Tuesday, December 09, 2008



grasshopper said...

Dead Space...meh. Really liked it and I think I said it before but it got old fast for me. Couldn't finish it. REALLY want to play PoP though!
Hope ya enjoy the holiday games ya got there :)

Anonymous said...

Left 4 Dead rocks its never the same each time you play. i hear that the Mall from Dawn of The Dead well become a level i just hope it ant pc only.

have you seen the Movie Dead Space? i have it on Blue Ray its ok.

i love Mirrors Edge it was a brake from the drak worlds i been seeing.

Tomb Raider was ok but to short and that despute with Microsofe and Sony.

Bioshock well with part two coming out and the ps3 has a upgrade version,

have you played Littel Big Planet?

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, have you had chance to see or even play Uncharted 2 ?

MvmntInGrn said...

I need to catch up on my games, for me it is just a money issue. I was going to get Valkyria Chronicles last week but that didn't work out so maybe next week. Then Mirrors Edge, then Dead Space. Skipping Fallout 3 because I really don't think I'll like it.

Personally not too interested in PoP, don't think it sounds as fun as the previous games but I will rent it someday for sure.

I hope when you say "not what I saw" that doesn't mean that its CG, not in the mood for a CG trailer. I guess I'll see Sunday. Don't suppose you can comment on the length of this thing at the Spike VGAs huh? I'm preparing for a 10 second teaser just in case, surely it cannot be worse than that.

As far as game release periods, yea it does suck the way they do it. I cannot get them all in a timely manner and I'm sure some will drop in price before I get to them.

CHRP718 said...
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CHRP718 said...

Hey David,
Could you talk about LittleBigPlanet, Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 next time? Happy Holidays to you, your family and Eat Sleep Play.


Robert said...

did you play resistance 2?

pn18 said...

Hi David.
Trade the 360 version of L4D in and get the PC version instead.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good console port but after all - you know - it's a PC game. It's very hectic and all so I wouldn't recommend the 360 version to anyone.

Oh and don't even think about playing L4D alone (with bots)! The multiplayer with that pinch of social interaction is where the fun is.

best regards

Anonymous said...

Fallout 3 is a great game.

I definitely would have gotten that over PoP.

Next time you can buy all those games, send them to me and I will research for yea!


Unknown said...

lol. Ill try posting this one more time and hope to get something back :) I know your busy and all---

Hey Dave,

I actually wanted to also start my own video blogs. Pretty entertaining. I read that you wanted to get into the film industry? I am an aspiring filmmaker hoping to get in as well. What ever happened? Why did you decide to enter gaming? Is it that hard to get in? Should I keep going and never let anything stop me? lol. Is it hard? I am losing motivation. :( It would be cool if you shed some light on your past and why you didn't pursue film and why games and how you get in etc. Also, why are you not involved with God of War 3? Didn't you create it? MGS4, is probably the most epic game I've ever played (i cried); actually that's the game that got me inspired to become a film director!! Weird right?? One more question, how can you know your idea is good and how do you keep going with it when you have the worst doubts in your head about it?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that i am always entertained by your blog on a daily basis, i look forward to what u write and or video posts each day, if im having a shitty day, i say "lets see how davids is goin" pretty lame i guess but hey i love your insight into things thanks for the entertainment and for the laughs!!!

John J

Nathan Herzog said...
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TyrantII said...
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Laurence said...

I've had the same question as you had David, about why a huge glut of games always come out during X-mas. The most popular reason I hear is because its the busiest shopping season and that's the best chance to sell.

But how does that work when too many games come out at once? The popular ones will always rack up sales, while unestablished titles fall through the cracks. I think what you say holds a lot of merit - release the experimental stuff outside of X-mas and sell the heavy hitters during X-mas.

I think you'll find Dead Space as a pretty awesome game. You'll finish it in about 12 hours - 1 hour per chapter. Enjoy!

Bobby Brankiewicz said...

I work at Gamestop =P
Yeah, this time of year is pretty crazy. Black Friday was insane...

I think I'm guilty of bringing the 70/30 passion/customer service. =X I do a lot of bullshitting about games when I'm working. But meh, it's cool. People seem happy, I'm makin' bread. It's all good.

