Thursday, December 13, 2007



In Utah right now where it's cold and snowy...but I'm digging that! We never get snow in San Diego- and very rarely got it in Alabama- so I love it when it snows. I really enjoyed walking back to the office from lunch today as the white stuff started floating down. With the the snow and all the Xmas lights and decorations up and Christmas music coming outl of pretty much every speaker you go past, the whole day was really festive. I love this time of year!

But man what a long day! An early ass flight (up at 4am to catch the 6am) and then a long, but very productive- and very exciting- day of game design on our first new game for Sony! It's always best to sleep on the ideas of the day, to let the ideas settle before you get too excited... but I'm feeling pretty good that when I wake up tomorrow I'll still be really jazzed. We'll see :)

So hey, I'm dead tired. Gonna go to bed. But first...some pics before I hit the hay:

Check it out! This is what greeted me when I got up to the office today! Our logo on the door! Ok, ok, it's not that big a deal to you probably, but hey, all of us at Eat Sleep Play own the damn company so it's pretty cool to see your company logo on the door! This is the first time I've seen it on the window and door and I gotta admit, I got a bit of a thrill :)

Here is what I am eating for dinner RIGHT NOW! As in RIGHT NOW as we speak! Isn't that...boring? Yeah, I know, I know. But hell, I figured I'd share. Hey cool, it's like we're eating dinner together....err, sort of? Whatever. Die. :)

Tomorrow is our office Xmas party. That's the tree and some of the white elephant gifts we're giving out, wrapped in old bown bags (to make the gifts even more shitty) :)

And finally, the second of the Calling All Cars figures Scott likes to carve. Pretty snazzy, eh?

Ok that's it for me. I am beat. Was gonna stay up and type the design notes but I'm fried. Try to get to it in the am.

See ya'll!



Anonymous said...

Dave on the topic of calling all cars, just wondering but will there be any updates/DLC as you once mentioned (in the classic clip of you in prison). Obviously you're not at Sony but is there any word? Has another team has taken over the work? New game modes, tweaks and such could really benefit the title, not to mention the advantages of updating to core of the title to the latest PSN upgrades. Just wondering...

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you are "jazzed" about your new game.

Any idea when we may get word of what exactly it is?

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I was wondering if the GoW movie was planned to be live action or CG...and also, you really gotta play Uncharted!

derrickgott007 said...

That is still the coolest logo in a while.Nice digs too!

Sadeq said...

wonder if your new game is on PS3 or PSP... we should know soon, right?

and when is Twisted Metal port coming?

Anonymous said...

Jaffe I live in Michigan and left me tell ya, snow is nice for about a week and then your like...isn't it time for this shit to melt? But hey good luck on the game...following up on your GoW games might seem like a lot of pressure (i dk if you feel it or not) but shit just let it flow like you have before and you'll be owning gamers once again. Good Luck...and Eat Sleep Play is now on Wiki!

grasshopper said...

Yea I live in Michigan too and I'm already sick of the white crap!!

Coldhand said...

Hi david Jaffe i have a important question about the tmho ps2 port.
have got the tmho ps2 port a multiplayermodus for playing it online?

please answer my question.. :(


Anonymous said...

that is a sweet logo. I love the bottle cap idea with the exclamation mark.

It kind of reminds me of the fallout series for the pc.

anyways, really happy for you, and excited to hear more about what you're working on for sony!

PSN ID: Mango

derrickgott007 said...

That calling all cars character in the stripes gives me the hee-bee gee bee's....I guess its the phallic nose that does it....

Anonymous said...

Snow is beautiful this time of year, share it with your family. I love living in NH!

Enjoy your holidays and don't forget why you work so hard!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Y'all are lucky to get snow man! We're only getting fluries down here in Tennessee.

I remember when I used to live in Pennsylvania and we used to get like two feet of snow each year!

Anonymous said...

Oh and congrats on the new studio man! May you and Eat Sleep Play grace the world with more excellent games!

derrickgott007 said...

Was in Lubbock Tx this past weekend to see my sister in law graduate from Texas Tech, Snowed....COLD AS HELL.... Nice to see snow again though.

Anonymous said...