Wednesday, November 07, 2007


I've been travelling alot these last few weeks. I'm in a hotel room in Utah as we speak. Been working with the team to final tweak the TWISTED METAL: HEAD ON port (and the new Lost levels) the last few days...tomorrow I fly up to Foster City (San Fran) to pitch a new game to Phil Harrison (head of SCE Production). Then- finally- back home.

A few weeks before I was in Los Angeles, then Vegas, then back to Utah.

So yeah, lots of trips the last month or so. And the one thing that keeps cropping up is...well, how to explain.

You know those WALK/DON'T WALK guys? The ones you see on street corner signs? Here, these?

So these ICONIC guys right?

Well it never occured to me how odd they would look drawn in different positions, especially positions meant to convey fear and terror. Especially fear and terror of the 'run for your life!' variety.

Well now I know.

And now that I am aware how stupid the Walk/Don't Walk guy looks in any other pose besides well, err, WALKING, I just keep seeing these 'so awful it's hillarious to me' examples all over the place. Here, check these out....these are from the elevators from hotels I've stayed in during the last month.

Now this first one is kind of basic, sort of what you'd EXPECT the WDW dude to look like when he's running. So I don't know why it strikes me as funny, but it does. Maybe it's because he's just so focused and poised about the whole thing. No drama to it, just getting the job done.

Now this one looksvery Lon Chaney or one of those other Universal Monster Movie creatures slowly creeping down the steps in a dramatic pose, more interested in the Nora Desmond like drama of decending the staircase than in the fire that is inches away from consuming them.

This one is like some Victorian Era Dandy slowly and clamly cascading down the staircse, looking around to take in the scene, interested in all things, including the fire that is about to destory him. He just seems to calm and collected and UNINTERESTED in the FUCKING FIRE THAT IS RIGHT BEHIND HIM!!!

And this one, I'm sorry is's so the propostions of the guy are all out of whack, like the WDW guy got stretched out on the rack...and he's just kinda plodding down the steps all enthusiastic and the like...

I dunno...I dunno if these strike you as funny as well...I think they rock...maybe I'm just really tired of being away from home and am starting to go a little nuts :)


ps. Yeah, I knew about Cory leaving a few weeks ago. It's not my place to give any real details...that's up to Cory. But I'll say these two things (cause I've been asked alot about it since the news broke):

a- the GOW team is one of the best in the game making biz. Losing key members of a team- from any department- is always a struggle. But I have no doubt the team- being as amazing as they are- will shake it off and get back to work on what promises to be the best game in the series (assuming they follow the creative and tech ideas I've heard about so far).

b- Cory's moving on to some sweet ass stuff, from what I hear. I'm sure in due time he'll spill some beans. And when he does I'm sure you guys/gals will be as happy for him as I am...some neat things could be going down for our Mr. Barlog in the coming months/ stay tuned!

Ok, I'm done. Gotta get to bed early for the flight to SF so not even gonna reread this for typos and obvious spelling mistakes...hope it makes sense! See ya!


PlayStation Museum said...

Nice post Dave! You always have an odd way to look at things. When you get a free moment, check out the museum website. We recently previewed and posted pictures of the fabled Resident Evil 1.5. Shit. I thought I would have previewed Dark Guns before RE 1.5. :P

elquemador said...

Damn i was hopping YOU could direct god of war 3, cuz man this game is too important to me that divide my gaming to before god of war and after god of war, so you are the only one who can make our voice be heard, so please dont let them fuck your masterpiece.

ps: i love Calling all the cars

Anonymous said...

"fuck your masterpiece"

That was so stupid i had to laugh.

derrickgott007 said...

The black WDW sign reminds me of the "Keep on Truckin" guy...All he needs is a joint and some bell bottoms and flip flops and he's set!

I love blogs with pictures.

Anonymous said...

I've red that the Ps2 Port of Head-On is being produced by Eat, Sleep, Play.

is the company taking that title with them? Fans like me have been waiting a long time for the twisted metal series to get back on its feet.

grasshopper said...

First WDW guy looks like he is running away from high winds

I love how the last one is so detailed Don't use the elevator, don't even hit the button! Yea use the stairs.

Anonymous said...


~ O
~ /[]\
~ j\

Good Luck cory where ever you are.


Anonymous said...