Enjoy Dead Space, make sure to blog about it. I might put it on my wishlist if it's worth the $$.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I missed the ESP holiday gift thing.

Of all nights, I chose THIS one to do my Christmas shopping. Fuck :(

stephen2005 said...

Nice games. I really want to check out PoP and Dead Space.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to wait for awhile myself until I get Prince of Persia.

In the last 2 months, i've picked up 5 games - Dead Space, MotorStorm: Pacific Rift, Little Big Planet, Resistance 2, and Fallout 3.

I know what you mean about the release dates. I can't manage to find the time to play them all, though my little bro has got some playtime into the games I haven't really started, so at least the cash didn't go to waste.

Anyways, Dead Space is fairly short, but i'm also a big survival horror fan, so i've gone back to it several times.
It also has great potential to start a new franchise. I think they could really nail it on the spot with the second installment.

I've heard Left 4 Dead is really lacking in some areas, but gameplay is good nonetheless. I'd probably say Resistance 2 has more too offer in co-op.

Anyways, happy holiday gaming!

- David

Anonymous said...

HEY CLIFFY B!!! BUY RESISTANCE 2!!!!! IT IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!. The Caps are going to kill you!!

Unknown said...

I hope you enjoy Dead Space. It is my favorite game of this year, with Fallout 3 a close second. I agree that it's not good to have a ton of games coming out all at once for the holiday season. Games like Dead Space get lost in all the hype surrounding the big releases like Gears, Fallout, Resistance, Call of Duty, etc. I think it should have been released in August like BioShock was last year.

Killervibe said...

Hey David, I think the thing you forgot to talk about at the ending of the blog was

KillZone 2.

Anonymous said...

L4D is a fucking intense game.

i recommend you run the the campaign in single player(takes about 4 hours to beat it in single player)really quickly to get the feel of it then go online.

Playing L4D with friends is like really trying to survive a zombie apocolypse.


wtfgrouch said...

Hey Dave, long time- hope all is well.

I think you bought excellent games for the holiday break. I just hope you have time to finish them, they're not that long.

Dead Space - I had a blast playing it, took me about 12 hrs to beat but I was looking for hidden stuff so could've been less. Overall great looking game (great lighting!) that plays similar to RE, only thing that I disliked was the fact that the main character didn't talk, but that's it.

Prince of Persia - Adventure/platforming done well.. a breath of fresh air, nothing else like it right now. It borrows from ICO, SotC, GoW, and Okami, and still retains the classic PoP gameplay.

I always recommend both of these titles when I talk to guests at my store. More folks should buy these games!!!

Take care and have fun!


Anonymous said...

It could be that game companies would rather all suffer during the holiday instead of letting some prosper due to the increased sales. That's just competition for you.

Anonymous said...

Working at a game store can be a real bitch sometimes but at other times it's a really cool job to have. I think you need 50/50 passion/service. Some people just want to come in and talk about that new game while others don't know a thing about games and just want to get in and get out.

As for the games you picked up. You'll probably have a blast with them.

Alastor Mused said...

Dead Space is the shit. Play with loud 5.1 surround sound and it will add to the atmosphere. Play on Hard or bust. :)

Alastor Mused said...

1) A lot of managers/CEO's hire friends of theirs that aren't qualified to run anything. It's about who you know. So I disagree, People are dumb to an extent and don't know what they are doing. It just depends on what circumstance. Clearly the guy you talked to knows this. He sees managers mismanaging, also note Bank managers and The big 3 auto manufacturers. There's no way out of pot luck all those businesses are in trouble cus of great managing....

2) Fallout 3 is cool but it's such a long game or there's a lot to do in it that it seems daunting.

3) I agree that new I.P.s are too risky to bulk up during the holiday season. However Prince of Persia was a time tested game. I think that would be fair to release during Xmas. Honestly it seems like Development isn't allowed to "sit" on a game the extra months if needed to put the release date on a more appropriate schedule. It seems like they believe in the idea that [Sell as often as possible as soon as possible] rather than applying the market trends. It's refreshing to see Sony allow Guerrilla Games extra time so the game gets released Feb during a month it should do well in. If anything I would go in deeper. I would say watch what genres do best in what months. Align the release dates of genres to match the populous taste.
Also marketing is a big deal. Note how crappy the LBP commercials are. I love the game, it's fun as hell with friends but the commercials don't show any fun at all. Also horrible time slots. I was watching The Ultimate Fighter (it's an aggressive fighting sport, in case you don't know. And there were about 4-6 LBP commercials during that time slot. A cheery kiddie style game during an aggressive teen to young adult male oriented show does not make sense.)

