Saturday, July 28, 2012


Hey all- wanted to get the last two alt endings up from TWISTED METAL for PS3. These are from Sweet Tooth.

Ending #1 was/is the ending that shipped on the disc.

Ending #2 is here:

Ending #3 requires a little explanation:

I made this video on my own using iMovie when I was struggling to try to find the tone for the movies. As some of ya'll know, the game was originally a T and then became an M. But the movies were written and shot to be T (at least the first shoot we did) and so it was a real struggle trying to find the fun, comic book flavor of TM2 (the T rating) and merge it with the dark, depressing flavor of TMB (the M rating). It was especially hard when 80% of our footage was written and shot to be T and when- in order to make our deadline- we had to smush the 3 planning (and shot) endings of each characters down to a single ending for each character (comprised usually of elements form all 3 endings).  Whew- long explanation...SO this was what the darker version of ending #3 would have looked like. If you've seen Tooth's actual middle story ending that we shipped with, this ending is where we took the used middle portion from. Biggest difference is once Tooth gets up to the hospital...well, things change. Take a look:

In the original version, the man inside the mask- the human who was still deep inside fighting to protect his daughter-won over the beast that is Sweet Tooth. The man inside forced Tooth to walk away and let Sophie live. But Sophie has a line where she says she'd 'rather die than live as the daughter of a monster'. And with that, she jumps out of the window, killing herself.

The above video was me taking the story line darker for both the M rating (because we now could go darker) and because it just didn't seem like Tooth fans would be ok with him taking the 'noble' high road and walking away, letting Sophie live. It just didn't feel right for the world/character.

No idea if this video above will even run. I posted it as private to share with our TM marketing lead as he and I spent a lot of time discussing game's tone. Because this was an internal video never meant to be shared, I used licensed music I had sitting on my iTunes just to set the tone. Now that I'm making the movie public, I have no idea if it will be allowed to be posted.

Ok, that's pretty much everything!

Hope the TM fans out there have dug some of the 'what could have been' stuff from what I am fairly certain will be the last Twisted Metal game made. At least for a very, very long time!

Hope ya'lls weekend is going great! Talk soon-



Anonymous said...

Awesome shame sony stab us in the back n did have these on the disk :( but at least we saw them

Lewis W said...

Great to see Sweet Tooth get his wish in the second ending - that's the only ending in which the character gets what they wanted!

Also, thanks again for uploading these - I hope time doesn't forget them! You are great to your fans.

ISKREEM said...

Thank you beyond belief for what was and will continue to be my favorite form of entertainment ever. Beyond any glitch the characters and development of the story were always epic in TM. Sweet Tooth is such a deep love for me that i have almost completed a full scale of his truck from TMB... I pray he continues to show his face throughout your titles... Good luck Driver, and thank you for Twisted Metal.

Unknown said...

Thank you David, such an awesome world you crafted there!

K-Mitch said...

I really dig the idea of having different endings for each difficulty level as it definitely adds a lot more to the experience. I do get where you were coming from with saying that everyone would just end up YouTubing all of the endings, but I don't think that's giving enough credit to the diehards. Still, you definitely chose the best stories for everyone in the end!

Metallicats33 said...

Hey David, The PS3 Game was great. The servers were terrible and ruined what many people were anticipating, Online Play. I know you stated:

" I am fairly certain will be the last Twisted Metal game made"

I sure hope not, Twisted Metal deserves a chance at proper modern day Multiplayer... Just my opinion.