Saturday, December 24, 2011

Happy Holidays Metal Heads!

Hey- heading out with the family in a few to see TinTin! But I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Chanukah and/or just general Happy Holidays! Thanks for all the support of Eat Sleep Play, Twisted Metal, and me personally over the years! And thanks as always for coming to the blog!

Oh, before I go, check this out:
This is a hallway in my house. And as you can see, I got a bunch of Twisted Metal PS3 swag and now that game production is winding down, I have some time to get this stuff out to the true TM fans. Some folks have already been promised stuff and me and Q (my faithful and super kick ass assistant) will start getting that out to ya'll starting next week. If you have met me at a show (PAX, Comic Con,etc.) I THINK I still have all your info but please- if you read this- remind me in the comments where we met and what I promised you and- assuming I don't think you're full of shite :)- then we will send your stuff on its way!

To the rest of ya, here's the deal: as we race towards the Twisted Metal February 14th launch day I wanna start making sure this stuff gets out to the true fans of the series. But since it's so limited-and since I love games-I ain't just GIVING it out...I'm gonna make you play for it! :)

Yeah, yeah, contests and the like! So here's the first one for those who are into such tomfoolery.

So all week long I've been getting packages at the house for Christmas. I saw this on the front porch this morning and assumed it was another of the many Phineas and Ferb or Monster High toys I had ordered for to put under the tree for the kids. But low and behold, check out what was inside:
Oh HELL yeah! A whole box full of the brand new TM shirts! Now these are shirts that I THINK will eventually be sold in stores! But right now- if you win this contest- you can get one for free! And well before they hit retail!

Here's a better shot:
Snazzy, eh? I really like it! Only glances at it for a sec but I THINK that's the front of the shit and the back is all black.

So cool!

...but that ain't all! Cause it's the holiday season- and cause this is the very first TM GIVEAWAY CONTEST, I'm gonna throw in even more. If you win this contest, you get one of the shirts above plus you'll get this stuff too:

Click to make bigger! 

That there is a still in the package Sweet Tooth action figure and one of the fully assembled cardboard Tooth trucks that you may have seen over the last few months at various stores (Gamestop, Best Buy, etc.)

About the truck: there's a spring I THINK that lets you attach the head to the rooftop so it bobbles and such but I lost mine (or my kids did) so that's why the head in the pic is sitting in front (cause it's a pic of the one I have sitting in my office). If you win the thing, you'll get a brand new one in an unopened box. It'll SHOULD contain the disassembled truck, the cardboard head and guns, the spring (again, I THINK there's a spring), and instructions for how to put it together.

Ok so here's the details:

THE RULES PART I: Send in SOMETHING to show your TM love/passion/fandom. But it's gotta be something you made or had someone make for you. Cos play, fan art, a video (no more than 1-2 min) with you doing some TM poetry or some such shit or hell, just telling us why you love/like the series. Anything really, long as it's legal and follows these rules :)...

THE RULES PART II: Entries due by 9am Pacific Time on Dec 31st. At midnight California time- aka NEW YEAR'S EVE- I'll announce the winner (be it on this blog or via my twitter if I'm not at home...still don't know NYE plans yet...but the twitter feed is on the top upper right of the blog so you can still find it there if you don't subscribe to tha twitter)...The winner is totally up to me and I may or may not explain my logic/reasoning for why I chose the winner. But hell, I'm sure I will explain it. Hell, I will probably comment on this very blog about any and all submissions as well :)...

THE RULES PART III: ANYTHING you send in I can use however I like. Meaning I can post it on this blog and hell, if Sony's ok with it, when the TM blog launches in a few weeks, I may put it up there as well. If you are not ok with that, please don't send stuff in. There will be other contests that may be more to your liking once the new year starts.

THE RULES PART IV: Please do not send me ideas or fan faction or ANYTHING with your own ideas for NEW stuff (i.e. no new characters or vehicles or levels or anything like that). I don't want to see your ideas and legally I am not allowed to. If it seems people are not getting this concept (i.e. I AM getting submissions with new, original ideas) I'll have to stop this contests cause it just opens up way too many potential problems.

THE RULES PART V: You don't have to make something brand new. Sending in older TM stuff is fine but I'm only human and if I've seen it before- even if I loved it at the time- it's prob lost some of its 'first time seen' power so it may not resonate as strong for me. Just so ya know...

THE RULES PART VI: I'm gonna post everything on the blog that I get sent for this contest. So I MAY have people vote for the best instead of me making the choice. OR I may give out the above described prize set to the one I dig most and then sent a tee-shirt (or maybe an identical prize set, not sure yet) to the one that gets the most votes...not sure yet. So just be aware.

Ok- so I THINK that's all the rules! Any questions, fire away in the comments.

Oh, I forgot! I made you some cookies! Here:
Ok, not really. Those are mine. And I already ate them. :) Me and the kids made and decorated cookies last nite and I took a pic of the ones I made and I figured I'd post it! :) Yeah, the upper left one started off as Spidey but whatever...still tasted good :)...

