Tuesday, December 02, 2008

WHEREIN I GO ON ABOUT...pretty much nothing...

Lord, I can ramble on, can't I? I need to make some time to edit this shit...still, perhaps there's something in here for you!

Take care!



Alastor Mused said...

Kinda ironic you posted about Australia and how it's supposed to catch the mood and the feeling of the older movies as it tied in with what you said about MGS4. You said Act 4 of MGS4 is a novelty. But that's just it, if you haven't played MGS1 back in 98'-99' it probably doesn't do much for you. When I played it, it opened up the flood gates of the memories of the first game. Honestly it got me excited, so much that after I beat MGS4 I replayed MGS1.
I think the problem is when you re-invigorate the old concept (without making it uniquely fresh) it dies on a new generation. Meaning the older generation is passing the content by (lack of time, money, interest, marketing, whatever...). If designers and movie makers don't add the obligatory action, sex, and violence it loses the interest of the attention deficit youth that demands it. Also poor marketing or lack of marketing doesn't reach the older gamers or older generations that loved those old movies that would be willing to give it a try.
For example, the reason you made Calling All Car's the way you did (and I'm by no means telling you what you did or trying to sound arrogant but from what you said in your blog post) was cus everyone around you felt the same way or similarly. That feeling doesn't die and technically that market doesn't die until, those movie goers that saw the movie, or gamers that experienced that particular game at that time, die. That's a crappy sentence but I hope that makes sense. Marketing seems to attract the younger fresh crowd where these older concepts don't seem to work so much. The money goes towards the younger generations.
In closing, I think why most hardcore MGS fans and fans that never played the game before enjoy the game so much is because it has everything for everybody. It's wrapped around an enjoyable (albeit far fetched plot) but it makes it a movie going experience as well. It's a game and a movie and it's got something for hardcores and something for casuals.

lb003g0676 said...

Haha... Good about the gum.

To be honest I swallow my gum all the time.

Anyway, I watched Baz Luhrmans Romeo And Juliet, and I agree completely! His interpretation is pretty self indulgent.

And I am British and have read many ShakeSpeare plays, even acted in some for English classes which was always fun to undermine, but anyway, I hate how the language of Shakespeare is untouchable..

And if you do watch it I also disagree with his representation of Mercutio as a crossdresser. How absurd.

Anyway, Calling all Cars was great man, so I am pleased, not in a sycophantic way, it was just good fun, when there were people online.

To be honest David I don't really get what you're trying to say.

Are you saying you need to inject an amount of nostalgia into games? or just the basic mechanics?

Or a convoluted way of saying you need to appeal simply to the mainstream?

I did watch to the end of it. And I am guessing it's rambling. Chapter 5 is pretty good, but I can't believe Shadow moses doesn't impress you.

Seriously I really loved Chapter 3 and even if you turn around while you're doign what you're doing, you can see that thing following you.

Sorry for spoilers, but it's awesome.

Gazzo said...

I wouldn't bother with the editing too much. It makes your videos more interesting and more personable, I guess.

You touched on some interesting subjects, actually. I was reading an interview between Gamespot (disagree with most reviews, I do like their site setup and their news, though) and some GameStop guy (his name escapes me) and I was reading through the comments and a lot of people were feeling the same way you did.

I'll be honest, as much as I like a good, small, personable store, I'm a guy that doesn't care where I get a game. I have no allegiances, I just don't care. One game I'll get at Wal-Mart, the other I'll go pick up at GameStop, and then Target. I'm all about supporting the developers and creators more than I am the stores themselves, but that's not the point. My point is, I've never really went to GameStop much, so I can't really identify with a lot of those commentators or you, but I do understand a lot of the issues you were addressing.

Also, I really, and truly, understand the nostalgia topic you brought up. One of the main reasons I want to get into some sort of creative medium (either movies or games, most likely games) is to share some of the feelings I had when I was younger. And you're right. Although you can create the same feelings, you may not be able to do it in the same way people did 30 years ago, or even 10 years ago. I thought you guys really did a good job at creating the atmosphere and feeling in God of War, and that's probably why I loved it so much. I felt like I was on a big journey, which is a feeling I don't get very often in games anymore.

