Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Happy Halloween everyone! As I sit at my desk, Tootsie Roll Pop in my mouth (stolen from our candy stash for trick or treaters...I've been good all week but I finally had to open the damn bags!), I just wanted to drop a line and say hey.

This is one of my favorite holidays of the year! I used to love it as a kid because I got to go out trick or treating. I still remember hitting our hilly, suburban neighborhood hard, my brother in his plastic Steve Austin costume and me in my Spidey outfit (same one every year) getting pillow cases full of candy. I have vivd memories of dumping the candy out and then crashing in front of the tv to play INDY 500 and Intellivision Football on the Atari 2600 with my best friend Cary. Ahhh, memories :)

Then as a young adult I loved it for all the horror themed props and movies,all the dark fantasy that- for once a year- seemed not only ok, but encouraged.

Now-as a dad-I love it because I get to take my kids trick or treating. I gave up a few years ago trying to force my kids to have fun and make great memories; that's out of my hands. But for me, I form my own great memories, watching them toddle up and knock on doors, watching them excitedly rooting thru their candy bags to see how many sweets they've collected. And then- once they are asleep- I love crashing in front of the tv and stealing candy from my kid's candy bags while watching shows on sci-fi and discovery about ghost hunting and real life spooky locations. Hell I may even stay up late tonight and pop in a scary movie. Or maybe not...we'll see.

Lots of work to do today, so I need to really hunker down and stay focused till about 3pm when my kid comes home and I take off early to help her and her sister get ready for the big night. So off to work I go...

...but if this is your holiday- like it is mine- have a great, safe time! Man, I'm excited!

Talk to you all soon!



Anonymous said...

Have fun. i remember in NY there would literally be hundreds of people in my neihgborhood on long island. now i live in a shithole redneck town and they dont even trick or treat on Halloween. they have a seperate day called trick or treat day. it pisses me off so much. completely ruined my favorite holiday. and most of them dont even celebrate cause its against there religion. it celebrates the the devil. fuckin morons lol

Unknown said...

Happy Halloween Dave, hope the kids like trick or treating.

Check this out, btw, Tomonobu Itagaki talks about God of War:

Anonymous said...

I hope you still enjoy Halloween. I do with my kids also.


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave. I don't know where else to contact you, so I'll try here. I am working on a research paper on making video games, and I was wondering if I could ask you a few quick questions. If you can help, please email me at

Thank you very much.

Joel said...

hey jaffe.. cool, sounds like you had a good halloween then. i did too, although for entirely different reasons that you did.

i noticed that Twisted Metal 2 is being released on the PSN this week. coooool! that games still one of my absolute favorite games ever.

CANNOT wait for head on to come! im really excited.

Anonymous said...

Had a blast (as always)! My kid put together her own costume which was a spider witch. (I used to get all creative and make my kids cool costumes every year.)

This year she wanted to do her own thing, the only thing I did to help was spray in the red hair stuff.

She ended up winning the costume contest at her school.

I also would carve out pictures in my pumpkins, not just a face. This year she wanted to do that as well, but I did need to help a bit more. We did a wolf howling at the full moon.

One thing I can say is the kids in my 'hood never smash my pumpikins, or mess with my stuff. All those years of coaching and chaparoning ski/snowboard trips really pays off this time of year :)

On a strange note there was a prodominant trend of young girls dressing as french maids and hookers. (more than the onesie twosie)

How can a parent let their 14 y/o kid walk out of the house wearing a bustiare, makeup and white laced stockings staight out of Victoria secrets.

My kid told me that a dozen or so kids were sent home from school because of their costumes, and they still went out trick or treating after.

Way to be a parent!

derrickgott007 said...

I totally agree with you on the parents stealing candy bit... Its a right of passage. When I was a child my parents would eat my candy after I went to bed, so now it's my turn. Man nothing tastes better than a "Liberated" snickers.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, am a humungous Twisted metal/God of war fan from India, I would love to have an interview with you for our tinny weeny blog called were the first ones to talk about perfect dark 2), anyway coming straight to the point here's a broad outline of stuff I'd love to ask you.

The videogame industry is burgeoning at the moment, so what exactly does a polished game required to have, a great marketing team and public relation personnel who can polish the shoddiest of games into platinum or a people with brains who value the term and phrase creativity.

The power of consoles is getting stronger by the minute, will this touted function of "Virtual interactivity" bring an end to the fun factor in games, and since this line between reality is merging and the idea of power to the users is being promoted will "creativity of a handful"(game designers like you) see extinction.

Name- Neelesh Mukherjee
email Id-

love to get an interview with you man, I know you are pretty busy and all but try and reply...

Anonymous said...


Hey im just curious if you are planning on making a sequel or add-on to calling all cars? thats my favorite game ever. well if you ever play it man, ChiefMaybe is my screen name and im always on it. id like to beat ya at your own game!!! :) haha. peace.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave, i'm sorry to post it here, but could you tell me, will the twisted metal heads-on run on ps3 or not ?

Unknown said...

hey david u shoud really mmake god of war 3 cuz god of war was really awsome and i know u can make god of war 3 even better !!!

gary Z said...

hey David y don u make a spooky game for your kids ..tat would be a perfect gifts of sort ... would love to play any game u put ur head on...happy halloween !

Sniperwolfee said...

Dave, sorry to go completely of topic.
But i've been payin g attention to the buzz about god of war 3.
I keep hearing "is coming out", then someone says "no is not".
I personaly think its both, it is coming out, but not yet, but what's up?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaffe:

I recently sent you an e-mail, but I never received a response. I just wanted to emphasize that you are a couple cars away from making Twisted Metal a culmination of the original TM world. Please add Minion, Yellow Jacket, and Pit Viper, and Darkside as playable characters. It would be a shame to not fit in the few remaining characters into this wonderful tribute to the TM games.

I wouldn't even care if you take a couple more months just so that the game can feel "complete".

mikeferro said...

NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cory BARLOG QUIT!!!!!!! What is this world coming to???

Jaffe you should step up for GOWIII, bring back that original GOW flavor to it!

Pretty Please!

Anonymous said...

Hey David Jaffe thanks for all the great video games.

I just heard that Cory Balrog is leaving Sony. First you and now him. What is going on? :(

Who is going to direct God of War 3?

Also any chance for a War of the Monsters 2?

I have been waiting like forever for a sequel to the original.

Anonymous said...

Why did Cory leave SCEA ?

Is Sony paying there employees with peanuts???

derrickgott007 said...

Hey Dave, Is Cory Barlog coming to work for you?? I saw he left Sony, so I was wondering if he was headed out to Eat, Sleep, Play?

Anonymous said...