Ok- off to TinTin! Talk soon- and again, have a fantastic, fun as hell, and VERY SAFE Holiday! Talk sometime next week I'm sure!


ps. be sure to check the PS BLOG next week sometime (I THINK Wednesday?) for a special surprise announcement that I'm sure will make old school Twisted fans happy! And no- this is not the 'big surprise' I was talking about that we'll drop sometime soon in the new year. Next week's announcement is more of a nice 'thanks' that Sony put together for the harder core, old school TM fans. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

So where do we post are videos for the T-Shirt contest???

David Jaffe said...

JAFFE SAYS: Just send me links to where they live on the net and I'll throw them up on this blog via that link.



Skullcrusher416 said...

what about photos because i wanna take a picture of a twisted metal car that my brother made out of a hot wheel?

Anonymous said...

I showed you the image before it was my Drawing 1 homework I made a video to show you where it came from Thanks Jaffe

TyrantII said...

Here's my entry. You saw them last XMAS, but hopefully you can snag the higher res ones now.

TyrantII's Flicker Stream (ISKREEM COOKIES)

I was going to do a gingerbread SweetTooth Truck this year, but ran our of time due to some craziness leading up to this weekend. Maybe next year.

Merry XMas / Happy Hanukkah to you and the fam! I'm about to start my TM 1/2/Black/HO family split screen tournament. Can't be late to Calypso's event!

Kilrgrn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

here the link 2 my video on youtube

Anonymous said...

PS. one thing I 4got 2 mention in my vid was I have all the media stuff from official made to fan base made pics/vids/reviews.

Kilrgrn said...

Do we submit here? If so, here it goes.

I've included a personal letter here, in img format.

(Important message to you)


(All of our stuff including mask and toy)

(Song I tried to recreate)

(TMSB Video)

(Below are various TM arts I've made)






And thank you again Jaffe!

(edited for clickable links)

Anonymous said...

I just want 2 ask is there more then 1 shirt like how many r u giving out and will they b eventually sold in stores.

Seth said...

I don't want to brag but, I spent upwards of 62 minutes on this.

Also, truck is an equal, not odd, number of blocks wide, so Sweet Tooth's head would not work (nose would be massive, eyes would be small). So I had to... improvise.

Anonymous said...

two music videos that I've created for TM


DrCube said...

It's really cool what you're doing here for the fans Jaffe and I can't wait for the new Twisted Metal to come out. It's pretty much the soul reason I'm still keeping my PS3(I care about this game more then Uncharted,LBP or KillZone).

Well here is my submission:
Even if I don't win at least I have a new wallpaper :P.

I really like how much thought you guys put into designing the new Sweet Tooth.You took all the best parts of the previous ones and smashed them all together making him both recognizable to its fans, but also fresh and new.

Here is another submission that I did a while back for one of my classes. though I'm not sure if it counts, seeing as it's a character inspired by Sweet Tooth and Mr.Grim and not a direct art work based any of the characters in Twisted Metal universe.If it doesn't count just disregard it.

KaiserBlaine said...

Mr. Jaffe, here's my video, I hope you'll watch it and give it a shot at this contest of yours ^_^


noah said...

hey jaffe i sent my pics to you on twitter i hope thats ok. ill send you a link to my twitter so you can see them. im @justtrollingya. and if those dont work please inform me or just look at my recent tweets on twitter

gpimp666 said...
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gpimp666 said...

This is my entry for the contest. Produced by my Step Kid Mr.Cory Falls showing our love to Twisted Metal in a Rap.

Hope you enjoy !!!


Corey Winney said...

Jaffe check this out and see if it proves that i am a devout fan of the series. my video os slightly longer than 2 mins but please let me know what you think, its a little less than 3 mins but every second is worth it.

twistedtroy said...

Hello Jaffe, here is my entry I also sent it to you on twitter, (whiteboard style) TWISTED METAL 3!!!!/TheTroyT/media/slideshow?

faker / fakiuall said...

Hi Mr. Jaffe! Can I Participate if I'm from South America?

nuzbuz said...
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nuzbuz said...


thanks for that awsome announcement :D Hope anybody else knows what you and I mean ;D
One question : is it possible to join the contest when you are from Germany? I am a f***** TM Fan and qould like to join!

Thanks a lot

CheesyBeefy88 said...

Here is my entry for the T-Shirt contest! I made a paper Sweet Tooth truck. I hope that you like it!

Vahkiti said...

Here's my entry. Well... maybe. I know it's 5 minutes but it's all I really have until I get Sony Vegas working again so I can hep my friend enter something I made for her.

Sgtgrimm said...


Here a picture and a text for the contest:

Great idea!

Unknown said...

This is my entry:

Mosh Babylon said...

Hi there. Mosh here (from TMA). I just spent the last day having a blast recording my TM tribute song, as well as making a twisted music vid for it. Here are the links;

to download song:

for the music video:

Hope you enjoy. I'm really looking forward to the new Twisted. It's pretty much why I got a PS3.