You call it rambling, I call it one of your better video posts. Besides, I ramble too, so I guess I'm impervious to it. =P

lb003g0676 said...

And I ahve been meaning to say this for a while, even thoguh I am sure you are working on Twisted Metal PS3.

it's a real shame when I hear you talkign like this, that I am sure you aren't working on a new IP.

There is too much sequelitis.

Sure Uncharted 2 and GoWIII I am stoked about, SPECIFICALLY ICO3! But the odd one out there is ICO3 won't be called ICo 3, and it won't be a sequel really.

So, I just would love to see you do soemthign different.

Eventually eh? I am still a twisted metal fan.

Stegz said...

All of Act 4 and 5 is just nonstop awesome. Those two acts took mgs4 from awesome to special for me. Especially one specific part, but I'll wait to see if you mention it on your blog. Which no doubt you will.

Zodiak said...

I've had, i think, only 1 game which was opened...disc was squeeky clean, nothing on it. It's fine for me but it ruins the fun of opening it.

Yeah all Act 4 is a nice blast from the past, I don't have the game yet due to x-mas budget and economy, but it looks like a lot of fun =]


Alastor Mused said...

I'm glad lb003g0676 brought up Romeo and Juliet. I think that's one thing also. That if you try to make it too modern and whore it out it offends the nostalgic crowd that wants to see it. And a whored out Shakespeare play does nothing for a new generation. It's dead on both sides of the target audience.

lb003g0676 said...

You think?

I agree on some of that, but I also wish that peopel were brave enoguh to re-interpret the language, so we coudl read ALL interpretations and create a modern consensus of all the little intricacies of the language.

I know it will never work in exactly the same way, but comprehending the language is soemthign hardly ANYONE will do unless they put extra effort into it.

I only understand it becuase I was brought up in a literacy rich environemnt, I didn't even read books much, I was just forced to listen to the ramblings of an old man!

And also not offending the nostalgic crowd.. Well, I don't think it's offensive to explore that direction.

It's just conservative elitists who want to preserve that quite so avidly.

Why can't we explore it?

grasshopper said...

The GameStop open game thing really pisses me off. They have told me in the past they they need to open the cases to display the game on the shelf but that doesn't stop them from having cases to show months before the damn game comes out. I stopped buying crap there unless I can pick it up on launch with a ton of copies.

I haven't had Juicy Fruit in ages! When did it start being yellow...I thought it was always white.

Anonymous said...

What about God of War 3 Dave? Did you hear about them revealing it on december 14th? -> proof!! http://n4g.com/ps3/News-239376.aspx

Anonymous said...

Always good to have video posts instead of text! You're really nice to listen to, even if what you're saying is boring or incoherent (not that it ever is! :P), it's very watchable. Where as in text posts it's a lot more boring to read and your contagious excitement and passion for games doesn't get translated as well into text.

I am a huge fan of MGS4, but I have to say it was a disappointment. I don't like how otacon has turned out, that whole thing was embarassing to watch. I also felt there wasn't enough gameplay! I fondly remember MGS1 and all the different types of stealth and tactics to use, but in MGS4 the maps seemed very small, and you didn't have to learn them as much or do as many stealth things. That's why I play MGO so much, gives you that amazing stealth gameplay that MGS4 only gave a taste of.

Anonymous said...

Fuck i hate gamestop's stickers...fuck!

jaffe, don't edit your videos too much. i enjoy hearing you ramble!

i lol'd at the gum.

erico316 said...
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erico316 said...

there a epic ending which i don't want to spoil for you in mgs4.its just epic you know what i am talking about when u get to the part that is epic and is held to such a high standard to me.

Anonymous said...

To be honest, I don't think MGO will be lasting for much longer. There's around 1000-2000 (at max) people online at its busiest hours. Konami (or whoever is running it) totally ignores the community, no moderation whatsoever, on the forums or anything. You have to stick to a small group of friends over MGO, because the open communication over the game is horribly abused by immature/ignorant players. It's disappointing really..

