Monday, December 08, 2008


Hey! Happy Monday ya'll!


Supporter of the Jaffe said...

thanks for the post!

Mondays do suck especially when all of your football teams suck it up over the weekend. At least the beer was flowing.

Have a good week David!

Anonymous said...

What about god of war 3 god damn it...

Anonymous said...

deadspace was a pretty awesome survival horror game. All the games I'm looking forward to come out next year though ftl. I hope red faction turns out really well.

da criminal said...

What about GOD OF WAR 3?!?!

I have NOTHING to do with GOD OF WAR 3...I don't work for Sony anymore and I don't work on GOD OF WAR anymore.

They gave me the script for the game a few weeks ago and want me to read it, give feedback, and I will when I get some time. Beyond that it's no longer 'my' game.


PyroHazard said...

Speaking of GOW3, It's first gameplay trailer is going to be unveiled at the VGAs which is cool. In fact, a shitload of stuff is being unveiled.

As for that TIME list, a lot of people at the GAF are foaming at the mouth at it. Not only did it omit their favorite game (MGS4) but also their most hated game (GTAIV) made the top listing.

I thought that was kind of funny. (Still haven't played MGS4 though...what a bitch :()

Gazzo said...

Happy Monday? There's no such thing. :)

Anyway, thanks for the video. The SpikeTV thing made me laugh a bit, I'll admit.

As for digital media...I think it's a great alternative -- it's fast, it's easy, usually simple. I'm one of those people though that like to have the disc and the manual, the case/box, etc.

The more games that come out this generation, the more I'd like a PS3 to sit next to my Wii. I love me some Mario and some Zelda, but Snake and Kratos are pretty fun bastards too. Money is tight, though.

Anonymous said...

act 5 in MGS4 is EPIC and you will cry manly tears.

Barry said...

Wow. That's pretty awesome they gave you the GoW3 script. It's even more awesome they want feedback from you.

And yeah, all the "game of the year" crap that goes on around this time of year is a bunch of bullshit, but it's still fun to read the arguments of people who know what they're talking about. So yeah, I would like to know if your opinion changes after you finish MGS4.

Gazzo said...

I kind of like reading "Game of the Year" lists. I think it's pretty stupid that a lot of people get so worked up that one of their favorites didn't make somebody else's lists and whatnot, but if you couldn't already tell, I'm a pretty opinionated guy. I like sharing my opinions, I like reading and listening to other people's opinions, and I like to know why other people have the opinions that they do. That's just how I am, and that's probably how I'll always be.

That's partly why I enjoy this blog so much, I really like listening to your opinions, David.

pao said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, David I would enjoy seeing you on VGA's

Fro zone6 said...

Just new to the the site, since yesterday,

and probably watched 3/4 of all the blogs you posted since :). Just wanted to say that I appreciate you blogging, seeing as I find it meaningful that other people in such a different industry as mine take the time to inform the masses of your views, likes and opinions, keep up the good work,

Greetings from Holland.

Anonymous said...

what's up david, what are you're thoughts on Killzone 2? it's really hyped right now. the gameplay/*graphics* are just amazing. i'd love to hear what you think of it.

pao said...

lol. It'd be cool if you present an award...instead of people who don't know shit about video games.
VGAs have always sucked for me but there are a few reasons I'm tuning in for this one. God of War 3 and Uncharted 2. And apparently TEAM ICO's new game is gonna show(Rumor). Could be pretty hot.

Also, I'd like to what you think about MGS4's overall message when you finish it. Was it good? Meaningful? Worth reflecting on? Was it relevant? etc...

Anyway, hope to see you on VGAs(on tv of course).

Rey said...

hay jaffe when and if you do TMps3 will there be trophy's and add-ons?

speaking off add-ons- hase there been any word on littel big planet add ones of TM characters?

speaking of TM what happen to the clothing line that there where going to have along with the other game?

i haven play MGS4 i tryed the demo and well it did not go so well. Gears of war 2 is fun,

grasshopper said...

I love the digital downloads...if my PS3 had a huge hard drive I would rather all games were downloadable. Aside from people that love selling their games for crappy prices to GameStop I have no idea why so many people still cling to the disc.
Nice seasonal decorations on your banner on the top :)


*YAWNS*...Mondays are a bitch...:(

erico316 said...

u haven't seen anything yet David jaffe wait til you see how mgs4 ends and the biggest.................. sorry i don't want to spoil it but u know what im talking about when u play the part im talking about hope you talk about that one part.

erico316 said...

i agreed with the part of there something wrong with the time mag top 10 games.GtA4 was overrated and over hyped mgs4 lived up to it what game are you most looking forward too in 2009 that we know about?

fordtech2802 said...

