Monday, October 29, 2007


Hey, so a handful of net interviews I did a while back (start of summer) have just hit. Some interviews you do, you come off great, others you come off like an ass. But I'm really happy with all of these. Maybe I just got lucky or maybe I'm getting better at communicating my points. Or maybe these guys are just great at making their subjects come across great. Either way, I think these represent my ideas and positions really well. So give them a read/listen if you are into such things:

INTERVIEW #1: The first interview is with N'gai Croal from Newsweek. N'gai always scares me cause he strikes me as one of the smartest game journalists out there. With most other game journalists I feel like I'm on even ground, like I can go toe to toe with these guys/gals and have a decent chance of coming out smelling like roses. With N'gai, he's like Ivan in Rocky 4, like all it takes is some secret code word and he'll uncork with a flurry of big words and even bigger ideas and I'll be left stunned and staggered. That said, I thought this interview came out great. He also gave me the much desired chance to use a different photo than that awful, depressing green jacket picture that's been floating around for the last few years. You know, this crappy pic:

Yuch man...I hate that picture. So click on the link to not only read the interview but see what I hope becomes the new defacto Jaffe picture:

#2- Here is an interview I did with the online version of Playboy ages ago. Had totally forgotten about this one till it surfaced last week. This is about as clear as I can be when it comes to my whole issue with stories and games. Here's a link:

Check out the interviews with other game makers in that same series. Some good reas in there.

#3- Finally, here is a phone interview I did for PlaystationNation end of last week. Audio is not great and I kind of ramble a bit but there may some stuff in ther you find of interest. Give it a listen at...I come in around the, I dunno, 15 minute mark if you want to hear me blab. But I recommend listening to the whole show. I'd never heard it before, but I dig it. Link is:


Torgo said...

David, thanks so much for coming on our show, and for linking to it here. You were great, and out listeners loved it! I hope that you enjoyed it enough to it sometime again.

Playstation Nation Podcast

nabokovfan87 said...

thanks again mr. jaffe, it turned out fantastic, we the people appreciate your time, and your games.


Unknown said...

Hey Dave, how's it going? I'm glad to hear that TMHO is coming out for the PS2. I was bummed when I heard that it was going to be PSP Exclusive when it first came out. Anyway, I've been reading past blogs about how you guys have some beef with HALO. Seeing as there is a Halo movie in development, I wonder, if there was a TM movie being produced, who would you want to fill in the roles. Who would you want as Director? How about to play Calypso and Sweet Tooth?

P.S. I also read that you thought Djimon Hounsou would be a good person to play Kratos. I think he's good too, he's got the voice the physique, and the facial structure. As for the color issue, it's nothing a little SFX couldn't fix. Although what about T.C. Carson, the guy who voiced Kratos in the first place? I also heard that Dominic Purcell would be a good choice.

Anonymous said...

hey bro your links don't really work... I think they're cut short or something.

Torgo said...

Here's our link

Unknown said...

welcome back Dave :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the N'Gai interview, Jaffe! You're always so honest. And I especially love how you talked about your business goals and the compensation issues you've encountered in the past. Rarely do gamers get that sort of perspective from the typical industry coverage.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the PlayStation Nation podcast interview. I had fun listening to your honest and genuine perspective. It was casual and open, which was a refreshing change from typical industry-speak. I hope you get to do it again sometime. Thanks again.

Rob Zepeda said...

Dave, today I watched that MTV video roundtable you did with Will Wright, Cliffy B, and Harvey Smith a while back. God damn that shit was great!

There are times when you guys will say something and inside, i'm thinking "Thank You! Exactly!"

serious question dave: do you have any need for an apprentice/understudy/assistant?

I'm in the San Diego area, been in the industry since graduating high school (about 5 years ago) and would love the opportunity to learn from one of the best.

You even talk about it yourself...about how we shouldn't be ashamed of the celebrity that great game designers attain. It certainly couldn't hurt my career if one day I could put down on a resume that I worked for and learned from David Jaffe!

Anonymous said...

I hear by name the new picture "Medicine Ball Jaffe"

Anonymous said...

Great interviews, Dave. Thanks for the compliments on Civ4. As a "mechanics" game designer, I find it interesting to see you move away from story and towards pure gameplay. Welcome to our side!

At any rate, good luck with Eat Sleep Play...

Joel said...

some awesome intereviews. i spent a pretty decent chunk of time reading and listening to all of them.

Max A said...

Links Don't Work... 8(

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, you should check out your Wikipedia article:

It's got a non-green-jacket picture!

Anonymous said...