Thursday, July 14, 2011

For those who have not met our first boss...this is IRON MAIDEN!

And for those folks out there who wonder why we hire amazingly talented artists and animators: these are my sketches of what would become IRON MAIDEN for a pitch document I wrote for the team:

Core concept? CHECK! Some of her rough gameplay represented (that Scott, Kellan, and I fleshed out LOTS more at LAST year's Comic Con)? CHECK! Visual excution above a 5 year old 's art talent level? OH HELLS NO! Thank God I work with a super talented team! :)

Ok, later ya'll!



Archminion said...

Very cool to see where Iron Maiden got her start in life.

Lookin forward to checkin out the Brothers Grimm...


Fokma said...

Those pictures were hilarious to see! I wish you were able to show more then just this one level cause it would be entertaining to see more of them (hidden concept are in the game *hint*).

Will said...

Jaffe it's good to see that you don't necessarily have to have drawing skills to make it in the industry. I feel a bit better about my chances now!

Frosty said...

Speaking of Box-art you should have just thrown Twisted Metal on the top of the first one and a line under the image that says : "Yes, this is in the game" and it would have been the best box art ever. :P