Hey Jaffe so what genre of game are you working on now?Also whats you favorite?Dude I know you are not working on gow 3 but I wanted to say that series is the fucking shit and is in my top fucking 5.I have to say I am a Ninja Gaiden series fan but damn did they fucking blow it with part 2 for the 360.I hope all is well for gow 3 because I am so looking forward to it.Keep up the great work merry fucking christmas and go suck Hideo Kojima's cock Metal Gear lover.JK :]

sean said...

if u like point and c;ick get full throttle. think thats what it was called. use to play that all the time when i was lil. made by lucas arts. play some cooler biker guy.

sean said...

this is why im glad polotics is over i loved this video lol. i agree with you on teh manuals. god of war 1 is still my avorite manual ever. i loved readin about each god. and act 4 videos kicked ass. i loved that scene on the boat.

and u gotta rate teh god of war 3 script for us. just a outta 10 score will eb good enough for me. hopefully they didnt screw up your vision to much.

Zodiak said...

LOL Jaffe....going from someone who works in the game industry to a midget who did 1 porno which caused a lot of illegal downloading of the porn.

I like digital downloads. Hey Dave, do yourself a favor, try to find a nice point and click adventure game called 7th Guest...very cool old school game. And try to find Phantasmagoria, it's a horror/adventure game, really rad tribute to The Shining. Both great old school games that I have come to replay over and over again! =]

Sucks that Midway is going under...once the king of arcades now dug themselves in a grave =[

Force Unleashed? ROFL!!! I'd like to see it go by Metal Gear,GTA4, and Gears...hell even Fable 2 beats out Force.

Hey Dave, would you consider a God of War or even Twisted Metal CGI movie? They did one with Final Fantasy and Resident Evil hoping they can do one for another awesome franchise...

Yeah Dave, hope your case of the Mondays fades away soon cause I had a terrible case of receiving over 250 damn EA games at work >>


dawimp523 said...

Wow. You must be really bad if you can piss Geoff Keighley off! Spike's VGA's this year look really amazing! I don't know how they'll top the body-painted "winner" girls from last year! I'll be in Orlando Sunday, so hopefully I'll have time to watch it at the hotel, if they have Spike!

Also, I like digital downloads, especially with the DLC! If something is wrong in a game, chances are a patch will come along that fixes it! And you can download levels, costumes, songs, and all kinds of extra stuff for games! The only thing I don't like about downloads is how long it takes to install big downloads. A demo on PSN takes me at least 4-5 hours to download! And now you can download full games on consoles!

I want to buy Burnout: Paradise on the PSN, even though it's 3-4 Gigs! Steam's a really good store too! When I started out on it a year ago, I just downloaded demos. The first game I got was Trackmania Nations Forever, only because it was free! I think the first game I bought was Audiosurf. I later bought Lumines and Bullet Candy when they had their special sales, and Beyond Good and Evil for Kotaku's Game Club! I still play Audiosurf occasionally whenever I get a new album or something.

Also, Act 4 & 5 in MGS4 are amazing, but the ending is really long and dramatic. I think you can skip each scene (you have to skip all the cutscenes later if you want a "perfect" playthrough: no kills, time less than 5 hours).

Anonymous said...

I feel sympathy as well for the folks working for developers that have been zapped by the tripod robots, so to speak. Hopefully they'll get back on their feet.

Brash Entertainment, whom didn't make it passed it's first year, is sinking, and now reports of Midway being affected by the economic crunch. It's sad days, man.

However, I'm sure the publishers who had the money to buy up other dev's are probably thanking their lucky stars that they've made those purchasing decisions in the past. Ms. Cleo must've been working over time I guess.

Mordiford said...

The Jack Keane game is reminiscent of the Monkey Island series.

I have never seen the Spike VGA's but it sounds worth checking out.

As for downloadable games as opposed to hardcopies i believe it is a brilliant alternative but I am a little weary of DLC. My only fear is that some developers may use DLC as an excuse to release unfinished products with the idea that they can make more money on an unfinished game by finishing it through DLC. I think when a game comes out of the gate it should be comepleted, polished and ready to go and DLC should be worked on AFTER to add on to the complete experience, not to finish up half assed work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dude if you want an amazing old school point and click game you should definetly try out "The Last Express!" It's got to be one of my all time favorite games next to god of war, just saying.

