Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hey- peep my new video blog if you're into such nonsense :)

Mostly talking about remaining design decisions for Twisted Metal DeathMatch/Team Deathmatch.  Also chatting a bit about my GDC talk and hey: meet my new dog, Austin! 

Plus a preview of the next video blog (aka Kayne and Divorced Moms). So check it out! :)

Talk soon- hope all is well!



Unknown said...

Hi David,

I'm so happy that I got a chance to introduce myself at the 2nd floor bar during GDC last week. Thanks for being so gracious with your time and please keep on making games!

- Thomas Grové

Unknown said...

Love the conundrum!

I agree, but I've always been one to hate on KDR, especially in team games and team game modes.

May I suggest looking at your stat tracking and leaderboards as ways to stop people from doing it? KDR, in most games, should be only a stat that you can compare and contrast against your friends list.

If you rank people by battle points on the leaderboards, they're forced to play in a way to maximize them. And only kill stealing wouldn't do that, maybe making it less prevalent.

Unknown said...

PS, got a link to the speech? Anyone tape it?

Great dog too!

Unknown said...

Glad to see you're back Jaffe =).

Getting access to that much content when being an industry icon sure is uplifting for anyone who's looking forward to work in such places and as a recent Computer Graphics graduate I find myself pursuing that dream daily even though hurdles are always there to stop you.

It's also worth noting that the cloud based gaming stuff that Jaffe talks about @ 5:41 is called "Gaikai". I had the privilege to be a beta tester recently and it's awesome for those who have really high speed Internet connections :D.

Anonymous said...

Your dog looks awesome! Looks very sweet!

Can't wait for more new info, I know I've been bugging the shit out of you on Twitter, but God, I just can't wait! Been waiting for this game for 10 years! Been playing a shit ton of TMB lately in anticipation of the new one.

Looking forward to some big reveals/shows you guys are going to do!

Can't wait for new info!

Keep it up! Glad that carnage is making a comeback!


Maik said...

Wow! The new video from Charlie Sheen is awesome. ;)

Looking forward to seeing more of the game. Just don't overcomplicate things. When I was a kid me and my brothers always "invented" games. Like playing a ball in the living room, deciding how we count points, what's worth how much and so on. In the beginning every game was fun. But in time, every game got more complicated and the fun was gone. Just think about it. The last time I threw in a basketball game was around 2008. I had to read tons of explanations and after a few minutes I shut it off. Keep it simple, keep it fun. People played the original Twisted Metal for months, I doubt it has to be as complex as most modern games to be competitive. It's not about the features and ranks you can print on the back, it's about the fun the game offers after weeks of playing. Gameplay, level design and balancing are the main ingredients for a great TM-game. :)

Unknown said...

Great to have you back to blogging man.

TyrantII said...

Was thinking about the kill problem some more.

How about assist points AND kill points that are calculated on damage?

If someone else takes the kill, you get assists point proportional to the damage you did.

If you kill the guy, your points are based on how much damage you delt out, up to the maximum allowed.

Just a thought. still think leaderboards and stats need to take into account the way you want the game to be played; otherwise people will figure out the best ways to boost those stats (especially KDR is it's made prominent)

Jeremy Lock said...

Hey David,

I'm glad to see the game is progressing nicely for hopefully a late summer launch :P

Twisted metal 1/2 and Black are some of my favourite all time console games. The original I rented with the PS1 at Blockbuster putting down a 100 dollar deposit. I'm definitely glad I did.

It took me forever to buy a PS3, my friends all got it and asked how come I didn't have one. The answer was always "when they announce a PS3 Twisted Metal, i'll buy one". Well at E3 last year you guys finally changed my mind. I got a PS3 within a few weeks after E3 and I'm awaiting the release of my soon to be favourite PS3 title.

Unknown said... about just making the damage the only thing that matters in that mode. A kill doesn't net points only the amount of damage dealt. So if I take 90% of health I get +90 points and the player who finished the last 10% gets 10 points. It takes the kill completely out of the the equation in the case of points. So of course the top player isnt always the one with most kills. Interesting.

Unknown said...

Btw I'm only suggest that route in that mode ONLY to beclear. Also can't wait to see your opinion on Kanye's album, I'm a mega Kanye fan.

Maik said...

@Mayman4139: Isn't that exactly the problem? If you take out any bonus for a kill, the kill itself becomes insignificant. And that not only changes the results, it changes the whole way the game is played. Normally you would have to collect enough weapons to finish an opponent, in this case you just throw everything you have and stumble upon on everyone. The "knowing" of the level and the strategic value gets less important. I'm pretty sure that will be the mode I spend the least time in.

Unknown said...

Very good to have you back!

I love the sound of carnage mode, you guys are taking the best approach to this and I think you will work out a solution. Other games handle thing in different ways that might work here. For example if a player does <25% damage, but gets the kill they will get less of a kill bonus, but if they do say >50% they will get more points. I believe battlefield bad company 2 did this, but for assists, it seemed to work pretty good.

Also that is a great looking dog. I dont know if its your first but dogs can really change yours and your families life, I know thats what happened to my family when we got our first dog.

Anyways keep up the hard work, cant wait to see what ESP has done with the final product!


Unknown said...

WOOO! More twisted metal info! lol

I'm a hardcore twisted metal fan. Not the greatest but I really enjoy the series! Anyway how much are you guys planning to advertise?? Any TV commercials before release? Im not trying to sound like I know what Im doing... I just had a few friends that never heard of it... and I realized how few people near me have heard of TM. So Im spreading the word of what it is as much as possible. Sorry for going on just I grew up with the games. And when I turn 17 March 30th I plan for TM to be the first game thats M that I can buy on my own. Sorry, I just get excited talking about this game. Thanks for reading!

Gibix said...

Why didn't you name your dog Kratos? :D

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