Anonymous said...

Hey jaffe so since you already respoding to rumors can you confirm or deny a bit more all does 1080p/60fps talk sounds kind of insane(btw really love all youre games gow is my second favourite series of all times and if been gaming for to long to admit also mack a post of awesome tekken is:).

da criminal said...

Can't comment on the 1080p or 60fps because:

a- it's not my place to
b- I really don't know

I know Tim Moss- lead coder and head of tech in Santa Monica- loves himself some 60 frames...I was always like: more shit on the screen! And he was always pushing for 60 on GOW1.

So it would not surprise me given that I'm not there to fight with him AND the team's talents that they have those things...but I really don't know.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I don't think I can survive if the trailer of GOW3 is disapointing... well, I guess I could survive, but that would be hard ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe, this is a little random, but I remember awhile back you were talking about the possibility of a live blog chat, have you ever thought about using PlayStation Home to host that kind of event? As they're launching the open beta tomorrow.

- David

elquemador said...

David, you are one of the best developers out there, but man i know u don't wanna talk about tm, but we all know that's what you are doing. i just wanna ask you if is possible that you and Eat, sleep and play can make a game without involving cars? calling all cars ( wish i loved) twister metal(... haven't play it) make a shooter or something but not more cars..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for respoding dude no about tekken?

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are showing the PS3 some love.

Anonymous said...

Alright, thanx for the updated blog post, but im gonna buy my POP copy this sunday! tell us wat u think about it A.S.A.P! They say its very easy and no challenge, but difficulty isnt an issue for me, so plz david give me the heads up about the game!

Anonymous said...

fallout 3 was a must david should have got that instead of dead space. i do like dead space a little but the dismemberment feature wasnt great. vats is excellent and if dead space had a vats like system where you could pause the game and blow off limbs that would have been enjoyable. dead space does have a good story though.

Alex said...

i didn't think id ever be into blogs and stuff but jaffski your videos are tighter than tight. you seem to have real opinions and im more inclined to trust you than any game site out there for some reason. maybe you should do video reviews!

Anonymous said...

Could you post a link to the rumor thing?

Anonymous said...

Oh and have you played any Killzone 2 or LittleBigPlanet?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's a lot of Great Games but I'm just wondering... WHEN ARE WE GOING TO HAVE NEW NEWS ABOUT TWISTED METAL FOR THE PS3???!!! Please, Is there anything new? I'm so exited about it I think I could camp in front of a store in the release date!

Anonymous said...

have you played your game god of war 3 or are you making a new twisted metal black and have you heard anything that naughty dog are doing like a new jak and daxter oh yeah have you seen UNCHARTED!!! its amazing a gotta get!!

Anonymous said...

uncharted 2 up there was a mistake ;)

Anonymous said...

david jaffe capital letters are gonna kill us :(

Anonymous said...

gears of war 2 is the same as 1 but got a ffew extra and thats about it and xbox 360 stinks of holly sgit!!! :@

Anonymous said...

Wats up David, nice to finally meet you, kind of in a way. First of all I'm a big fan of God of war and I think it's one of the smoothest action games I ever played in my life. I also love your twisted metal games, so awesome, when do you think it'll hit the ps3 if it ever does? Anyways great video and good games you picked up especially dead space. I do think that you should've gotten Fallout 3 but then again that game is so adicting and long that you would not find the time to keep up with it so it's wise of you to avoid it for now, but definitely pick it up later. Anyways happy holidays to you and your family man, have a good one.
PSN ID - Swift246 and Gamertag - Swift426 if you ever wanna play a game, but I understand you're a busy man.

Antonin said...

Just one thing.
Play L4D on PC with friends!!

Anonymous said...

dude you make such a good point on the whole shrink wrap fiasco....turns out if our games are not shrink wrapped rest assured any gamestop employee was playing that game.......then reselling.

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Anonymous said...

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