Friday, March 11, 2011


I love's me some Apple products, ya'll know I do. And I fucking think Steve Jobs is this generation's Willy Wonka/Walt Disney. I continue to be inspired and pushed and excited by their amazing work. All that said, the Apple Store in La Jolla can go fuck itself.

Great weekend ya'll!


ps. by the way, just to be 100% clear: in the above video when I say "I'm a fan of kicking your ass" or whatever it is like that that I say, this in NO WAY should be taken as me making a threat against Apple, ANY Apple store, ANY Apple employee, OR the Apple Store in UTC/LA JOLLA. I would not harm a fly unless the fly attacked me physically first.

I KNOW this is obvious from viewing the video but in this day of sue happy mother fuckers who either a) can't process things in proper context or b) CAN put things in context but choose to clog up the courts with bullshit lawsuits, I figured it made good sense to point that out. Thanks! :)


kurisub said...

Why not try the Apple Store in Fashion Valley? It can't be any worse than the one in UTC. Consider San Diego lucky, we at least have 3 different stores to choose from.

No said...

Hey David, being an ACN (Apple Consultant) and a former Apple Employee, I wanted to apologize for your experience there and wish you to give them another try. Sometimes remote incidents like this due happen and hope that it's not a reflection on the company. As you said, this is the sales team that is really completely separate from the folks at Cupertino. It's also nice that you do recognize that they employees do have a tight leash when it comes to how much they can say and trust me when I say that this was probably the 1,000th call that person had that day. In the end, it doesn't change the situation and hope that you will have an iPad 2 in your hands sooner then later!

Zodiak said...

fuck motheryfuckfuck, I hate youtube comments I never know if it went through or not >< and it never updates.

But yeah Jaffe make the iRage and make millions lol.

You are spot on for what you say, most people these days don't give a shit about the customers anymore. At least they could try to be happy and respect the customers they give them that paycheck.

Raise some more hell and get those guys fired lol.

Robert said...

Just bought one from best buy.. perfect experience
although.. i do work there

Unknown said...

I hear ya man. Its amazing just because someone works for a company they think they are hot shit all of a sudden. In a general sense I always just tell myself I should watch how I talk to people, you never know who you will be working next to one day. I expect that same kind of courtesy in return.

Being a game design student I often reach out to people on Twitter for a question or what not. You have responded several times in the past and I thank you for it. I understand people cant respond to everyone, but why respond with a smart ass remark if anything? Just had a guy that works for Sony do that to me and ya know I just hope I make it big one day so when he comes to ask me for an interview I can give him a smart ass remark also. You are so right though man..karma...its a bitch!

amusix said...

OK, rant was entertaining, but pretty much right...and not just for the Apple store. I own an independent game store in Pacific Beach, and I know that the 'big guys' will always try to compete with me on prices and on stock, but the one place that I'm assured a 'win' is in customer service. It always stuns me that, with the number of managers and their training seminars and the resources they have, none of them can seem to produce a consistent staff of genuinely helpful people.

The Apple Store is usually head and shoulders over places like Best Buy and Fry's, but even there I've experienced snide employees, most often around major launches. I can only assume that there is some point where the store pride gets to be too much and drowns out common courtesy.

Josh6714 said...

Well said Jaffe, thats unacceptable for an employee to be that arrogant. I'm just wondering though, did they have a pre-order system or was it just first come, first serve?

Rafael Ventura said...

This is because you don't know how companies treat customers here in Brazil.

Anonymous said...

Calm down dude. They are trained to make these evasive statements. Straight, honest answer would get them into trouble. That's the way Apple's business has been run for ages. I'm surprised you were oblivious to this fact.

Unknown said...

Haha that was a great rant, I think I liked it so much because that is what I sound like after I get treated like shit from a company and my father was the same way.

Unknown said...

Lol You may actually beat "Black Hawk Down" in the most the work "Fuck" has ever been heard on a video. Anyway not trying to be a smartass but that made my day. Tell me about it, its more than just apple though.

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