I will ignore it just like I ignored "2 girls 1 cup." Although, I will admit, I tried to search for it on Youtube, but I kept getting fake videos, and links to the real video, and then I thought, "No, I can't do this." Besides, the reactions to the video are better than the video itself. Family Guy forever immortalized this phenomenon:

...and I can't find the video on Hulu. Oh well, if you have time on your hands, you might be able to find it!

Also, Jaffe, did you have that same reaction when you watched "2 girls 1 cup?" I'm sure glad I don't have friends that forward me horrible stuff like this!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the title of your post, I knew what it was! It's hilarious, I didn't have the sound on though maybe that makes it worse.

About 5 times this week I have seen other people mentioning things that I first heard about from forums, the girl cutting herself mentioned by the 5th poster is another example. Great site.

robin said...

Oh man david!!
I got so frightened!!
Dont do that again please!;-)
greetings from switzerland,

Anonymous said...

F*cking yuck!

The blood seeping out really makes this sick, anything but blood!

TBH 2-girls-1-cup is nothing compared to this. This really is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Please don't use this as a font of inspiration for a new game.

Krono said...

This is far worse than 2G1C. In case of 2 Girls... nobody gets hurt and it might have been fake. This one looks too real. I don't even know if the outcome was expected or not - he had scars on his thighs, but this stuff looked like a surprise to him.

And you are right, it is sad. Some mycobacteriae that could be where his jar went are lethal if they get to the blood. That is so messed up.

Weird stuff that's actually funny (like 2 Girls or kidsinsandbox) is fine by me, but this wasn't funny at all. It was horrible.

Anonymous said...

Must ... resist ... watching

jeffrey said...

I'm not gonna watch it, sounds horrible. 2 Girls was funny, no one was getting hurt. I've got a good one for you, and it's not a sad one...


That video is all kinds of fucked up. This world isn't a bed of roses folks.

And Obama can't automatically fix most things (i even doubt he would be able to fix some things).

SonyJunkie said...

I was actually laughing at your reaction at first. I was literally laughing out loud until you said it was sad.

Now I don't know if I want to watch it, but I will.

SonyJunkie said...

I just saw it and it is gross. I couldn't even finish it. It was so gross. OMG!! That is so wrong and everything that isn't good. Shewww. Ewww!!!

Quirk said...

Welp, I've got a new internet trump card to replace "Church of Fudge" when I need to out-gross someone online now. Thanks David!

PyroHazard said...
You want something really sad? I saw a series of pictures that showed a young girl cutting and mutilating herself to the point where you could actually see tendons and bone.

That would be the German emo cutter girl we found at the Something Awful forums. Yeah, that was bad but hey, we found out what board she posted on and got her some help, so she won't be shredding herself hopefully anymore.

KonKat said...

I'm gonna avoid that site but I could imagine it.

Anonymous said...

Well, this can't be the most disturbing video in the net... There's some with guys chopping their own becker off... :|

Shadow2009 said...

hey jaffe i just watched that and i too have to say thats the saddest thing ive ever watchedd btw jaffe wats ur psn id my email is send ur psn to my email and ill add u. anyways im going back to finish chains of olympus finishing it on god mode

Anonymous said...

Oh for FUCK'S SAKE....that had to be the most awful thing I have ever seen. As soon as the waterfall of blood flowed out that was it. I had to turn this shit off. I think I lost my faith in humanity after viewing that shit Please don't ever mention awful shit like that. HORRIBLE simply HORRIBlE David.

Shadow2009 said...

hey jaffe if ur seeing this i wrote a article based on the god of war movie ake a look im not trying to spam or anything just take a look plz

CleanNJerk101 said...

Dude don't get me wrong I think you're a great developer/writer & all but please don't fuking tell us that shyt BAHH just suggesting lol watch BME pain Olympics guys but I warn fuk you.

Quirk said...


BME Pain Olympics is so so much worse. The death-metal they put to it makes it a million times more sickening I think. Sorry, Church of Fudge is still the best gross out thing online for the sound effects alone. And in German to boot.

[ja, bless me in sheet!]
*Nurses face up to priest's ass*

Anonymous said...

You do know the BME Pain Olympics is fake, right?