Twisted Menace said...

Over the years, I've traded in virtually every PS1 game I've owned, but there was one particular box I could never seem to let go of:

What a wonderfully "sweet" launch title. Dragged me away from the titans of console gaming at the time, Nintendo and Sega, and convinced me Sony had something going for it in the gaming department.

Alright, alright, not a biggie, but I've been a fan for years. :) (damn those boxes took up a lot of real estate)

Anyway, my entry is something I put a TON of hours in, but had to neglect due to real world issues.

Still, I really enjoyed crafting the site and posting all the info I could while it remained active. Did all the graphic design, custom layout, and CSS (though original code was Yuku default I think).

Yuku generally sucks IMO, but it's free when ad-supported. I couldn't afford to buy up bandwidth and remove those ugly ads (Ad Block Plus does the trick, however).

I wish I could have utilized better forum software (like vBulletin) and made a really sick Twisted site, then customized the hell out of it, but Yuku was FREE. :)

Twisted Metal Online

btw Jaffe, any chance we see the ESP forum make a comeback? I'll customize the design / color for ya. :) But seriously, would be nice to have again!


Chris said...

Here is my entry for the contest:

I made an original poem about my passion for Twisted Metal. I apologize that it is a little longer, but it's still under 3 minutes. I had to fit my poem, as well as a little of what I wanted to say about my passion.

Being that I already have the Sweet Tooth action figure, and I'm sure the cardboard truck will be going along with that to a winner, it should go to someone else who doesn't have the figure to be fair. However, I would love to win a Twisted Metal T-shirt if one goes to another winner. That T-shirt looks kick ass!

Ok, I hope you like my poem! Thanks!

Metin Veyda said...

Here is my Submission to the Contest:

My Twitter:

Platinum said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Platinum said...

My "Twisted Metal 3 Wishes Custom-Made Trailer"! (It is mostly the "Twisted Metal Broken Trailer".)

Gamma said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gamma said...

After 5 hours of work and design!

My Original 3D Statue of Sweet Tooth recreated in LittleBigPlanet 2!

This was an immense effort but my love for Sweet Tooth and the entire Twisted Metal franchise was to great not to try and make it! Featuring multiple layers, real burning hair, and every feature hand carved including the teeth this was a true challenge. I think the final creation is really neat! Twisted Metal for me represents what is missing from the game marketplace, feels original in a time of copycats, and really gets my adrenaline going. I SCREAMED with excitement when Twisted Metal PS3 got announced, and was like HELL YEA! This is the reason I bought a PS3, because I have been dying for a new one since PSP, never thought the fine folks at Sleep Eat Play would deliver such an incredible game. Feel free to comment on my creation. I'm a level design graduate , I usually do environment/Unreal Engine type things. I really appreciate the whole blogger type thing you do it's great how you reach out to the community on your own free time, I wish more people took your approach by the example you have set! Happy Holidays!

Andy said...

Hey Jaffe! So I had started this earlier this month, but then you announced the competition so I spent my winter break finishing it up.

Krista Sparks

She's fully rigged and ready to be dropped in game. I'm also working on getting a turnaround uploaded to youtube, but the clock is ticking..

Vidarcr said...

Hello,mr Jaffe, thanks a lot for your hard work and great communication with the fans, here is my entry, hope you like it, Happy new year and greetings from Costa Rica :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr. Jaffe, been a huge fan of TM since the beginning and have wanted to do a Twisted Metal piece for a while! Hope you guys like it!

Ven0m_TMA said...

I sent these in earlier, but figured I would share them with my fellow TM fans :)

non said...

Hi man. I think I am the one that gave you the idea on twitter (li_miloE) to make some kind of TM cosplay contest back in october, and you expanded the idea to GOW which was a nice move. I wish there was stuff from you back then.

Anyway, here is a blog story with pictures where I describe the odyssey I went thru to get the full ST costume completed.

Whoa, I saw another entry from a costarrican fella. Nice to see there are more TM devoted fans over here

jordan.bare said...

I know it's late, but I'll submit it anyway. Cheers and thanks for the memories.

DarthOrange said...

Here's a link to a video I made back in March.

I fully realize I am late and won't win anything, but I don't care. I just want to show my support and I want to wish you and your kids a happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Twisted Metal is an Epic game once i first played i was hook, like i left reality and once the music started i knew i was in for a treat.

My addiction

Darkside made of clay






i also have that fake TM poster i did but cant seem to find it :(

Anonymous said...

My addiction

Darkside made of clay

still cant find it but there are better links to the other pics

jdude1996b said...

heres the like and once again please dont count it out my computer was all messed up and it wouldn't upload!/jdude1996/status/153629371968659456/photo/1

Platinum said...

Twisted Metal Contest Entry #2: Showcase:

UltimateStudios said...

I Know Im A Little Late But Thats Cause Its Took Me Away To Make . Long Time Twisted Metal Fan Since TM2! Preordered ! Hope You Love IT!!!!

bamgosoo said...

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