Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Ok guys, that's it! Thanks! Last one in under the wire was- I think- name was Jguy? Something like that?

Will send the cards out end of the week- if you care to do so, take a pic with your shiny new EAT SLEEP PLAY holiday card and I'll post it on the blog...but only if you want to...I like stuff like that. I know some people hate to be 'on the net'...so no worries.

Also, keep an eye out for our end of the year EAT SLEEP PLAY 'big' holiday gift. If we can swing a few extra, we'll be giving them out via the blog to Eat Sleep Play fans. Maybe a random drawing, maybe a CALLING ALL CARS competition...not sure yet. Will let ya'll know.

Take it easy, ya'll!



GrYnder said...

Missed out by like 10 minutes. Did Christmas shopping tonight of all nights. I knew I shoulda waited 'till tomorrow. Fuck :(

poolman said...

Thanks Eat.Sleep.Play =)
and thanks Jaffe =P

Anonymous said...


ModestMr.Green said...

Hey, thanks Dave. :)

Take care and good luck!

Derek said...

Awesome! I should be able to send ya a pic of myself with the card. Looking forward to it!!

Ryan said...

How about a Twisted Metal Black online challenge?

As far as I know it still works, even on the PS3!

[Good job Dave, too many developers are going to centralized servers that can and do eventually get shut down]

Anonymous said...

I had to have made it under the wire 'cause I was like the 11th post. Schweet!

Anonymous said...

What just happened?

MrDaBucket said...

Any advice what courses to take in college/what schools to go to, to get into game design?

Yeah, I asked it.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, any way Sony can discount Calling All Cars to $4.99?

I know you probably have no say in it, but it would be nice, seeing as how many PSN games got discounted for a short period that came out way later than CAC.

Gazzo said...

Son of a bitch.

Been spendin' time with my nephew and my brother and whatnot, had no idea you were going to do the card thing again.



Jesus said...

WTF.. I was at work, when you did that card thing.. aww , dammit

Arcade Berg said...

Daaaamn you, Time Zone Difference!

Anonymous said...

Missed it again, fuuuuuuuuuuuuck...

Geta-Ve said...

what? what happened?? what did I miss!?

Anonymous said...

What???!!! What did I and the guy on top of me missed??!???!!!!???

Were lost?

-rallyRAYS- said...

When did you give you the ESP Kwanzaa cards... son of a b*&@&!, i missed them last year too!

Who do you have to blow to get one of those cards?jk :)

Gazzo said...

I noticed that under your "Now Playing" list, you mentioned that if Metal Gear Solid 4's Act 5 was as good as Act 4, that it would be part of your top 5 games of all time...You've sparked my curiosity, David.

What ARE your top 5 games of all time? Do you even know? Surely you didn't just say that shit to say it..:)I wouldn't blame ya if you don't have an answer though. I know I wouldn't.

da criminal said...

In no particular order:

1. Dues Ex
2. Flashback
3. Goldeneye
4. Half Life
5. Ico

Anonymous said...

Oh snap!

I missed the card trix :P

I still got mine from last yer though so it's all good.


Gazzo said...

Deus Ex is something, that, I'll be honest, I haven't played. I've always heard everyone rave about it, but it just didn't seem like my kinda thing, although, I thought the same thing about God of War and just about every other game, so what the fuck do I know?

ICO/Shadow of the Colossus are two games I've always wanted to try. I've always admired their art style and interesting atmosphere. They look like something I could get into. They gotta be pretty cheap by now. Might be something I pick up soon.

warezIbanez said...

IMO, I thought Act 5 was better than Act 4 on MGS4. It is a pretty amazing game.

Ratsor said...

PLEASE let it be a Calling All Cars competition.... I love Calling All Cars so much but to see that no one plays it online anymore makes me sad. I think we, as fans should hold a weekly time to all get on and play one another.

Ryan said...

Without spoiling, ACTV has just about everything in it, including two of the best boss fights in a game ever.

Enjoy it Dave! But be prepared, it's also the most cinematic heavy of the acts.

Ryan said...

Oh, and Kojima's got some payback in there for you on how you implemented certain things in GoW.

Hate to say it, but it feels more intense in his game ;)

MrDaBucket said...

Deus Ex = less linear BioShock with story more character-based rather than based on an environment/culture

BioShock and Deus Ex are my top favorites. And YES, they are both RPGs. :P
Just finished BioShock w/dlc on PS3 and may replay SystemShock or Deus Ex again.

GrYnder said...

Woo. It's my birthday. o_O

GrYnder said...

Also, if you go and make a Calling All Cars competition... ARGH.
I don't have a PS3. I'm waiting for Twisted Metal :D

That's the only thing that'll get me buying a PS3. The current library doesn't wow me. Yeah, I'll get MGS4, Little Big Planet, and Calling All Cars when I DO get a PS3... But those few games aren't enough to make me throw down that much money. For now, I'll get multi-platform titles and 360 exclusives.

Hurry up with TMPS3 and I'll jump out and buy one already! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey David, Did you hear the new Ludacris Song "Start Button" (It's a homage to Games) he shouts your game out! :) It must be cool, and all cross genre-like.


dear dave take a look at our site we would love to have you on a podcast please get back to us either yes or no just tell us please www.gamesonsmash.com thx

Zodiak said...

nooooo missed it dammit =[

oh well got a new computer this xmas whoo hoo =]

Ryan said...


Looks like all the fanbois and even some Gaming Pundits are using your comments on the behind the scenes GOWIII stuff to say that you promised something that just isn't and that GOW failed to live up to the "hype" you created, or whatever that was.

Man, do you ever thing we can put the cat back in the hat and go back to a day when gaming enthusiasts comment about gaming, rather then pumping something up in this pundit "color" commentary that reeks of Drudge report or TMZ?

It's infectious and it's bleeding in everything from politics, to sports center, and even gaming.

Since when has it been cool to base all forms of reporting on TMZ blowhard drama?

Derek said...

Hey David, I received the Eat Sleep Play Holiday card earlier in the week. I love it! Thanks very much! I took a pic of myself with it, but I have no idea how to send it to you. If you could leave me instructions here or send me an email to: gigastormz AT gmail.com that'd be great. Thanks again and happy holidays!

Anonymous said...

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