Saturday, February 18, 2012



1. Go to TWISTEDMETAL.COM. Under CUSTOMIZER go to BROWSE (to see skins other people have made) or go to CREATE to start the process of making your own.

2. Once you find or make a skin, hit ADD TO MY GARAGE.

3. Once in garage, find the skin you made/like and hit PUBLISH.

4. THEN hit ACTIVATE once it's done publishing.

5. Load up TWISTED METAL on your PS3 and from the MAIN MENU go to OPTIONS. From there go to CUSTOM PAINT SHOP.

6. IF you are just starting you game, I THINK the game auto checks for new skins and downloads them. If your game was already running when you used the web site to activate the skin, you'll need to hit REFRESH SKINS (grey selection at bottom left of the CUSTOM PAINT SHOP SCREEN). You should see a download bar as the game pulls your chosen skins down from the server.

7. Now you can cycle thru the SKINS selection for the car you want to check out and besides the skins that shipped unlocked on disc and the skins on the disc that you've unlocked, you should see CUSTOM 1, CUSTOM 2 (not sure how high it goes) which are the skins you've pulled from the CUSTOMIZER. You can now use these in your MP games (forget, not sure if you can use them in SP modes too- I THINK you can)...


a- SKINS ARE TOO DARK- we are checking into why it is but for now, when in doubt, go bright with your customs until we figure out what up.
b- PASSWORD PROTECTION should be there day 1 but doesn't seem to be- checking with Sony on what up with that.
c- Not sure what up with the NOS promotions- checking with Sony on that too.
d- Once you publish a vehicle, people saying you can't go back and keep working on it. If that's true, we'll look into it. Doesn't sound right.



TyrantII said...

Also, once you remove a vehicle, you cannot go back and add it again to your garage. It will not show up. I was having an issue with a Ecto 1 skin someone created, removed it and now it will not allow me to re-add it to my garage. No prompt or message, it just won't show up anymore.

I also noticed it looks like the search is still a little buggered. You can not see everything for each vehicle, only a selection. Some like Roadkill won't show you any of their skins. That might be a server update issue though..

maxrenderer said...

Site doesn't seem to work in Firefox. IE is fine, though.

phantomreaver said...

I love the idea of having custom skins in problem is i've followed these instructions to the letter and went over them again 5 more times to make sure i didnt miss something but I can't get ANY skins to show up in game. They all say activated and I refreshed skins in the options menu of the game but still nothing. Seems like im the only person having this problem :(

Chris said...

I asked this on Twitter, but I'm not sure if you saw it. I'd like to ask about the Custom Paint Shop in the options of the game. I see there is a color palette when going on car color and skin color. On the top and side of the palette, it says Left Stick and L1 and L2. I'm assuming you can change custom colors within the palette. However, anytime I press L1 and/or L2, as well as use the left stick, nothing happens. Is this a glitch, or am I doing something wrong?

I know I can edit colors on the Twisted Metal website, but I'm curious about this in case I just wanted to edit a color directly in the game.

Anyway, while the vehicle designs are already kickass in Twisted Metal, I am glad there is this customizable feature in the game to give players the freedom to design the vehicles in unique ways.

BillyDSkrilla said...

As a die hard fan of TM2 and TM Black, I am beyond frustrated with a few critical aspects of the new game:

1. The inability to target an opponent that is below you. Even if only slightly below, you can't rain down homing missles/fire missles like you used to. This makes certain boards not even worth playing and needs to be patched immediately.

2. Jumping from a still position and engaging turbo does nothing. Why???

3. "Classic TM" controls aren't very classic. They're awkward. Why not give the player the ability to freely customize the controls to their liking. All of the canned options are terrible. Also, I hate the fact that I can't move without pressing square or invert my free look. Please fix.

4. No random select. This was one of the best parts of TM2.

All in all a good game. But a few patches would make a world of difference to us die hard TM fanatics from way back.


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