Thursday, July 14, 2011



Oooh, one more! This one from OLDMARIO on my Twitter, this one is dang cool!!! Thanks Sir OldMario :)!

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So TWISTED METAL BOX ART!!!!...well, not really :) ...not yet :)...

However, I saw these over on Twisted Metal Alliance and wanted to share.

First up is a fan created box art from Minion89:

Wanna know how I know it's fake? Well, other than for the simple fact that it's...fake? That big, shiny EAT SLEEP PLAY logo on the FRONT COVER. We gotta earn our stripes as a unique company before we are able to negotiate studio logo on the front of the box! 

But anyway, I thought this was kinda cool. However, I would never get behind this as the actual cover and I'll tell you why: no cars! As I've said before, one of our mistakes with Twisted Black's box was picking a great image (I felt) that didn't communicate what was inside the box. This image- cool as it is- has the similar issue which is it sells the insane world of Twisted Metal great but it doesn't sell the core fantasy of the play mechanics: CARS WITH GUNS! 

Still, pretty neat to see them all in one place. And cool to see Calypso in there as well although I don't think he'll ever make the box just because- from a sales standpoint- his story is nowhere near as important as the core fantasy the game is selling.

Then there's this from SeventyXSeven. Guess he got this at E3 this year?!? I had no clue they were handing these out but now that I know, I need to get me one of those!

This image- as I recall- was one of the MANY images we were looking at for the final box art. Final box is not locked yet tho and I don't think this one is going to be the actual box image. You never know, but I don't think it is. Still, I like it! But again...all the wacky vehicles...but no straight up CAR COMBAT! Gotta make sure that makes it onto the core box!

Ok- slammed as always- talk soon-



Seth said...

I see Hammerhead on the left

grasshopper said...

I like the art on the big E3 thing. Pretty good look.
Nothing can beat the cover of Twisted Metal Black though. I have to say that is my favorite cover ever.

Frosty said...

Little confused, The Eat Sleep Play Logo is on the front of the Twisted Metal Head-On Extra Twisted Edition least the one I have :P, maybe it's a limited edition. Unless you meant that you doubt it'd be the only logo on the front (sans the Sony logo) then I'd probably agree with you.

Archminion said...

I'm guessing thats what he means Frosty as I was going to mention that as well?

Well if anyone has one of these very nice promo standees for sale I'm all ears :)

I'm WackyHarold on Twitter...

Michael Jackson tribute Blog said...

omg i played this game long time ago on ps1 , and ps2 , wow didnt know this game still exists who can forgot the mad clown,

Unknown said...

Hey David, the E3 standee is a photo I took of my desk. I posted it on NeoGAF originally when discussing the game; I guess someone else online snagged it and rehosted it. Haha, it's crazy to see it show up on your blog. I was at the Sony press conference and begged them for one as the event was winding down - needed it to go with my old TM2 one which has been my favorite piece of my gaming collection for years, such a cool standee.

I guess they acquiesced because I'd been around playing the game multiple times that night :) Nuke mode on the show floor was even better. Can't wait to get my hands on more!

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