I had more fun in MGS4 going back to it for a second time.
The game mechanics were definitely a change, though I wouldn't say they harmed it.

I really don't like GameStop for their policies, not to mention their weird pricing. Stickers.. The Stickers, I don't know what the idea was behind that one..

GrYnder McDuff! said...

HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH FUCK This video made me laugh a lot! And I'm not even half through it. Just your whole gum situation made me laugh my ass off! I just paused it after you swallowed it. "I swallowed my fuckin' gum." *stares off* "That was good though. I'm glad I chewed it. I have no regrets about that."

I laughed SO HARD at that. You got all whispery and shit, like you're talking about some hardship you finally overcame, and your glad you had the chance to experience it. Because it made you a better person or something. But it was just some fucking juicy fruit.
...The fuck am I talking about? WHATEVER! I laughed some good at that. Fuck man, you're awesome. K, I'm gonna go watch the rest of your video.


I don't have anything else to say. Oh, except... Rock 'n Roll Racing was a fucking great game and I still love playing it even today.

Roger Adams said...

You've got to give Moulin Rouge another chance. The ending is visually stunning and you will shit when you hear old rich men singing Nirvana.

maartyrr said...


I've worked for Gamestop in NJ up until last year. I can defiantly vouch that every Gamestop is a different experience. Normally the best stores are usually the one where the district manager has his/her office. (no lie) Everyone one of those personnel are model employees - and usually they are the ones that are promoted the quickest because of it. Stores that are the furthest away from the central store or the ones that are constantly slammed with trade-ins and interstore transfers are the places that have the least friendly employees. The store that I worked at was usually very slow to near dead, so every customer that walked in almost always walked out with a smile. Ah such memories...everyone loved our store

Gamestop's only true rival in terms of knowledge/inventory stock was EBgames. They pretty much kept us in check...until we bought them out and became a fortune 500 company. Now GS outsells the big retailers (in games/systems)such as Walmart and Bestbuy. They are free to change any rules as they like or see fit. I also remember that people would freak out alot about the 'gutted games' aka the games that are put in game sleeves behind the counters and the box is displayed on the wall.

The thing is, if the publishing company of a particular game would of sent us game art, or a sample casing of that game we would have been able to display it on the wall. The only problem with that is, we would have to remember to take the box down once we sell out of that game, since the 'gutted game' is our last copy. However according to our DMs that idea would cost more than its worth and be too much of a hassle so we would end up just shrink wrapping and heat sealing the games to make it look factory sealed.

I could go on and on about "all the things you didn't know about Gamestop" but I don't want to bore you.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i never really understood why people hate gamestop so much. maybe its like you said and it depends on the store you go to, because mine is generally nice. It's also convenient on getting old ps2 games i missed the first time around, though i still can't find ico or beyond good and evil anywhere.
Also, about the display sample, in stores like target and other store, when they sell you the floor sample, they are required to give you 10% off. maybe in gamestop its different because no one touches it but yea, maybe you should ask about that next time.
I personally like how, while rambling, you begin rambling about how much you ramble.

Anonymous said...

Before i forget, the beggining of act 4 was more nostalgic, it gets really epic later on.

Anonymous said...

What's up Dave

Anonymous said...

Great Post! Love the variety in posts, it really makes the blog great!

Give Moulin Rouge a chance, it was excellent!

LeGIONAIRExX said...

hey jaffe i hate when those a-holes at gamestop do the same to me,c'mon selling you an open game at retail price.next time im gonna tell them to shove and walk outta there to bestbuy where iknow ill be walking out with a shrinkwrapped game.

Miguel said...

act four's presentation is so amazing...just the snow, and the way it shows up visually on snake when you go indoors and it melts off, but still leaves those green specs on you- amazing. it's mind blowing, but it really picks up when you get to the boss fights, I think you'll really enjoy those.

Exophrine said...

3:35 - 3:41

Oh, my god, David, that's one of the funniest things I've seen today, hahahaha.

Thanks for the laugh. I like how you felt so genuinely over it...for a stick of Juicy Fruit! Good god, that was funny.

Anonymous said...