That leaves a good chance of this video being fake as well.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing all the time I watched your video and reaction... Please, it's so damn hilarious, watch something else, I want another video! xDD

Anonymous said...

Fuuuuuck, I hate myself for being so curious. I watched it... this video is sick, but I saw some sicker (you know, 2guys... and some animal, you probably know which one), I lose my faith in humanity. Jesus... I miss those times when I was an innocent kid ;D...

neogaf kadab said...

dammit dude!!!
what the fuck was that?
oooo man the violence.
if you can watch that.
you have definitely played
too much god of war.

DarknessInZero13 said...

That was fucking terrible. Sorry dude I wouldnt want to hug that guy ever. If hes that sick I woldnt want to go near him.

Cortez said...

Jesus man. That is fecking sick.

I agree with you's pretty sad, and you do kinda have to feel sorry for him, as he'll have to try to explain that one to the hospital.

Hate to say it, but it really doesn't look fake. It's actually pretty sick, but then it's a damn stupid thing to try or do in the first place.

Why would you even want to do that?

Meh, he shouted "Noooo" at the end of it too, when the cam just cuts off.

I think to be honest, he should have shouted a bit more than that.

Some people, man.

Anonymous said...

hey man im not saying to look it up but if you want to see something really fucked up about 20times worse than that vid look up bme o my god it freaked me out for weeks just do it if you dare. i dare you said...

Hahaha, its such a old movie. But love it. At the ends he screams for his mommy! But if you love that stuff i can send you shitloads of em xD

Rami said...

I would just like to fucking thank David for sharing that website. And damn my curiosity. A naked guy + a glass cup + an ass = a bloody mess and sleepless night. Now, if you will excuse me, after 3 cans of Red Bull, I can finally go to sleep at 8 A.M. Damn.

Ruben said...

Oh dear baby Jesus! I watched up until the jar broke and that was it. I can't believe you made it through the whole thing.

Andrei Golubtsov said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Andrei Golubtsov said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Dude, when I watched your reply to this video "glass in my ass," I must admit, I kinda thought you were wussing out and about to cry. Then I watched the video and...yeah. I almost did too. It is so sad to see how far people will go. I thought he was going to die with the amount of blood he was losing. I thought maybe there was a little blood the way you were describing it. This was not the case, the dude lost at least a pint. Crazy world we live in!

near said...

I haven't watched the video, I haven't watched 2girls1cup, nor will I ever. Reason being, I just can't stand to see things like this, let alone hear or read about them. Watching your reaction, actually did get the best of my imagination and that alone scared me.

Egzon said...

While watching, you really can't help but weep for humanity...As strange as it may sound, I didn't feel disgusted, I simply sympathized with the guy.
To me, he definitely redefined what it means to be a masochist!
That's an achievement, right? Right...?
Anyways, off to seeing 2 girls 1 cup, since I haven't and I'm assuming after watching this, I'm more than prepared.

HairyAsHell said...

Your reaction was priceless, Dave. I also kinda felt sorry for the guy when I watched it. Thought he should call 911, asap! But then again, people who are stupid enough to do something like that probably had it coming.

Anyways... since you love 2girls1cup so much, then dont forget to check out 2girls1finger

Maybe you can do a reaction video for it too :)

Anonymous said...

Dave... I'm beginning to think that you like it :O It's a deviation and it will always be sick

Anonymous said...


google search SWAP.avi and see if you can make it through the whole video. nobody i have met has been able to watch the whole thing without feeling sick. also, giving up chocolate for the rest of their lives.

....consider this a bet.

AlexG said...

hmmm, I'm surprised no one has mentioned the russian hammer video. I'm to pussy to watch that but from what I've read in descriptions, some teens torture some homeless guy to death. They stab him up with a screwdriver in the stomach, and stab his eye and mutilate him till he dies. Thankfully those fucks were arrested, but judging from other people's reactions. The Russian Hammer video is probably the worst video of all time...

iceflame7777 said...

If you thought that was bad watch 3 guys 1 hammer, although it starts well, it does get boring once they start using the screwdriver, starts off well though.

Anonymous said...

Ahh Dave you sent me to a porn site!

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