David Batista said...

That was an excellent one. I've been following your blog now for a few months, and just wanted to say thanks for all the massive amounts of win you provide on a nearly daily basis here.

I posted this on my blog a while back, on the role GoW played in bringing back my love for all things gaming:

Truly, thanks for all the fun . . . and keep up the good fight!

Bigrhyno said...

I don't want to spoil Act 5 for you, but damn, it's relatively short compared to the rest of the game... but damn it is the most adrenaline inducing Act. The boss fights are great, and again without spoiling anything... this one particular moment may make you sweat you are into it so much. Just know that you are in for a treat.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I'm not sure why but listening to your rants never gets boring. Keep up the good work man!

Anonymous said...

David, have you heard ludacris's new video game song? It is nauseating but you have to hear it! Let us know what you think =)

PS i doubt that spike hates you haha

Anonymous said...

Act 5 in MGS4 has one of the most memorable sequences in gaming IMO. Enjoy. :)

Alastor Mused said...

FYI- Bee's do run away from smoke in real life. Perhaps that's why it's in game.

PSFreak1 said...

MGS4 is Amazing, David When r u gonna buy POP, its INCREDIBLE, although its too easy!

Nicholas Souza said...

Hi Jaffe!
First post here.

I think that GTA IV was more of the same to be on the top. Braid was a nice WOW! game this year and really made me happy playing. You keep always learning from the game and never get bored.

What do you guys think of it?

Anonymous said...

mgs4 is just epic and anyone should play it its just soo good and really closes an era

the end brought tears to my eyes and im a 27 year old man

albrnick said...

Heya Jaffe!

If you like old school adventure games, the latest hot one is "The Lost Crown". I just picked up today, and can't wait to play. (Review at: )

And if you like fun puzzles "Safe Cracker" is pretty much just a bunch of puzzles. (You are stuck in a mansion, etc..) Fun diversion, not alot of story.

BTW, the ending of MGS 4 is IMHO, one of the all time best endings. First time I ever cried in a video game. (And the struggle down a hallway at then end.. Just awesome/felt so involved in that..)


yog-sothot said...

MGS4 rocks ! Let us know what you think about the end of the game (some love it, some hate it, even amongst MGS fans)

You're right when you say that everybody has it's own GOTY, but you are even righter (probably not good english but you'll understand) about the "SW:Force Unleashed ??? WTF ???"

Anonymous said...

act 5, is the best part out of all them

Cartman86 said...

It's nice to see someone in the industry like MGS4 these days. It got some good press (and some bad) when it launched but ever since then it's sort of been forgotten (I know that's maybe a little extreme). Though when you put Force Unleashed on a list higher then MGS? I just get a feeling people just want to hate Metal Gear. They don't like long cutscenes and they are looking to hate it.

Joel said...

i liked your war of the worlds analogy with with tripods, as a comparison to this current financial crisis. definitely has that feel, doesn't it?

anyways nice post. it sure goes to show what a broad range of audiences games can appeal to when im not interested in playing the two top contenders for your GOTY... but also don't consider myself a casual gamer.

nrXic said...

I made a thread on NeoGAF about it a long time ago...but I think a better term to describe "casual games" is "accessible games". Games where the controllers or control schemes don't intimidate people, will attract that larger audience.

I recently went to a Fall BBQ with a lot of our clients (I work in the oil industry), I brought a projector, a 360, and Guitar Hero:WT. There people in their 40s so incredibly into the game, and there were internship students playing right beside them. The track selection has a good amount to do with attracting the older folk, but it was really the drumset that got most of them playing. Whoa this comment is way too long cya.

Anonymous said...

Trust me Jaffe. If you loved Act 4 (even though I'm not exactly SURE what exactly it was about Act 4 that you liked; there were so many things), then let's put it this way; you will NOT hate Act 5. Take that any way you think it means; is it better? worse? same? you'll see.

But seriously man, It kind of does matter what the GOTY pick of a great dev like you is. I mean its interesting to see the kind of games the Twisted Metal/God of War director likes.

Lol I kind of thought you would have had a grudge against Gears of War, since they kind of stole the "GoW" abbrev from God of War. But no big fukin deal I guess.

Anonymous said...

dave, you and hideo are the only producers i fuckin love. you guys ROCK!

Anonymous said...

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