You know, the GameStop issue is a weird thing for me. They all pretty much look the same, but the managers & employees make each store different in terms of your shopping experience there. I've had some bad experiences at both of the GameStops near me. One time, I went to the one in the mall to try & find Beyond Good and Evil for the PS2, I think. I asked the guy there if they had it; he checked the computer and it said they had it. I must have checked the PS2 bargain bins 3 or 4 times over, and I couldn't find it. (So, I just caved in & bought it off of Steam!)

Also, the one in the mall is usually insanely busy whenever I go, especially on the weekends! As for the other store, I bought the R&C game, used, for the PS3 a few months ago: the woman cashier was very friendly & helpful. Unfortunately, when I got home, I found out that the game was very dirty. I tried to clean it twice, and it wouldn't work. Luckily, my dad managed to clean it, and it's worked fine ever since! In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have bought it used since it was only $10 less than a new copy, and it was damaged.

On to MGS4: the whole game is great, but Acts 4 & 5 really take it to another level. I had seen most of MGS1 on TV, so seeing & playing that in Act 4 wasn't completely shocking, but at the same time, since I didn't experience it before, it didn't have as much of an effect on me. Yet, the modern-day version of Shadow Moses is just stunning! And the music was absolutely beautiful!

I really want to play MGS4 again, but it takes too much effort to get every single emblem, and it takes so long to play it for me, even though the fastest time I've played through it was 10 hours or so.

Nostalgia is good, but I think you need to make the game (or movie, TV show, or whatever) fun for anyone being entertained by it.

I'm done, I promise!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Mike here....

Good video....funny stuff about swallowing your gum. I love Juicy Fruit myself.

You mentioned NES Double Dribble....man what great memories. The best part was the voice that speaks at the title screen.... "Double Dwibble" LOL!!!

B-Nice said...

Honestly, don't ever edit your videos because I like how personal they are.

A said...

act 4 is the best act of the game.
..and you dont go to gamestop that often do you? They've been putting stickers on opened games for as long as I can remember.

Charles Wesley W. said...

Hey David,I have been keeping up with your posts on this site for what seems to be years now and I love what you are doing! I felt that I should finally begin to reply to some of your comments. This was an ideal post to start with! I actually work at GameStop, store 560 in Chicago actually. Very interesting that you should mention those last "un-shrinkwraped" cases. 9 times out of 10, the customer will ask if that is the actual case they will be getting the game in. Before I worked at GameStop, it always bothered me as a consumer as well. I remember traveling from store to store trying to find a location that had two copies of MGS2 Substance so that I could get an unopened copy. Not only that but since the holiday season is in full swing, we are continually getting to that last case for a game, and I absolutely hate to notify the customer that they are getting the "used looking case". It is absolutely absurd. I think that with every shipment of games, an additional case should be shipped for display purposes ONLY. Corporate Gamestop has no problem with sending us promotional box art for upcoming titles to boost our reserves, so I think it is only just to send us one display box for all new games going forward. Just thought I would chime in and let you know that we, GameStop employees, don't agree with some of the regulations passed down by corporate. But yea, I could not agree with you more. Im so glad someone of your caliber has mentioned this, for now, I feel I can take action!.......In the form of an anonymous letter to the scary and intimidating Corporate GameStop LOL. Also, now that Uncharted 2 is official, do you have anything to say about Naughty Dog or Uncharted? It is undoubtedly my favorite PS3 title next to MGS4 and, of course, Calling All Cars! After all, you got to check out God Of War III. It cant hurt to ask if you have seen or heard anything on Uncharted 2. As always, keep up the AMAZING WORK!
- Charles .W.

Anonymous said...

DAvid Jaffe. thank you for these blogs of yours... they are personally meaningful to me even though I don't even know you. I think of you as a GREAT WRITER just as much as a "great video game designer" or movie-guy (seemed like you directed the God of War and TM in-game movies, but i can't remember if you did). Actually, as a movie-director I think you kind of suck, but as a WRITER, as I said, i think you've got smoething. thanks for these video blogs (they are "writing" too!)

Unknown said...

