Saturday, February 18, 2012



grasshopper said...

I have a bit of a odd issue that only 32 of my 45 PSN friends show up on my in game party manager friends list. They all show up if I go to compare them on my stats page though.
I'm not 100% sure if it's connected but I did have trouble getting that invite from ya the other night and you are one of them missing from my party manager send invites screen.

That aside am really digging the game.

TyrantII said...

Same issue here, and it seems to be mostly offline friends.

Server now seem to updated correctly in the server list, great job on that fix SDQA! Make finding a empty server much easier.

Still having the issue where every 3rd match in a server my connection gets dropped. Has been happening fairly consistently, and it's weird that it's every third game.

Firecrest Neoflames said...

Damn, Jaffe. While it pains me to see this happening, I know the only thing we can do right now is to keep our heads while everything (hopefully) comes together. Fortunately, the only issues I've been suffering are w/ network stability (connection problems, disconnects).

Skin creator is badass, and my only quirk with that is that I haven't found a way to remove certain cosmetic details from the template that might obscure designs (although you can toggle the layers in PS, which doesn't help).

Aside from all that, we appreciate the constant stream of updates. Looking forward to hearing some developments soon.

DAK said...

I have no idea how some could return their games. I LOVE the series and will stand behind it no matter what happens.

I have had a few issues with getting online, but it's not like I can't at all. it happens.

Lovin the Skin editor BTW. Just gotta think of some more skins to make besides Transformers Characters. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe,

I'm picking up Twisted Metal this week, but funnily enough that's not what this post is about. Been following your blog for quite some time now, and I'm a big fan of the way you interact with your audience.

I just wanted to voice my opinion to you directly on the matter of the whole "sexist" debacle. It's actually the reason I created this account. Been on the fence for a while, not thinking I'd have anything to contribute, but I felt so strongly about this that I just had to do something. As it tends to happen with me, I'm late to the party.

I know it's probably in bad taste to reopen this debate, but please humor me, just this once, if only by reading it.

A commenter said some very PC (political correctness) stuff in the comments section of an industrygamers article dedicated to your "deplorable outburst" (not a quote), and I felt obligated to reply. I usually never comment on gaming sites, because it seems pretty futile and chaotic all around. But Jesus Christ. How self-righteous and hypochritcal can people get? With all due to respect to Kotaku and its journalists, what you said is only offensive if you're either a hardcore prude or allergic to blowjobs for some reason. (don't chase this line, it'll only get you in even more trouble)

Because every other human being with even half a brain should be able to relativate this stuff. I look at the majority of Kotaku's gaming "news" and a lot of it is compromised of good-looking Japanese women in skimpy cosplay outfits. Is THAT not considered sexist? The gross hypochrisy of it all just gave me an internet rage moment.

Feel free to check out the comment I made on industygamer's website. It won't be hard to find. Not because I want a high five or a pat on the head (and by all means, don't feel obligated to agree with it), but because I like the way you handled the situation. Because I greatly respect the passion you have for the games you make, and the way you express it, regardless of the consequences it may have on the way you're perceived by the public. I like outspoken developers, people who believe in their product. And most of all, I appreciate your candour. You're a level-headed guy, Jaffe.

Oh, and Twisted Metal's the first game to convince me on console-based multiplayer in my 18 years of gaming. Might wanna stick that feather in your cap as well.

One last remark: Kate's the cutest kid ever. If there were a catalogue for progeny, I'd pick one of those, even if it probably comes with a mental health advisory sticker ;-)

Rant concluded. You have a great day, man.

- Jona

Unleashed said...

Pisses me off when i hear people say that. "I'm taking this game back" They should be happy we finally got a good classic game back. Sick of all that FPS Call Of Duty crap. So what if it has a few issue's, nothing is perfect and if you don't like then go mindlessly run and gun on COD. The funny part is that Jaffe actually acknowledges us fans and you still cry. Bunch of selfish assholes.

Sadeq said...

got TM yesterday (that was not a cheap import). didn't try online yet but enjoyed single player (played till 2nd tooth cutscene). i like your game and i hope it gets the support it deserves (from both fans and ESP).

and hey, people returned their ps3s when the whole psn hack was going on but they still came back to their senses when psn was back up and running. people are upset now but when these issues are resolved in a couple months, no one will remember them.

btw, custom skins is a neat idea, especially considering that we may not get and dlc (unless sony decides to outsource it to a 3rd party)

p.s. last night i had a dream that calling all cars got a TM arena. that would be fantastic ;)

gdinsmore said...

