Wednesday, December 28, 2011


This will make sense if you go here and read my response to a poster who calls himself megamixer.




1- That's fair. I'm the same: unless I get the details I want, why would a game maker (or a maker of ANY product) expect my cash? I'm with you on that. As for the single player, specific details will hit in the new year.

2- Since you bothered to write, let me try to shed a little light on the campaign game (1p and split screen co-op). First off, it's the most varied Twisted campaign we've ever done. It's not just the rinse/repeat death match over and over of the old games.  BUT it's not a mission based GTA style game, either. So don't buy the new TM expecting some sort of BATMAN:ARKHAM CITY story mode, cause the game's not that.

3. Game has three characters (Tooth; Grimm; Dollface). Each character has an opening, mid, and end movie. In between the movies, each character has 6 unique events spread across 8 levels. The last of the events is a totally unique boss, designed specifically for that character/chapter.

4. Each event is still very much tied into the core idea of vehicle combat. But the individual events/goals are more varied. For example:

*we've thrown some combat races in there (i.e. Calypso has strapped bombs to every must race the other cars to reach the detonation gate that arms the bombs and then be the first vehicle back at the starting line that hits the detonator pad that blows up all the other vehicles in the race....and the LAST race ((there are three of them)) has the detonator pad inside a moving semi truck that's racing down the freeway so things get nuts!)

* Two of the races force you to race thru gates that make up the course. You can bypass these gates for sure, but miss too many and your bomb goes off and you die. The harder the difficulty setting, the fewer the gates you can miss.

*We have modes that contain armed-for-bear semi trucks that can take you our fast and that spawn enemies out the back. These guys don't appear on radar so you need to track them and always have a sense of where they are because every 45 seconds or so a new enemy is dropped out the back of their trailer and onto the battlefield so you gotta hunt those semis down and take them out before they spawn so many vehicles that the event becomes impossible to beat.

*We have traditional deathmatch levels that you must fight INSIDE these electric cages that move around the level, forcing the fight to various areas of the map. Some of the cage configurations are big, some are super small and tense. And you can only be outside the cage for 30 seconds before your health begins to drain when you are outside the cage. So you have to manage your grace period carefully (leaving the cage at the opportune moments to grab weapons or use the 100% full health regen semi from Calypso industries, etc).

*Straight up traditional 'kill all enemies in the level to advance' levels.

* Endurance battles where enemies never stop spawning but you must take out 8 or 10 or 12 to win the event. stuff like that. We feel it keeps the campaign unique and fresh while still staying true to the franchise (i.e. again, it's not turned into a mission based single player game).

* Once you finish an event, you can replay it at any time to earn medals (different from trophies). Earn all gold medals to get skins and other elements. Beating the game on HARD gives you the LASER PISTOL side arm. Getting ALL GOLD on TWISTED mode (the hardest mode) allows you to unlock WARTHOG. Both of these items (a side arm and a full on vehicle) can only be earned in campaign mode. So if you see someone online with either, you know they are pretty elite players!

Again, more details to come in the new year, but that should give you an idea of where we are headed.

5- I was going to say don't call me Jaffeyboy. But hell, you walk around head held high calling yourself 'megamixer' which means you probably would not understand why you calling me Jaffeyboy comes off as disrespectful and annoying :).


CFdog22 said...

i seen him commenting on the playstation blog
cant wait 4 the game!
dumb ? i the co op campaign the same as the single campaign or r they all different?

CFdog22 said...

PLEASE READ WHEN YOU HAFE TIME! do you guys think of puting a map editor in twisted metal? i think that would b an amazing feature! or maybe im just crazy idk.

Anonymous said...

Ya that's really cool love the part about the death race like race with the bombs and glade 2 hear its not all the same story like black had 4 every character just wanna ask the different special made stories will that go for all the characters or just the 3 tooth, Grimm, and D_face??? please reply for the poster A104049

Anonymous said...

sorry meant 2 say from the poster ops

Anonymous said...

That is awesome news about the unlocking of the side arms and WARTHOG...seriously really dig the idea. BUT

a) please tell me that there are no cheat codes in this version of TM or
b) if players use cheat codes, it doesn't allow them to receive the rewards.

thanks for the dlc of tmb - really cool!

Anthony_Herren said...

