Tuesday, March 08, 2011


As fellow San Diego Comic Con freaks know, tomorrow at 9am hotel reservations open up for the show! Last year I was dying to get into the Omni but my amazing assistant ended up booking me at the Hard Rock hotel. And man, I'm glad she did! What a great Comic Con hotel! Right across the street from the center, all the geeky celebs stay there, and right at the start of the Gaslamp. It really makes for the perfect Comic Con experience!

So tomorrow at 9am we're gonna be REFRESHING our browsers and hitting REDIAL on our phones trying to get some of us Eat Sleep Players into the Hard Rock! Wish us luck! Unless you are competing with us for the same hotels...in that case: FUCK OFF!!!! :)

So yeah, my brain is totally jonesing for those 4 amazing geek filled days in July! If you've never been, you just need to make the time. It's as simple as that. Nothing else comes close. Although to be fair, I've yet to attend either PAX convention (but I will be at PAX PRIME this summer). But even still, Comic Con is one of my top 2 or 3 fave times of the year.

Hell, I'm so jazzed I ordered this off Amazon yesterday...and it just came! :)

It's a big ol' coffee table book chronicling the 40 years of San Diego Comic Con. Check it out:

Tons of cool art...covers from all the Comic Con programs from 1970 till last year....

And then lots of great candids from the show itself! 

Man I'm digging this book! Makes the wait for July a little less painful!

Ok ya'll- back to work! Hope ya'll are doing great! Talk soon!



DuckOfDestiny said...

Someday I will travel to America and attend Comic Con.

Some day!

Cristiano Rosa Rembowski said...

hey Mr. Jaffe, I'm a big fan of your work, I know this doesn't have anything to do with this post, but I just wanted to know your opinion about the demo for Mortal Kombat which just launched at PSN, because I know you're expecting this game just as much as I am

David Jaffe said...

Cristiano- I have yet to take the plunge and sign up for PSN PLUS. However, this demo makes me really, really want to and if I was not so slammed, I would. And if I get some free time this weekend, I think I will :)

I'm very excited for the demo and am hearing great things! And super excited for the final game!


DarkEde said...

Oh hell yeah. Wish I could go. Went to the 2006 Comic Com with my cousin and had huge fun. Guess I will have to settle for Wondercon up here in the bay. I go every year.

Impatiently waiting on Twisted Metal news...

Frosty said...

Good luck getting your room, I've always wanted to go to a big "geeky" event like this but I've never had the chance to go. After seeing how pumped ya are for it, maybe I'll look into finally going to this year's.

Just wondering: How much was the book? (because it looks pretty sweet)