I'm only having some general connection issues but if i retry the server multiple times I eventually join it. But these bugs aside this is such a fucking awesome game Jaffe! Been such a fan of TM since number 1 and this is definitly the best one yet. I played split screen the other night with my roomate and it brought back so many memories from #1 and 2 and the thrill of having someone right there beside you tearing shit up. I tip my hat to you man! Awesome, brilliant, fucking amazing work!

Shevros said...

I'm having the startup crash issue. Whenever I launch the game from the PS3 menu, I see the (extremely long) loading screen, and then my system just shuts down. When I turn it back on again, I'm given the "your system may be corrupt/etc." PS3 stuff that displays when it doesn't shut down properly. I'm a huge TM fan, and I'll stand behind it entirely. I'd just really like to have this fixed asap so I can play the game I've been waiting so long for. You rock Jaffe.

TyrantII said...

Shervos, have you tried to rebuild the database?

You can get to a hidden boot menu from the following:

1. shut off the ps3
2. press and hold the power button until the system beeps twice AND turns off again
3. press hold the power button until the system lets out two fast beeps
4. See Hidden Menu

Then "rebuild database".

Be careful though, there's a few more option and one is to reformat the HDD, which obviously you don't want to do.

PandaCanEatYourLimbs said...

I just wanted to send you this letter or message..whatever the hell you wanna call it haha but i just wanted to say that i love all of your work and have been a huge fan of yours sense i was 4 years old. i am 17 now and i can not get enough of how amazing your new game Twisted Metal is and i can't stop playing it! I already beat the entire story mode and i am rank 15 online and i have loved every second of it. I just wanted to let you know that your games were a major part of my childhood, growing up playing twisted metal 1 and 2 with my older brother. damn those were the days! And how many countless hours i used up trying to find every little secret in all of your games. So i just wanted to write to ya to let you know that i love your work and i hope for the best in your career and your family and that all of your loyal Twisted Fans such as myself will always have your back! Because no other game director out there cares about their fans as much as you do David, and i think you deserve some type of award and i hope that award is Game of the year!

I love your work and i cant wait to add another Twisted Metal to my game library. God bless!


Clover(cast) said...

can't wait for online to get hammered out. in the meantime, having a blast getting friends together for local co-op.

WorkInProgressK said...

Crashes don't bother me that much. Unless you lose all your data,because it was saving when it crashed! It happen to me today. I have a hate love relationship with the game Jaffe!

Unknown said...

I'm loving the game and have had no online problems since the demo.
I think the people with issues with ANY given game are always more vocal than the ones content and happy with the game.....probably because we're too busy playing it.
Anyway, I would just like to thank you and Eat Sleep Play for not only remaking a game that reflects upon an era in gaming that I love most and grew up with, but just an awesome game period.

Pete Thorne said...

I hear what Stephen's saying but I'm saying if you like the game be VOCAL.

I want to see DLC!!

Its nonesense that people are returning their games.
Theres so many variables that even if EAT SLEEP PLAY had QA'd this bitch for another 2 years we'd still be here with at least some issues.

Jaffe keep your head up. Some of us out here want to see this thing succeed!!!

Will said...

Hi David,
Long time follower, first time posting.
Regarding the issues with not leveling up, what I find is in order to get my stat point I have to exit the game, re-enter and then I get my point.

As far as the 60GB issue, it appears that I'm the exception but I have a 60GB PS3, downloaded the demo, haven't deleted it, and haven't had any shut off issues with the full game.

Lastly, you mentioned in the Twisted Metal update on 2/16/12 you wanted feedback. Here is my gameplay footage from Valentines Day. Seriously not looking for views/comments, just hoping to help.

This game is fantastic and don't beat yourself up so much over the online issues. Like you mentioned, it happens all the time and after it's all hammered out we'll still be blowing each other up online. Thanks for a great experience.


Jdoga said...

Wondering about how to log in another controller for splitscreen online. cant seem to use that function. is there a secret?

Casey said...

I've been having connection errors but I've dealt with it. I was up to a 90+ skillwise and suddenly it crashed and I log in and I have n/a. That's complete crap. It's one thing to have connection errors its another thing to lose everything you've done...Shame cuz I really love the game.