Sounds like "Megamixer" is jelly of you and your teams creative skills and talents- if I were you I wouldn't listen to the arrogant excuse for a human being, he's a grade-A douchebag that likes to complain and whine about things that don't go his way, just like a little 2 year old baby.

And Jaffe, you and your team are really talented and skilled and very creative- and I can't wait to finally get to play the new Twisted Metal in February, I've been a fan since the first Twisted for PlayStation one, and to be honest I actually still play them 'til this very day and I still have tons of fun out of them. :D

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Jaffe,

While I appreciate the gesture to include TM Black as a bonus in the new game, I wish it had been included on the disc. I don't do digital. Anything. Just slightly disappointing as it gives me no incentive to buy the collector's edition at all.

As I said though, I appreciate the gesture.

Merry Christmas and Hapy New Year

Kilrahi said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kilrahi said...

Wow. Thanks for the tip of the hat with TMB. Obviously, I already own it . . . uh . . . actually own three different copies.

HOWEVER . . . I like that kind of caring for the fan base, and I feel this shows you and Sony do appreciate the fans. It gave me a warm fuzzy. You already sold me on the new game long ago, but thank you. Black deserves to be remembered even with the celebration of the new.

KaiserBlaine said...

I've read megamixer's response to this, he said he apologize and he also pre-ordered TM as a proof of it XD..anyway, thanks for the free TM:Black, Jaffe! Those info are also awesome, but please do have more surprises since you gave out some of them (unlocks). Damn, only 1 month and a couple of weeks waiting till TM arrives!

JoeTheBeast16 said...

Hey, Jaffeyboy! (Said that not out of disrespect, but out of the hopes of getting you to read my comment :p)
First off, I want to say that Twisted Metal was one of the first games i played on the PS1, and remains one of my fondest videogame memories.
I went back to one of the titles that we got for Plus a while back and it was a huge hit of nostalgia and really reminded me of why i fell in love with gaming.
Also, I don’t like car games of any type for the most part, and I’m buying this game in the first week (If i bought a game on valentine’s day, The mother of my daughter would… welll… kill me, So i’ll be picking it up on that friday :p)
Look at me getting off track in such a Jaffe-esque style :p
The main reason i’m drawn to this one isn’t the nostalgia from the originals, but because of the fact that i absolutely adore the way that you tell stories in your games.
God Of War was an Epic. I bought the game because of my love for greek mythology, and ended up walking away from it knowing that it was going to be the game that i compared every other ps2 game to. To be honest before God of War, I had played your games, but didn’t know your name, Didn’t know any names of Any game developer, but I can honestly say that you were the first one that i came to know; purely because of the amazing story telling that i found in God Of War.
So in Closing, I Love your games (Yours and Your Teams’), I love your Stories, And I can’t wait to play this one, but even more so, your next new IP, because it’s sure to be a heavy hitter.
Hopefully something in a new-to-David-Jaffe Genre?
Always love to see Developers Challenge themselves!!!
Thank You, and The best of luck to you, and all of your future games.

I posted that on Playstation blog too, Hoping you'll read it.

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, it stills says you're "anticipating" Mortal Kombat on the side of your blog. Have you actually been able to play that yet? I'm loving it so far.

Also- looking forward to TM. ;)

Anonymous said...

Out of curiosity, it stills says you're "anticipating" Mortal Kombat on the side of your blog. Have you actually been able to play that yet? I'm loving it so far.

Also- looking forward to TM. ;)

da criminal said...

Matt- nah, I just need to upgrade the blog side. Just been slammed but I've been wanting to update it for a while! Soon tho!

As for MK, I LOVED it- one of my fave game's of the year!

Anonymous said...

this game is going to be to ill! your the man Jaffe

Jon Jon said...

This is great news.

It's really great to see you so dedicated to us fans.

I can't wait to fire up this single player and play co-op with my best friend, as we used to in 2,3,4, and black.

Thanks again for being awesome!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DrCube said...

Darn it, now I'm even more excited about getting the game on the 1st game.

maxrenderer said...

I second CFdog22's comment about a map editor. Even a basic one using props/structures from the game.

CFdog22 said...

i ment to type have not hafe lol wow...
thanx maxrenderer i hope they do this as a post launch add on this game would be 110% perfect then LOL (if that's possible)
some sorta of lv editor or something in that mindset would be ideal

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