Hey Dave,

I actually wanted to also start my own video blogs. Pretty entertaining. I read that you wanted to get into the film industry? I am an aspiring filmmaker hoping to get in as well. What ever happened? Why did you decide to enter gaming? Is it that hard to get in? Should I keep going and never let anything stop me? lol. Is it hard? I am losing motivation. :( It would be cool if you shed some light on your past and why you didn't pursue film and why games and how you get in etc. Also, why are you not involved with God of War 3? Didn't you create it? MGS4, is probably the most epic game I've ever played (i cried); actually that's the game that got me inspired to become a film director!! Weird right?? One more question, how can you know your idea is good and how do you keep going with it when you have the worst doubts in your head about it?

lb003g0676 said...


I like how there's so many people sayign they've been keepign up with this blog for years xD, and people come on here and they just happen to psot for the first time in years.

Come off it, as far as I know, it's relatively new and I have only been watching for 5 weeks.



Anonymous said...

Couple of things:

1: By swallowing your gum you made my morning much better.

2: I work at a Game Crazy. It's one of Game Stop's competition but no where near as huge a chain. We operate in most of the same ways as Game Stop and depending on the store you will get the good or douche workers. Not a bad chain. We do some things better than Game Stop (but we do fall short of Game Stop in a few places).

3: I understand your point about a new game. I own over 260 games and I want them all in the best condition possible. If it's a new copy of the game I want it sold new, in srinkwrapped plastic. But it's company policy that we have to gut games and put the case on the floor to get shopper attention.

I would rather the company send us a blank box of a game that's just a placeholder then the customer bring the game to the counter and we sell them a wrapped copy. But the company would rather save shipping charges by just making us gut them.

I seem to have rambled.

Anonymous said...



Ah, what do I know--

I used to watch Dawson's Creak...

Anonymous said...

Hey David !

Can't you post a video on your blog about God of War III making it's appearance on the VGA on SpikeTV the 14th december?


Anonymous said...

Aw man, I laughed so hard at the "I just swallowed my gum" part.

I like your rambling, feels natural. Keep at it and I'll continue to watch!

Anonymous said...

After watching this video I couldn't help but think about Twisted Metal. Do people really want that kind of experience nowadays the way the market has changed ?

Maybe this is a subtle hint that it is timr to move on ?

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I just want to say, as a viewer of your blog and a fan of yours, I like to hear you "ramble" you do it in an interesting way which would keep any guy hooked till you end the post, well at least the video posts the text posts tend to get boring SOMETIMES.
I just wanna comment about MGS4, which is an awesome game which will stick in any gamers heart, don't bother listening to people telling you what to expect I know that as a gamer you will realize that the game is beautiful and which parts are just WOW!!!
I know I'm beginning to ramble just as many others did but I would just like to know your response to "Chris K"s comment about GOW3's trailer.
Sorry for the ramble, hope to see more video posts, happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

I guess I live next to the bad Gamestop. It is an awful shopping experience. Good thing Best Buy is just a few steps away from it.

Anonymous said...

Just going to post my thoughts as you speak...

GameStop has competition online. People like Game Quest, or even eBay, sell plenty of games. Though I do see how a physical retail chain would put a little fire under their asses for policies.

I alway see men women and children in GameStop. Have you ever noticed that if a man and woman come in together the woman chooses the games?

They open all their games. Since they don't keep them in cases they can't afford to have the disks in the cases if they get stolen. I'd like to see some kind of security device on the stuff, I'd rather it take them five more seconds at the register than risk some geeky idiot scratched up the disk.

Anonymous said...

No, the opening of Act 4 is not the impressive part. Just play through the whole thing. That act has incredible atmosphere.

Anonymous said...

I hate the gamestops in Knoxville, i can't ask to use the bathroom without them trying to sell me a strategy guide. I'd rather go with Best Buy, or even walmart (midnight releases).

Playing Act 4 of MGS4 was exciting. I think it was a little shallow compared to the other acts or even the original game. But getting to revisit all those classic areas PS3-style was still fun.

But to me, it's the end of Act 4 that really steals the show.